(Clearwisdom.net) In 2004, practitioners in a Fa study group proposed a plan to clarify the facts more in depth to the people in China; that is, to compile persecution cases according to different regions and areas and to clarify the facts accordingly through email, fax and telephone. As a member of this project, I was in charge of compiling these truth-clarification materials and therefore was involved in editing for the Minghui website. Three years have passed quickly, and here I would like to share a few of my experiences.

1. Monotonous and dull work is an opportunity to improve our cultivation

Compiling truth-clarification materials is very monotonous but very important work. The Minghui website is the center for collecting these materials from China, which is very important. Since the flyers and booklets for different regions and areas are compiled in a similar way, I spent a lot of time in re-compiling similar contents. The only difference is the local persecution cases. Since there was not much fresh content in reading materials, with time passing by, I felt very dull and uninterested. Then I got involved in other Dafa projects, which allowed me to be much busier than before. Several times, I even thought about quitting this Minghui project.

However, whenever I had such a thought, there would be some conflicts in other project teams. When I turned to this Minghui project and read the flyers and the booklets coming from the truth-clarification distributing sites in China, my mind would become very calm and peaceful. When reading those persecution cases calmly, I was always moved and had a indescribable deep respect. Many times, I have been so sad when re-compiling these materials that I couldn't help but cry. Whenever I finish compiling a flyer or a booklet, I have a feeling of being purified again.

Some flyers are not made up to standard. I know the fellow practitioners working on them may be just newcomers to the truth-clarification distributing sites. Maybe some have no previous experiences on a computer and do not even know how to use a mouse. They set up the distribution site because of their good hearts and for saving sentient beings and with the help of Master. Some flyers and booklets may only have been distributed for a short period. Maybe, the fellow practitioners in that site were arrested, the site was destroyed, or some other things happened. Maybe the printing cost for those flyers were too high for practitioners using their own hard earned money.

Those flyers and booklets place a heavy burden on me. Gradually, I felt the responsibilities and obligations I carried on my shoulders. I feel that those truth-clarification distribution sites are closely connected with me.

2. Looking inward and cultivating our heart during the process

Sometimes, when the flyers were modified too much, the editors in China had different opinions. One of the complaints was, "You don't know our local situation. Why do you make such a change?" After receiving such a complaint, I was afraid to make any changes again when receiving the flyers from the same site. Once, I re-compiled a booklet which received good feedback from fellow practitioners and even some good feedback from those in China. However, I then received a feedback, "Whoever edited the booklet, tends to go to extremes. Such a person seems very diligent in cultivation but might be a spy."

At the beginning, whenever I received such a feedback, I would feel very uncomfortable. Later, I looked inward and thought it over. In fact, I indeed had a big issue all along. I do not put myself in other's position nor think of others. For example, when I saw something wrong in a fellow practitioner or something not being handled according to the Fa, I pointed it out publicly. I never felt that it was improper because my intention was to help others improve. Gradually, I realized that it was not proper to handle things this way. It is not wrong to exchange opinions frankly and to point out something that seems to be wrong. However, it is wrong not to consider the place, the situation and whether others can accept the criticism. Every fellow practitioner comes from a different celestial world and from different layers, and has different characteristics. Therefore, we have different tolerance capacities. Our cultivation is for becoming a righteous enlightened being who is selfless and altruistic. Not considering others like I did, in fact manifested a certain degree of selfishness.

We practitioners all know that the flyers and booklets are Fa tools. Their power is closely connected with those who edit them. Maybe, the bigger the mind and capacity of the editor, the more powerful those flyers and booklets are. I must consider others when re-compiling these materials, consider how much ordinary people can accept and understand, also consider those editors in China. I should make changes based on the originals as much as possible, which is also to encourage fellow practitioners in their editing.

Here I would like to thank fellow practitioners who have helped and encouraged me and gone along with me through the past. Facing more and more distribution sites in China and increased work loads, it will be our common tasks henceforth to keep a good state of mind under pressure, keep a good quality of work while cultivating ourselves well, and to communicate well with fellow practitioners in China to form one body and to improve the quality of compiling and printing the truth-clarification materials.

Above are some of my cultivation experiences. Please kindly point out anything improper.

July 25, 2007