Osaka, Japan: Divine Performing Arts Strikes a Chord with Ancient City (Photos)

( The Divine Performing Arts New York Company ran five shows of the Chinese Spectacular in Tokyo and Nagoya and then staged its premiere show at the renowned NHK Osaka Hall in Osaka on February 19, 2008. When the curtain rose for the first act, "Descent of the Celestial Kings," the audience burst into enthusiastic applause three times. Divine Performing Arts, displaying China's divinely-inspired culture, struck a resounding chord with the audience in the hometown of Japanese envoys to Tang-period China.

Final Divine Performing Arts Performance in the Hague Closes to Standing Ovation (Photos)

( On February 20, 2008, the audience gave a resounding to goodbyes from the hosts of the Divine Performing Arts final performance at the World Forum Theater in the Hague. "See you next year," they exclaimed. Thunderous applause demanded a second curtain call, greeted by a standing ovation.

Chinese in Germany: "I Have Been Looking Forward to This For a Long Time"

( Mr. Liu Zhuoxing, who was previously twice the Vice President of the Association of Chinese for Promoting Peaceful Reunification of China, along with his wife took an early train from Bodensee to Frankfurt to attend the second show of the Chinese Spectacular by the Divine Performing Arts on Tour.

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