(Clearwisdom.net) On January 26, 2008, police took Ms. Lu Xueqin, a Falun Dafa practitioner, into custody in the Liaoyuan Street Station in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, where she remains to this day. They confined Ms. Lu in an ice cold cell, forced her sit on a hard bench, and did not allow her to sleep for eight days. When she was not very clear-minded due to exhaustion, officers forced her to fingerprint a statement whose content she was not aware of, then threatened her with this fabricated fact. Officers brutally beat her three times, putting her critical condition with all sorts of symptoms.

Both of her legs and lower back are swollen, and she has difficulty urinating. Doctors inserted a catheter on February 5, 2008. On February 7, at the desperate urging of her family, the police took her to see a doctor in Haici Hospital. The doctor found many blood clots in her legs. Now her left leg has lost sensation. The swelling spread from her lower back up to her lungs, putting her life in danger. The doctor said she needed to be admitted to the hospital, but the police would not allow it. After taking her back to the station, officers noticed that she had worsened, so they took her to Qingdao City Hospital in the afternoon. The doctor said she had to stay in the hospital, but the officers still did not agree. Finally, the doctor prescribed ten units of intravenous fluids. The police station's nurse gave Ms. Lu five units until February 11, 2008, then stopped the treatment. During this time, Ms. Lu could not walk, and she was very weak, but the officers dragged her up and down the stairs.

Because she was unable to stand or walk, the police notified her family to buy a portable toilet for handicapped persons, which Ms. Lu can use only with the help of two people. Her family has to send in three meals for her everyday. She is too weak to turn over by herself. She can only drink some hot cereal, but otherwise has no energy to eat.

Ms. Lu's heart and kidneys are severely damaged and in life threatening condition. Her family requested her release so that she could be hospitalized, but officers at the Liaoyuan Street Station are very vicious. Police officers Min Xing and Xin Keke (both male) said, "She will not die in the station. If she does, you can apply for State Compensation."

Ms. Lu's family requested many times to have her released, but the officers are very inhumane, saying they only received orders to detain her, so they do not want to release her. When her husband asked why they were detaining her, they answered that they were just detaining her without any legal procedures. When her husband said that extended detention was illegal, police officer Min Xing answered, "You can sue us if you want."

February 18, 2008