When I clarified the truth, some people have told me, "Now the government has basically stopped saying anything about Falun Gong. It means that the government has already admitted its mistakes. That should be enough. Do you really want the government to offer a public apology? That has never happened." Others said, "Everybody knows that the Communist Party is bad and hopeless. You want to reason with it? It turns hostile to you. I have learned too many lessons at my age. The Communist Party is sure not easy to deal with."

When sharing with fellow practitioners, we all understand that other people are afraid of the control the evil Party has. They may clench their teeth and berate the Communist regime, but it can be very difficult to persuade them to withdraw from the Party. Some people took the advice and decided to withdraw from the Party in the morning but they withdrew their decision in the afternoon, because they were afraid that Communist regime agents would cause them trouble later on. It can be seen that living under the control of the CCP, people's fear is deeply rooted. To awaken their conscience we need to use wisdom and be patient. Doing things with undue haste or giving up the effort to save them is not the attitude that Falun Gong practitioners should have. As practitioners following Master in the Fa-rectification period, we should send righteous thoughts to eliminate the barriers and save lives with benevolence.

Practitioner A said, "I know that sending forth righteous thoughts is very effective. One time when I wanted to distribute truth clarification materials, there were four to five people chatting by the building entrance. I found a place nearby and sat down. I sent forth a righteous thought, "Let them go do whatever they're suppose to do and not interfere with me." I also asked Master for strength. Fifteen minutes later, I went back and they were all gone. There were also several other times that, as long as I remembered to send forth righteous thoughts, it was effective."

Practitioner B said, "Last year while my older brother was loading a truck, he was knocked off the truck by a crane clasp. He fell to the ground head first and lost consciousness. He was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. Our family members were anxious but did not know what to do. I told them to think, 'Falun Dafa is good' and 'Truthfulness-Benevolence-Tolerance is good' in their minds, and I asked Master to save my brother. At the same time I also sent forth righteous thoughts. Three days later my brother woke up. After three months he was completely recovered. My brother told me afterwards, 'I could hear when you called me, but I could not move. I heard the two phrases you said and I also concentrated on the two phrases ('Falun Dafa is good' and 'Truthfulness-Benevolence-Tolerance is good') in my mind. I sincerely thank Master Li for saving me. I also sincerely thank practitioners for helping me continuously eliminate those bad things.'"

Practitioner C said, "One afternoon when I came home, I saw a group of people nailing propaganda signs praising the evil Party to the wall of my house. Each of the signs was about one square meter. I disliked what they were doing very much and said to them, 'Who told you to install the signs? They are so dark and ugly. Remove them quickly, otherwise I will talk to your boss.' As soon as I got back in my home, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil CCP spirit behind them and make them unable to install the signs. I also asked Master to strengthen me. Half an hour later I went out to take a look and saw that they were removing the signs from my walls. I thanked Master in my mind."

I came to understand that the thoughts practitioners have when encountering situations ought to be righteous and that a practitioner should remember to send forth righteous thoughts. Actually, as long as a practitioner has the wish, Master is doing everything. As long as the practitioner pays attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, the righteous thoughts will be powerful. If every practitioner can have righteous thoughts and cooperate with other practitioners, leaving no chance for the evils to recover, the evils will disintegrate right away.

The key to sending forth righteous thoughts well is to learn the Fa well. To do the three things, Master asked us to work with one another, and none of the three things should be neglected. As Falun Gong practitioners we should do all the three things well. When facing the evil with righteous thoughts, one should also handle the situation with wisdom. Wisdom also comes from the Fa. Now is the critical period and to save lives with all means possible is the biggest thing for Falun Gong practitioners to do. Time is passing quickly. Everyone, please treasure the critical moment. The opportunities, once passed, will not return!

My understanding is limited. If fellow practitioners find anything improper, please point it out.

February 1, 2008