(Clearwisdom.net) The persecution is still ongoing. Many practitioners are held in forced labor camps, prisons and brainwashing centers. All Dafa practitioners have a responsibility to stop the persecution. I would like to share effective ways to achieve this end result. Please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.

1) Completely deny all the old forces' arrangements; trust Master and trust the Fa; empower our righteous thoughts

We all know from Master's teachings that the old forces have imposed the persecution upon us, and that our Master has never agreed to it. We Dafa disciples must not agree to it either, so we have exposed the arrests of fellow practitioners on the Internet, written articles to expose the persecution, spoken with the incarcerated practitioners' family members and accompanied them to petition government agencies and demand their release, and distributed flyers to publicize the regime's unconstitutional acts.

Our group coordination was based on one clear objective: Everything we do is for saving sentient beings. Some of us will slip notes to the imprisoned practitioners when their families bring them clothes. In the notes we share our understanding with them and encourage them to make their righteous thoughts more powerful. We also remind them about the Fa principle that teach us to deny all the old forces' arrangements. These thoughts help them to avoid making mistakes and offer a way out for the other inmates and police officers.

We used all kinds of resources to rescue a fellow practitioner who had been illegally arrested. We wrote our understanding on a piece of cloth, sewed it onto a skirt, and then asked her family to take the skirt to her, along with some other clothing. Our intention was to remind her that we should never acknowledge any kind of persecution; we are not supposed to endure a tribulation like this; we are offering people salvation. After the clothes arrived at the detention center, the criminal inmates took all the clothing except for this particular skirt! The practitioner realized something must be hidden in the skirt and found the note. After reading the note, her righteous thought became more solid. The next day, when the police began interrogations, the practitioner had only one firm thought: you do not deserve to ask me anything! I will never agree to help you! She sent a message toward the police officers at the same time: I have come here to offer you salvation for your future life. Not moved by anything before her, the practitioner kept sending righteous thoughts. The interrogation ended in failure, and she was returned to her cell.

On day three the police brought her to a torture room, containing four types of torture tools. She became a little nervous but realized a moment later: the fear does not belong to me; I will deny all the old forces' arrangements! The police did not say anything and sent her back again and eventually the officials never asked her anything again, nor did they torture her in any way. The practitioner only spoke the truth and tried to save people. As a result, even the criminal inmates admired her. People from outside the facility also sent righteous thoughts. She gained her freedom on the 7th day after her arrest.

2) Working with family members to rescue practitioners

Whenever we heard about practitioners being persecuted, in addition to our rescue efforts, we found that a key issue to achieve success is the importance of comforting their families. We clarify the truth to them and help solve their problems. In our explanations we focus on the following: Practitioners follow "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" and improve their characters; there is nothing wrong with this; the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is wrong to persecute us; the Party has killed many good people during all kinds of political movements; the Party has done many bad things; the Party is so corrupt that its members steal, abuse government perks, visit prostitutes and gamble. There is not a single bad deed that CCP followers shy away from; when they do enough bad things, the heavens will punish them and the result will be that heaven will destroy the Communist Party. To have a good future, everyone who used to be affiliated with the Party should withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations before the CCP is destroyed. We are telling people this so they can avoid elimination. We tell the family members, "Your loved ones did nothing wrong, and we hope you will demand their release." We also tell them not to blame the detained practitioners and that they should gather their courage, confront the police and others and demand that their loved ones be set free. We also tell them not to cooperate with any unreasonable demands of the police. In addition, we also relate successful rescue stories in our county.

One practitioner worked in a law enforcement department, but the police arrested him.

To get the police on their side, his family paid a monetary bribe, hoping the money could buy his freedom. But their bribe did not work. The practitioner was sent to a forced labor camp. In another example, a practitioner was held at the county detention center. The police told her family to pay 10,000 yuan to secure her release. But the practitioner's husband (also a practitioner) told the police, "We will never pay you, even if you kill us." The police left without a word, and the wife was released the next day. These two examples made this point: if you yield to them, they will persecute you more, but if you are righteous and assertively reason with them, they do not dare touch you.

