(Clearwisdom.net) During the personal cultivation period, I had been interested in supernormal abilities and was seeking them. While trying to get rid of this attachment, I went to the other extreme-- I was afraid of talking about them and was afraid of imagining I had them. Sometimes, when I dimly saw some scenes in other dimensions, I would immediately deny it and ask myself to stop looking because I was afraid of "breeding demons in my own mind."

During the Fa-rectification cultivation period, I stayed in this state. When reading fellow practitioners' articles, I often read such things as, "It is what Master did. It is the manifestation of the Fa. I just act accordingly," which made me ignore divine powers even more. I thought, "As long as I cultivate my xinxing well, Master will give me the best; the mighty power of the Fa will be manifested naturally." Therefore, divine powers to me only existed at a theoretical level. When sending forth righteous thoughts, although I knew it was to project Buddha's divine power, I couldn't truly associate myself with divine power. Therefore, after sending forth righteous thoughts, I would be back to the state of an ordinary person again and think about everything with a human mindset.

Recently something "supernormal" happened, which changed my outlook on this matter.

One day, after my child and I had finished watching the DVD program of "We Tell the Future," I went to turn off the DVD player. As soon as I touched the player, my left forefinger seemed to discharge something and then the TV screen no longer had an incoming signal. The DVD player stopped, but I had not pressed the stop button at all. I was shocked and thought that this brand new DVD player might be faulty.

A few days later, the same thing happened again. This time it was my right forefinger that seemed to be discharging something. Two days later, it happened again. Finally, I was convinced that the DVD player had stopped by itself.

I suddenly remembered the following words from Zhuan Falun:

"Just suppose that while sitting in place, and without moving his hands or feet, somebody could do what other people can't do even with their hands and feet, and he could see the true laws governing every dimension of the universe, and the reality of the universe--he could see things that ordinary people can't. Isn't that somebody who's attained the Dao by cultivating? Isn't he a Great Enlightened Being? Could you say he's the same as an ordinary person? Isn't he somebody who's become Enlightened by cultivating? Isn't it only right to call him "an Enlightened Being"? When you put it into the language of ancient India, that's a "Buddha." And that is what it's really about--that is what qigong is for." ("Lecture One" of Zhuan Falun)

I thought with surprise, am I a "divine being"? Master had mentioned it again and again, that all Dafa practitioners had been lifted to their cultivation fruit status during "July 20, 1999." We all should have divine powers and should let them play their role. However, I never looked at myself this way, nor did I believe that I was a divine being. On this issue, I hadn't truly believed in Master and Dafa. Is gong a form of divine power? Is it manifested through those gods like us? Master said we were great. But we keep saying to ourselves in an ordinary "modest" manner, "We are not capable." Dafa can refine all. We are the Dafa practitioners that Dafa created. We will safeguard the future universe. Of course we all have divine powers. We can use them any time at will.

I have started to realize that my past attitude that divine powers only "seemingly exist" did not come about because I had gotten rid of my attachment to them, but because my understanding of the Fa is not good enough and is a manifestation of not believing in Master and Dafa. It is a reflection of my cultivation state. It restrains my natural instincts and the divine powers. During the Fa-rectification period, we need to eliminate all evil beings in other dimensions. If we still look at divine powers with an ordinary person's state of mind, how can we fulfill our mission to validate Dafa and save sentient beings?

Let us give up our ordinary person's state of mind and truly act like "Gods walk the earth, validating the Fa". ("What's to Fear" in Hong Yin II)