(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Xiang Xiuyou from Luzhou City, Sichuan Province was tortured until he died on December 14. 2007. Prior to his death, he was incarcerated at the Deyang Prison, Ward 10. About to die, the authorities continued to beat him in public.

Since May 2007, with the slogan "standardizing the structure," Deyang Prison officials had arranged for personnel to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. With the prison chief Liu Yuanhang taking the lead, the leaders of prison wards embarked on a campaign to persecute practitioners. Involved in this scheme were also the supervisors of the guards at different wards, and one to two guards under them would be responsible to select hatchet men to persecute the practitioners. The prison officials dispatched Wu Yueshan, deputy chief of education, to direct and inspect the prison wards. Ward 10, 5, 3 and 4 showed themselves to be the most vicious. Many inmates were persuaded to participate in the cruel persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. They did so to gain sentence reductions and be excused from hard labor.

Mr. Xiong Xiuyou, sixty-one years old, was a resident of Gulin City in Sichuan Province. Beginning in May 2007, urged on by guards, criminals Li Jiabin and Zhu Yong cruelly tortured Xiong Xiuyou. The tortures included using thin bamboo sticks or wet cloth shoes to beat him on the buttocks; dripping cold water on him continually for one to two hours at a time; holding his head under water for a long time; corporal punishment; and sleep deprivation. He was also forbidden to go downstairs and mingle with people. Xiong Xiuyou was tortured until he could not stand up on his own and had difficulty walking. The few times he went downstairs he held onto the wall. Eventually he could not even get out of bed and became incontinent. Despite this, the guards in Ward 10 refused to release him and even commented he was pretending to be sick.

On the morning of December 14, 2007, a prison doctor went to Ward 10 to inspect the facility. It was then the guards made criminal Liang Weisheng carry Xiong Xiuyou out of the prison cell on his back to the common area where criminal Zhu Yong was still assaulting the dying Xiong Xiuyou in front of everyone. When the doctor saw that, he immediately sent Xiong Xiuyou to the prison hospital. When the hospital head saw this, he quickly asked for Xiong Xiuyou to be transferred to the Chengdu General Hospital for emergency treatment. Xiong Xiuyou died in transit.

After Mr. Xiong's death, Deyang prison officials held a meeting to make sure "they sang the same song." To hide their crimes, they declared that Xiong Xiuyou died from tuberculosis. Xiong Xiuyou did not suffer from tuberculosis before his death. It was common practice to tell such lies to cover up the horrible truth.

Information about this case is closely guarded. The persecution in this prison continues.

Falun Gong practitioners incarcerated at the Deyang Prison in 2007:

Ward 1: Practitioner Zhang Chunbao from Mianyang City could not withstand the tortures and banged his head against the wall

Ward 3: Chen Jingxi and Gong Guanlei are being persecuted

Ward 5: Xie Jifu was beaten up so badly that his head was bleeding; Li Fuquan was also persecuted.

Ward 4: Lin Xiaoquan (Xindu City), Luo Xiaoxing (Panzhihua City), Yang Bin (Jiulongpo, Chongqing City), Wei Wei (Longkou City, Shandong province) Wang Guohua (resident of Suining) were confined and detained. They were locked in isolation cells for at least two weeks, some were confined there as long as four months. Four practitioners were handcuffed to a torture bed from 13 to 30 days. After they return to the prison ward, they will be forced to undergo compulsory brainwashing for 2-3 months.

Ward 10: Guan Xihai (Miyi, Panzhihua City) was tortured until he became mentally deranged (details were reported last year); Li Zhenglin became blind due to the persecution; Xu Tianfu (Panzhihua City), Liu Wangquan (Weiyuan City) and Lv Yuhe were badly persecuted.

January 18. 2008