(Clearwisdom.net) Policemen Gao Shuai, Li Jun, and Ma Hongzhe from the Domestic Security Division of Songyuan City in Jilin Province, broke into Xu Peng's house on October 15, 2007. They confiscated personal assets such as Dafa books, a computer, printer, cell phone, MP4s, a digital camera and some clothes.

In the middle of November, Xu Peng's parents, who live in Baibei residential area, went home and found that the locks on their security door and inside rooms had been changed. The landlord said that this was done by people from the Domestic Security Division. Officers from this department also confiscated their property, including furniture, bedding, clothes, a refrigerator, TV, TV cabinet, clothes rack, shoe shelf, bed, shoes, slippers, electric cooker, basin, bowls, rice, flour, cooking oil, salt--everything. Xu Peng's parents, almost in their seventies, were left homeless.

On October 13, 2008, the Domestic Security Division arrested practitioner Xu Yangang, leaving his wife and newborn baby at home. They subsequently ransacked and vandalized the home, forcing his wife to take the child and move-in with her parents. After ten days, his wife went back home and found that all the furniture and household goods had been taken. The landlord said, "Everything was taken away by the police."

On the same day, they also arrested practitioner Dong Fengshan, robbing him of several thousand yuan cash, his car and household goods at home. More than ten days after Dong Fengshan was arrested, his wife and two relatives went back to the house and found, to their great surprise, that three policemen were waiting there. They confiscated their bags and took them to the police station, where they were subjected to an interrogation. When the police confirmed that the three of them were not Falun Gong practitioners, they forced Dong Fengshan's wife to sign a piece of paper without knowing what was written on it. They then were released, but were told that all of Dong Fengshan's belongings had been confiscated.

On October 13, they illegally arrested practitioner Hou Jifen, robbing him of a 40,000 yuan minivan, some cash and 30,000 yuan worth of goods. When his relatives asked that the items be returned, the police officer there said, "They will not be returned."

Ms. Zhang Xiulan was also arrested. They took away all her household goods including: Personal clothes, cash, bedding, shoes, slippers, electric cooker, induction cooker, basin, bowls, rice, flour, cooking oil, salt and even tissue and sanitary napkins.

Some police officers, who know of the situation inside the prisons, said that Gao Shuai, Lijun, and Ma Hongzhe tortured imprisoned Dafa practitioners. They forced mustard into Lisheng's mouth and gagged him with a towel. They did not release him until he almost suffocated. They repeated this method of torture many times. The prison personnel also used many instruments of torture to extort confessions from practitioners.

February 2, 2008