3) When we are truly determined to rescue practitioners, miracles will happen

One evening in December 2006, the police searched several practitioners' homes, and two practitioners were arrested. We heard about the incident that same night and unhesitatingly met and sent righteous thoughts for the whole night. We were absolutely determined to rescue them. Master saw our true thoughts. Before dawn, a practitioner saw with his celestial eye that someone would get out, and one practitioner indeed was released in the morning. Of course, the practitioner was also a very solid cultivator. A few days later, another practitioner also left detention. A similar incident happened in 2002, when a practitioner was in a forced labor camp and we had then not realized we ought to rescue him. The detained practitioner's wife (also a practitioner) eventually heard that her husband had compromised under pressure. She had a thought: we will not let the practitioner stay there and must get him out and return to our Fa-rectification. The wife began to send righteous thoughts toward him. A couple of months later her husband came home. After discussions and studying the Fa, he realized he was wrong to cooperate with the police. He took proactive measures to correct his error and rejoined the other practitioners in Fa-rectification activities.

4) We should have a firm belief and remain unmoved by illusions during rescue efforts

One practitioner who was detained four times in two years would demand his release at each arrest and expose the incidents on the Internet. Overseas practitioners also made phone calls to regime agencies, to clarify the truth. Local practitioners would organize efforts to continuously send righteous thoughts and were determined to continue our rescue effort until the fellow practitioner was released. But we neglected to share our understanding with him at each release, and did not help him to improve from the Fa's perspective. We merely felt a sense of relief after the practitioner was released. This loophole has resulted in his repeated detention. It was a really hard lesson to learn.

The last time this happened was in September 2007, when the police arrested this practitioner on his way home from work. The police told him that his case was not closed, and they would hold a secret court trial. The court sentenced him to six and a half years in prison. Before he was sent to the prison to serve his sentence, some practitioners and his family members began to doubt our rescue efforts. One practitioner complained, "He was sentenced after all our efforts." Some said, "The court has sentenced him, so it'll be difficult for us to rescue him." His family members also had doubts about practitioners' efforts. They planned to get him out using their connections and bribes. Faced with this, some practitioners met with his family to share our understanding. After the meeting we concluded: The six-and-a-half-year sentence is not to be acknowledged; we will not agree to any of the old forces' arrangements; our fellow practitioner is Master's disciple; therefore, no one else deserves to arrange his path. We have absolute faith in our Master and will keep this in our minds and not be moved by any illusions. The next day the court informed the family to take him home.

5) Treat the police with compassion

In July 2007 a practitioner from our county was arrested in another city and sent to a local detention center. Practitioners in that city heard about the incident and began to send righteous thoughts continuously and prepared to rescue him. Hearing about it, practitioners in our county also began sending intensified righteous thoughts. Concurrently, we also published the incident on the Internet. The police chief and another officer from our county traveled to the other city to handle this. They planned to send this practitioner to a forced labor camp. After we heard this, we went to meet with the practitioner's family members. After discussions we decided that the family members should go to the detention center and demand his immediate release, while the rest of us would send righteous thoughts to assist them. The practitioner's father, wife and son (all are practitioners) and a few other non-practitioner family members traveled together to the detention center on a Sunday.

The practitioners did not pay attention to the fact that it was Sunday, nor did they worry about if the center head was there. As soon as they arrived, the center administrator showed up. Two other local practitioners from that city also went there. The practitioners sent righteous thought for a while and briefly discussed the situation. Initially, each had a different idea about the rescue method. But after they studied the Fa together, their idea emerged: Everything we do is to offer sentient beings salvation. After they were clear on this point they went to see the center head who told them that a section chief in the police department was the right person to talk to. When the section chief arrived, the practitioners again sent strong righteous thoughts, to eliminate all the evil beings and factors behind him that persecutes Dafa disciples. They were also determined to offer this police officer salvation. This officer was infamous in the persecution, making many local practitioners think he was doomed. We knew his name was on the Internet as an "evil police officer." But under our strong righteous thoughts and compassion, this police officer found his conscience! He called his boss and defended the detained practitioner. We realized that his compassion was being motivated, so during the phone call with his boss we sent a strong thought: eliminate the evil forces and factors that control his boss to persecute Dafa disciples. Finally, they agreed to release the practitioner.

In the past several years, although we have made some progress in rescuing fellow practitioners, we had also numerous shortcomings in our cultivation. We will increase our efforts to clarify the truth to regime agencies, especially the police, prosecutors and people in the court system. We will do our best to offer these people and others salvation, end the persecution, and fulfill our prehistoric pledges as Dafa disciples.

During our efforts to rescue fellow practitioners, we sincerely thank Master for his protection and salvation. We simply do what we are supposed to do. We also want to thank practitioners outside of China. Without their support our rescue efforts would not have been successful.

February 4, 2008