We Are Predestined to Obtain Dafa and Follow Teacher Forever

I believed in Buddhism and Taoism when I was very young, and marriage reinforced my belief that life has its extraordinary mysteries. Although my work and family were satisfactory, I was not happy. I worried a lot and often shed tears alone for no reason. I thought that I should have another kind of life, as too many questions in my mind were left unsolved. With all the unanswered questions I converted to Buddhism, hoping to find answers to my questions. But after several years of groping in Buddhism, I didn't find anything.

I saw the book Zhuan Falun at a colleague's house at a time when I was perplexed and desperately seeking answers. I took the book home and finished reading it in one day. I sensed a great power encouraging me to upgrade my moral standard. It gave me courage to return to my true self in this immoral and corrupt society. I am so immensely grateful for Great Master, who took me out of Hell and guided me back home when I was lost in this world. Tears come to my eyes whenever I think of this.

I experienced the the joy of practicing and cultivating after I obtained Dafa in January 1999. I went to Fa-study every night, studying the Fa and sharing experiences in cultivation. Most of the practitioners in this Fa-study group were veteran practitioners who could sit cross-legged in the full lotus position for an hour. I was worried about my own situation, so after going back home, whenever I had time I sat in the lotus position. I crossed my legs when I read books or while I helped my child do his homework. I filled a bag with books and placed it on the top of my legs when sat in the lotus position. I set a time and determined that I would not uncross my legs before time was up. In the final ten minutes, the pain was unbearable. It felt like my legs were broken and I burst into tears. My husband and my child heard me sobbing so they ran into the room to see what happened to me. Indeed, sitting in the lotus position had been a barrier preventing me from fully practicing the sitting meditation, and I was determined to do it well.

Six months later I went to the countryside to spread the Fa and to participate in a Fa-study experience sharing conference. My mind was purified in the Fa. Under the guidance of Great Master, I didn't lag behind due to my lateness in obtaining the Fa. I transcribed the Fa every night when I returned home from group Fa-study. Before the persecution started on July 20, 1999, I had transcribed Zhuan Falun once, Essentials for Further Advancement once and memorized Hong Yin from cover to cover, all of which laid a good foundation for my future cultivation.

The persecution of Dafa started six months after I began to practice. I was determined to stick to Dafa since the day I began practicing, so I was not deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) propaganda and I strongly believed that my choice to practice Dafa was right. I felt sad for my Great Master being attacked and slandered so unreasonably. Because I refused to renounce Dafa, I was forced to stop working and write reflections on my "mistakes." In late September 1999, two practitioners and I went to Beijing determined to appeal for Falun Gong. We were illegally arrested and detained for more than two months before being released to return home.

Fulfilling Our Great Vows and Making Good on Our Pledges

For eight years on the cultivation path, every Dafa disciple has endured the evil persecution. All the trials and tribulations have made us even more mature. All Dafa disciples are making good on the pledges they made and are fulfilling their own prehistoric great vows by clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings.

One day in Fa-study I read in the Third Talk,

"...since I'm among ordinary people, I am doing something intentional, saving people, and my mind is on saving people. But how still were their minds? So still it was scary. It wouldn't have been a big deal with just one person that still, but with four or five people sitting there, and all of them that still, like a pond of still water, there was nothing... I tried to feel them but I couldn't. During those days I really felt discomfort. I had that kind of sense. It was something most people couldn't imagine and couldn't feel--it was completely nonaction and it was empty."

A sense of duty suddenly came to me. I understood the importance of what Great Master told us about saving sentient beings. There's no way for me to be indifferent and listless. I quickly gathered together with several fellow practitioners and shared my understanding with them. Our righteous thoughts were reinforced after sharing and we better understood how heavy the load was on our shoulders and how sacred our cultivation road is. Thereafter we committed ourselves to validating Dafa, fulfilling our holy mission to assist Master to verify Dafa and save people.

In late 2005 the supply of truth-clarification materials was scarce because the large materials production sites had been destroyed several times and the practitioners running them had been arrested. My husband (also a Dafa practitioner) said to me, "Let's buy a computer and printer and make the materials ourselves." The same idea had come to me too. Maybe that is my prehistoric vow. I had found Dafa and it's Great Master that saved me. I'm supposed to do what Dafa requires of me, unconditionally. Thereafter we took the responsibility to supply truth-clarification materials to our local fellow practitioners.

Neither of us knew much about computers except how to turn them on and off. After we got all the equipment ready, a fellow practitioner taught us, as patiently if he were teaching elementary students. He taught us step by step and we wrote down one item after another and then operated it exactly as we had been taught. At the beginning we didn't know how to surf the Internet. It was not convenient for fellow practitioners to exchange information on discs every week and the materials we made had a lot of limitations. Later, we learned how to access the Internet with our fellow practitioner's help. Now we can make truth-clarification materials all by ourselves and fix the common issues of the computer. What's more, we learned how to cherish the machine. After all, it is a tool to save people. The process of studying how to operate a computer and how to make truth-clarification materials is also a process to upgrade one's xinxing and to let go of human attachments.

We are responsible for sending out the list of names of people quitting the CCP. Sometimes we get hundreds of names, and every time we verify them carefully. We do not miss a single one or make a mistake with any one. Some of the practitioners' handwriting is very hard to read, and so the two of us go over it carefully. Sometimes we have to find the person who supplied the names for help if we cannot identify the name. Behind each name are the great efforts and hard work of fellow practitioners. We have no reason or right to handle this carelessly.

Words cannot convey my gratitude to Great Master. I believe that every Dafa disciple realizes that Master has given us so much over these eight years of stormy cultivation practice. I feel deeply that time in our human lives doesn't belong to us any more. It is the time Master has given Dafa disciples to save sentient beings. It's my duty and responsibility to save more people in the limited time remaining.