(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts Touring Company's premier at Frankfurt's Jahrhunderthalle (Century Hall) was a great success. The second crowd of people were seated at 2:00 p.m. on February 17, 2008. The audience responded with seemingly endless, excited applause during the entire performance. The dances that received the most enthusiastic applause were " Descent of the Celestial Kings," "Nymphs of the Sea," "Mongolian Bowl Dance," "Drummers of the Tang Court," "The Power of Awareness," and "Victory Drums." The witty dialog between the host and hostess brought out smiles of understanding from the audience from time to time.

As soon as the curtain was raised, the audience burst into enthusiastic applause. They were amazed by the majesty and boundless brilliance of the heavenly scene and the celestial beings presenting an infinite variety of postures and movements while the clouds wafted in the air. Electronic technician Stefen Roth and his wife Nicol Weiland, a graphic designer, learned about the Divine Performing Arts shows on the website. They noticed that what the Divine Performing Arts represented was completely different from the common Chinese shows they had seen in western societies. They commented, "We found that this performance was not what people often get to see, so we planned to come and see the performance. We browsed online and read the audience feedback, and thought it was something we really wanted to see, and we came."

Stefen continued, "The performance was a great success, very exquisite. The techniques and music were all excellent." Their favorite performance was "Drummers of the Tang Court." Stefen added, "Nevertheless, I thought the story about the temple was also very good. (referring to 'The Fruits of Goodness.') The hand gestures were very beautiful. That young man did a good deed, and as a result he obtained the truth. It's a very good fable. I liked it very much."

He also said, "The entire show was very special. Such a performance is rare, and we thought it was remarkable. Many things occurred in the past, and many events in history are unknown to us. In the past century, there have been many things taking place in China, but people here do not truly know about them."

The dance "Nymphs of the Sea" was the favorite performance of many audience members. Mrs. Grohmann and her husband enjoyed the show together. She said, "My favorite performance was 'Nymphs of the Sea.' The celestial maidens were floating in the water, very beautiful. We were amazed, as we did not expect it to be so good. 'Drummers of the Tang Court' was also very good. The hosts of the show were of great help to me. I could understand quite well the content of the performances. The backdrops were very successful. I really liked it."

Mr. Stumpf is a senior manager of a medium-sized company, and many of his customers are Chinese. At the recommendation of his friend, he brought his wife and their daughters to see the show. At the end of the dance drama "The Power of Awareness," along with other audience members, Mr. Stumpf also applauded for a long time. He was engrossed in the stage during the entire show, and said, "Very beautiful. The entire show was linked together by telling stories, one by one. I felt it was very good." He was satisfied with the hosts' explanations of each performance. He said that their explanations helped him understand the inner meanings conveyed in the dances.

Castina Diensberg is in her twenties. She came to the show with her friend. Castina said she liked reading books about China. She said the bowl dance was very nice, and that the performers were highly talented. The costumes and music were beautiful. She also mentioned that the live orchestra was a very good experience.

Two Chinese women who are living in Frankfurt had a strong affection to the dance "The Mongolian Bowl Dance." They said, "The dance was excellent, and the costumes were also beautiful."

The second show of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular at Frankfurt came to a successful conclusion, the audience applauded and cheered for a long time after the curtains closed.