(Clearwisdom.net) For a Dafa disciple, the most important thing now is to offer salvation to sentient beings. Clarifying the truth seems to be the most difficult aspect of the three things we should do during the Fa-rectification. At times, we feel that truth clarification is difficult because much of the time we do things according to human thinking.

Master's Fa tells us about the difference between a human and a god. For a human/non-practitioner, one's mind-intent directs the four limbs and the sensory organs to work. For a practitioner, one's mind-intent (righteous thought) dictates supernormal abilities to do things. So, it is his or her supernormal abilities that do the work. As for Gods and Buddhas, their mind-intent does things directly in the shortest time in all dimensions. So, to measure by the time in our space, the thing is done in a flash. In fact, when Dafa disciples have strong righteous thoughts, we can exert our supernormal abilities as we wish. The things might indeed be done even without moving one's hands or feet. Is this because at that time your character is up to the standard of Gods and Buddhas and you are doing things in a state that Gods and Buddhas have?

From the time Master first told us to offer salvation to sentient beings, Dafa disciples have made great efforts in their truth clarification. They initiated these efforts in rich and varied ways and accumulated many experiences in their truth clarification. But the problem is that all these ways and experiences couldn't replace sending out righteous thoughts. The seemingly intensified persecution all over China this year has indicated this. That is to say, we have unconsciously ignored more and more the effects of our supernormal abilities and righteous thoughts in the process of enriching our ways of truth clarification. Analogously, it is as if we have (skill-wise) gradually moved from using a "matchstick to pull teeth" to using "Western medicine's precision instruments to drill the teeth." In the course of our saving sentient beings, we pay more and more attention to various kinds of Western medicine's instruments and gradually form a notion that the effect of treatment is mainly up to the superiority of the equipment and unconsciously neglect the invisible "yellow fumes emitted from the liquid drug."

Doing Dafa things in the state or mindset of a god, instead of in a human state or mindset, is the key to ending the persecution and offering salvation to sentient beings.

I remember that after the beginning of the persecution on July 20, 1999, as I studied the Fa and was less in touch with fellow practitioners, I temporarily didn't know what to do. Then I decided that I should use the opportunity to study the Fa, renew myself from every thought, and keep the purest mindset to make my righteous thought function well. I believe that Dafa can do everything and that as long as I keep my mindset pure, Dafa will instruct me how to do things.

Everyday I never wasted a moment, even when I did household work. I tried my best to study the Fa and do the exercises. At the same time, I checked my mindset and if I found anything that was not good, I got rid of it. At that time, it seemed that every minute I was automatically checking my thoughts. In this way, I changed quickly, and my mind was cleared quickly. I became steady, and my righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger. If any evil from another space came near me, I could sense it immediately. I concentrated my mind at that moment and the bad thing was dissolved at that moment. Everyday my Main Spirit left my body and destroyed the evil in other dimensions. At that time Master hadn't yet told us to send forth righteous thoughts, to exert our supernormal abilities, or how to dissolve the evil. However, I indeed did it without knowing it. Every time I returned from other dimensions, I was just like a ball of my energy. All of my body at the microcosmic level was boiling, and I could hardly feel my body. I was able to resume my normal state only after quite a while. Things around my body also had energy, and even my sight had energy. When I looked at a wall, the wall was covered with a transparent, colorful ripple. When I looked at the rope of light, the rope might tremble. When I focused on a ceiling, there was a mass of golden light with a transparent Falun, sometimes visible and sometimes invisible.

I was in this state for more than six months, and then I knew that I should go to Beijing to appeal. Because I had a thought that I was not afraid of being put in jail (which was not right) and I didn't resist it, I was in prison for a month. During that period, I met many different prisoners and told them about the goodness of Falun Dafa and that it was being persecuted. Most of them, except for some drug addicts, believed it, and they were soon rewarded accordingly. One day after I was set free, I met a former inmate. (Her attitude toward Dafa was the best. She had been sentenced to several years for involuntary manslaughter and was released soon after.) She told me that one inmate had received a reduced term and another inmate was serving her penalty outside prison, etc. I thought back and realized that the extent of their reduced terms was directly proportional to their attitude toward Dafa.

I just want to say that the strength of a Dafa practitioner doesn't materialize in his or her skill or method of doing things, which is only a help. Instead, it lies in his or her indestructible righteous thoughts, which come from the Fa, from your belief, from the accumulation of your real cultivation. The stronger your righteous thoughts are, the quicker you can dissolve the evil, and vice versa. If our righteous thoughts are not strong, that means that we are in a human state or in a lower cultivation level.

Recalling my previous experiences, I understood that the power of Dafa was realized not because I understand the Fa deeply or because I was very skillful or capable in doing things. Instead, it was because I cultivated myself from my every thought, was determined to deal with sentient beings with the purest mind, and I believe that Dafa is almighty and can do anything. Just because I think like this, the boundless power of Dafa materializes.

Buddha Law is unbounded. On many occasions, we might not realize how strong the power of the Fa is. In fact, if you can't feel it, it is mainly due to your shortcomings in cultivation. When practitioners act in human society, they might develop some ways of working or thinking and will hardly think of making changes. However, we must improve ourselves in Fa-rectification cultivation and reach the state of Buddhahood or Godhood (using righteous thought and supernormal abilities to do things within the shortest time). We should ascend from our present state and offer salvation to sentient beings with greater efficiency.