(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts staged several shows of the Chinese Spectacular in The Hague, Netherlands on February 19 and 20. A large audience warmly welcomed the performances.

Audience in The Hague watches the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular

A large audience in The Hague takes in the Spectacular

Mr. Wu, a worker at the theater, describes the incident of attempted interference

Ms. Deng, an audience member, describes the incident

However, the Chinese Embassy in The Hague earlier attempted to interfere with the success of the Spectacular, and during the show, a Chinese person in the audience tried to cause disruptions. But the interference failed and he was ordered out of the theater.

According to Mrs. Dai, one of the organizers of the show in Holland, the Chinese Embassy held their own Chinese New Year shows in The Hague on the 19th and 20th also, the same dates as the Spectacular, and passed out free tickets in an attempt to divert people from attending Divine Performing Arts' shows.

Mrs. Dai said, "The Chinese New Year Spectacular is a high level show without any '[Communist] party culture.' But the Chinese Embassy's show promotes Chinese Communist propaganda, and was a political task assigned by the Chinese government."

Mrs. Dai continued, "However, the Divine Performing Arts' shows were not affected. Ticket sales went very well."

After the first show on the 19th, Erik van Muisminkel, a well-known comedian, was invited by a popular talk show in the Netherlands to discuss issues related to the Beijing Olympics. He said during the show that he had heard that the Chinese Embassy was trying to interfere with the Divine Performing Arts' shows. The next day, Mr. Van Muisminkel saw the interference himself during the performance.

During the dance, "The Power of Awareness," which exposes the persecution of Falun Gong and demonstrates Chinese people's support for Falun Gong, somebody in the audience shouted out loudly three times. Mrs. Deng, in the audience, sat next to the Chinese man who created the disturbance.

According to Mrs. Deng, the man was about 50. He started to make noises and sing when the dance "The Power of Awareness" started. Mrs. Deng was upset, so she asked him not to disturb others. One minute later, the man shouted again. Mrs. Deng said to him: "You are in the Netherlands, not China." A Dutch gentleman also came over and told the man that he would call the security guard if he didn't stop. After a while, the Chinese man made horrible noises again. Mrs. Deng asked him to stop and other people also told him to stop the disturbance.

Later, the security guard came and escorted the man out of the theater. The man yelled, "Don't watch it anymore. Come with me." Everybody ignored him. The dance was warmly applauded when it was over.

After the show, many people praised Mrs. Deng for her courage. A Dutch woman said, "This is a free country and everybody has freedom of speech. We support you."

According to Mr. Wu, a security guard at the show, the Chinese man claimed he was from Singapore, but he had strong Fujian accent (Fujian is a province in China). The security guard found a speaker and two universal remote controls on the man, which can control many electric devices.

Mr. Wu thought that perhaps the Chinese man wanted to interfere with the projectors for the background scenes. After failing to do so, he made a terrible noise, trying to interfere with the audience. However, he failed. The audience gave "The Power of Awareness" the warmest applause. Mrs. Deng said, "People from the Netherlands are also aware of the persecution now."

Before the Chinese New Year Spectacular was held in Germany, a German TV station reported that the Chinese Embassy issued an order to the Chinese students association in Duisburg, ordering them to tell Chinese students not to go to the Spectacular.

Dr. Qian Yuejun, a Chinese scholar in Germany and chief editor of a Chinese newspaper, watched the Spectacular in Frankfurt. Regarding the embassy's attempted interference with the Spectacular, Dr. Qian said, "This is a trick that the Chinese Embassies always try to use. Sometimes, the officials at the embassies don't want to do it either, but they have no choice. The whole system of the Chinese Communist Party is like that. But the CCP should remember that we are in Europe now, not in China, and these kinds of actions are considered crimes."