(Clearwisdom.net) Since the public exposure of the Chinese Communist Party's crimes of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for profit and cremating their bodies to destroy the evidence, the Falun Dafa Association and the Minghui/Clearwisdom website jointly organized the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China (CIPFG). Far-reaching investigations commenced. The following are recent leads into the organ harvesting crimes in China. We hope that people with inside information will continue to help expose the crimes taking place in forced labor camps, prisons and hospitals in China, and help end the persecution of Falun Gong.

  1. Investigation Lead: Organ Harvesting from Living People Is Still Rampant
  2. Investigation Lead: Another Heart Transplant Conducted at the Second Hospital Affiliated with Harbin Medical University, Source of Heart Suspicious
  3. Investigation Lead: Doctors at Linyi People's Hospital in Shandong Province Collude with the Court and Perform a Large Number of Kidney Transplants
  4. Investigation Lead: "Liver Transplantation" Will Be Covered by Medical Insurance in Shenyang Province

1. Organ Harvesting from Living People Is Still Rampant

Recently I met a law firm administrator in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. He mentioned the new issue of lethal injection as a means of carrying out the death penalty in China, but said it is difficult to actually carry out. If you want to perform it, you not only need to apply to the High Court, but also have to pay a large amount of money for it. But execution by shooting is different. It is easy, and cheap to get a gun and bullets. An intermediate court can earn more than 100 thousand yuan per gunshot execution. Agents for these court-ordered executions can sell all of the executed individual's useful organs and sometimes even sell the remains that the hospital has discarded.

I told him that the central government officials had just published certain documents containing strict stipulations regarding organ transplants. He said that it is still the same situation. Who would refuse the potential for such a huge profit? Intermediate court officials travel abroad many times a year, and each time they go by air and stay in five-star hotels. Where do they get their money?

I said that I had heard of an incident where a prisoner on death row wanted to sell all his useful organs, to compensate the dependents of his victim, to appease his conscience. If there was any surplus, he wanted the money to be used for his children's benefit. Court officials however, firmly denied his request. The law firm administrator said that officials at the High Court didn't agree to his request because they didn't want to get into trouble. The Intermediate Court didn't agree because they didn't want other people to get the money they had earmarked for themselves.

2. Another Heart Transplant at the Second Hospital Affiliated with Harbin Medical University, Source of Heart Suspicious

According to a tip from someone with inside information, on December 24, 2007, surgeons at the Second Hospital Affiliated with Harbin Medical University performed a heart transplant operation. The male donor's heart came from Mudanjiang City, and the operation of removing the organ was conducted on a bus for employees.

It is uncertain whether the heart donor is a Falun Gong practitioner, but based on the method used to obtain the heart, on a bus, the source of the heart is very suspicious.

Second Hospital Affiliated with Harbin Medical University, General Line: 86-451-86605222
Hospital director, Zhang Bin: 86-451-86605486
Deputy directors, Wang Taihe: 86-451-86605456, Qu Guofan: 86-451-86605169, Yang: 86-451-86605513, Ma: 86-451-86605457
Party Secretary, Li Jianfen: 86-451-86605412
Deputy Party Secretary, Wu Dequan: 86-451-86605535
Party office: 86-451-86605411, Li Su: 86-13313681676
Hospital office: 86-451-86605413, 866051780, 86605547
Nursery Dept: 86-451-86605131
Head of Nursery Dept: 86-451-86605410
Organization Dept: 86-451-86605192
Director office: 86-451-86605125
Propaganda office: 86-451-86605423, 86605369
Discipline Committee office: 86-451-86605482
Communist Youth League office: 86-451-86605492
Medical Affairs office: 86-451-86605124, 86-451-86605640
HR: 86-451-86605123, 86-451-86650454, 86-451-86605477
Cardiac Surgery 1: 86-451-86605248
Cardiac Surgery 2: 86-451-86605409
Cardiac Surgery 3: 86-451-86605220
Director office: 86-451-86605230
Cardiac Surgery ICU: 86-451-86605367
Director office of Cardiac Surgery: 86-451-86605421
Director office of Anesthesiology Department: 86-451-86600013

3. Doctors at Linyi People's Hospital in Shandong Province Collude with the Court and Perform a Large Number of Kidney Transplants

Shandong Linyi People's Hospital, an AAA hospital, is the largest and has the strongest technical expertise in Lingyi City. Several people testified that there are many organ transplants performed in this hospital.

Many patients go there for kidney transplants, especially to the urology department, and the success rate is high. According to those who take part in kidney harvesting, they mainly cooperate with court officials in obtaining donor organs. The hospital officials get advance notice when an execution by shooting is about to happen. The executed prisoner is immediately carried to a previously readied "hospital ambulance," where the prisoner's body is opened and organs harvested within a few minutes.

It is said that most patients receiving organ transplant surgery are from overseas, especially from Japan.

Shanghai Hospitals also take part in organ harvesting. Doctors from Shanghai usually take the liver, heart, and spleen, while doctors from the Linyi People's Hospital specialize in kidney transplant surgeries.

A staff person who had worked in the Linyi People's Hospital said that the court purposely increased the fee for "Asking for the body" from the executed persons' families to avoid having the secret of stealing prisoners' organs disclosed. ("Asking for the body" is the means by which a family can pay to receive the body of their executed family member.) The court also tells those doctors who do organ harvesting that the prisoners' family members have agreed to the procedure.

The fee for "Asking for the body" includes the bullet fee, wreath fee, preservation fee, cremation fee etc. The total aggregate fee is more than 10 thousand yuan. Many prisoners' families cannot afford this fee and have to give up their right to receive and examine their family member's body.

4. "Liver Transplantation" Will Be Covered by Medical Insurance in Shenyang Province

According to a report in the Shenyang media, people from the Social Security Bureau announced that medical insurance covers liver transplantation surgery. People who undergo organ transplant surgery only pay 15% of the surgery fee. If they undergo both a liver and kidney transplant and if the total cost is 200 thousand yuan, the insurance covers at least 50% of the total fee.

This indicates that officials are trying to attract more patients for such surgeries, making the procedure more affordable, thus requiring a larger number of organs. As many doctors in China are very corrupt, even if it is not necessary for a patient to undergo transplantation surgery, to increase their income or for reasons of "medical research," many doctors may recommend that their patients undergo the procedure.

This means that more Falun Gong practitioners who are held in the live organ bank continue to be in danger of losing their lives at any moment.

January 27, 2008