(Clearwisdom.net) As a Dafa disciple I surely know the importance of studying the Fa. However, I am always busy with housework, my family members do not support my practice, and I can barely find time to study the Fa or do the other things that Dafa practitioners are supposed to do. One day another practitioner invited me to join a local Fa study group. I followed her. After the study I realized how much I had learned.

I returned to the group study the following week. After studying a chapter in Zhuan Falun, practitioners shared their understandings, and I learned a lot from their sharing. Today I made up my mind to write about what they said to share with others.

Practitioner A: In Zhuan Falun, Master spoke of an older woman endowed with supernatural abilities, and as described in the book, her family locked her in chains, but she always managed to escape. Cultivators in the past had to suffer a lot for cultivating along small paths, but today we can cultivate Falun Dafa. Many people have waited thousands of years for this chance. We are lost in the human world and filled with emotions for our families. We are no better than the old woman who followed a small path. We should tell the facts of Dafa. This is the most important thing. We have to fulfill our vows in history.

Practitioner B: I am busy with housework and cooking every day. I always try to find some time to read the Fa, but I cannot concentrate. I feel I have not been responsible to my family or to myself. This is very dangerous, and after realizing it, I changed my way of doing things. Now I spend less time buying things and use my time to do what Dafa disciples should do.

Practitioner C: My family members are still not happy that I practice Falun Dafa. Sometimes I even complain to them. I am worried about their future. I now realize that this situation exists because I haven't done well. I have not asked myself why they are against my practice. All the people around me benefit from the righteous field generated by my practice of Falun Dafa, so why are they still so unhappy? Master told us many times to look inside ourselves, but I always try to find other's shortcomings. I should cultivate myself in the future. Predestination has arranged everything around us. When we do the three things well, everything will change.

Practitioner D: Everything in this human world can be instantly lost. Master endowed us such a glory and told us we will gain as much as we give, and told us that the future universe will exist forever, and that our mighty virtue will exist forever. It is a precious opportunity for us to be able to cultivate in Dafa. My family connections however, overwhelmed me. Though I am retired and have an income, I wanted to find a job and make more money during this valuable time. I have been such a fool. I should make a good use of time and do the three things well.

Practitioner E: Look at our environment! Some practitioners avoid meeting each other and treat their xinxing tests as conflicts; some only study the Fa, but don't do the other things; some are attached to listening to practitioners whose third eyes are open; some enjoy gossiping, and some hide immediately when they hear that the authorities may be closing in. With such a great Fa, why can't we maintain our righteous thoughts and abandon our selfishness? Would the evil forces still dare to persecute Dafa practitioners then? Why were more than thirty of us recently arrested? Not only should the arrested practitioners look inside, other practitioners should do so as well, because we are one body. One practitioner who has cultivated well is only one particle of Dafa. Would the persecution continue if a grand, righteous field exists, a field that could dissolve all evil?

I realize now how much I have missed by not attending group Fa study more often; how much I have missed by not sharing experiences with others. In doing the three things, we should first study the Fa well. Let us all attend group Fa study. Predestined relationships brought Dafa practitioners together. We should treasure what we have now, treasure the time, and walk well on our cultivation paths, using every opportunity to save people.