(Clearwisdom.net) It has already been 12 full years since I started practicing Falun Gong in 1995. During all these years of my cultivation, I have belonged to the group of practitioners who are not able to see with our celestial eye or feel anything as we progress in our cultivation. What enables me to continue walking the path as a cultivator has been my steadfast belief in Teacher and Falun Dafa.

Before becoming a practitioner, I had asthma, hypothyroid, and other medical conditions. Especially after I got married and had a child, I had two abortions, so my health conditions became worse and worse. In summer of 1995, I had to quit my job because of my breathing problem. Drugs and injections weren't working on me, and I felt that living was harder than dying at that time. But, 1995 was the year that changed my life completely, because I was so fortunate to become a Falun Dafa practitioner. After only a few months, my health problems were completely and obviously gone, and I returned to working and living normally. I not only became healthy, but also knew how to be a good person, capable of thinking and acting for the benefits of others. Through the practice of Dafa I was able to steadily raise my xinxing.

In May 2007, the truth clarification materials production site in our area was destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party, and the practitioner in charge of it was arrested. Because we were not acquainted at all, word didn't spread, so the details of the arrest weren't available. Also, a fellow practitioner had wanted to organize a Fa study group for some time, but she didn't succeed for various reasons. Fa study materials were temporarily delivered once a week by the son of this practitioner. It was very inconvenient to obtain materials, and not a good long-term plan. Fellow practitioners were very concerned about this disorganized situation. The urgent things to do were to set up a new materials production site, and also a Fa study group.

I said to fellow practitioner A, "I could support this materials site with some money and a little know-how on the computer; the only problem would be the nature of my job. I always go out of town on business trips, for more than 6 months each year, plus my husband doesn't support my cultivation practice." Fellow practitioner A said, "Then, you're using your business trips out of town as an excuse to not help set up the materials site." Her words awakened me, and I felt that it was Teacher giving me a hint through her. I realized that I should look within myself to find what was wrong with me. Wasn't it my selfishness, worries, seeking comfort, dependence, and laziness interfering?

Shouldn't the job of making truth-clarification materials be mine? Am I not prepared to do the job? Furthermore, I am the youngest in our area, so I should, without reservation, shoulder the responsibility of building up the materials production site.

Everything in human society should play its part in harmonizing Falun Dafa. To build up the materials site, Teacher might arrange to let me stay in town. I could still proceed to set up the site without my husband's support. However, I believed that he has a karmic relationship with me, and that he is to be saved, too. I could send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the elements around him that might interfere with my setting up the materials production site. I thought that as a result, he could get on the Internet and read more truth-clarifying materials. With these thoughts settled, I began taking action, having my son go buy computers, installing high speed Internet access, asking fellow practitioners to help install Internet software, and teaching me how to use it. Before long, the materials site at my home was established.

Several attachments of mine were eliminated through the process of setting up this family-based materials site. These included, showing off, attachment to fame and gain, fear, laziness, dependency, and wanting comfort. I came to comprehend that only through believing in Teacher and Dafa, could this materials production site have been set up and operated.

Fellow practitioner B voluntarily offered to have Fa study group at her home. Every day we read at least two chapters of Zhuan Falun, and send forth righteous thoughts every hour on the hour. Some fellow practitioners have even utilized the evenings to study Teacher's previous lectures. So, we are very enthusiastic about studying the Fa. In "Fa-Teaching to the Australian Practitioners," Teacher encouraged all practitioners to have Fa study groups and an atmosphere where problems could be solved together, looking within ourselves whenever problems arise.

Nowadays, the atmosphere in our area has been completely changed - every one of us is treating ourselves as a genuine Dafa disciple.

February 5, 2008