(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Ma Duo, who is 26 years old, used to teach at Qianli School in Jiamusi City, she is an excellent teacher. In order not to let others be deceived by CCP lies, she often clarified the truth to people. She ended up being reported on and was summarily dismissed from Qianli School. After that, she was hired by Jiamusi Telecom Company. Because she treats others sincerely and works very diligently, she was highly praised by her co-workers.

In November 2000, Ma Duo went with her mother to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa. She and her mother unfurled a banner over 2 meters long, reading "Falun Dafa Free Teaching" (a banner that was used before the persecution began to promote Falun Dafa). After she ran for about 20 meters, she was caught by police officers, and was taken to Tiananmen Police Sub-Bureau and then to the Jiamusi Liaison Office in Beijing. Later she was taken back by local police officers, and detained at Jiamusi City Detention Center. At that time, Ma Duo was only 17 years old, she was detained for over 10 days. Her mother was illegally sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp.

During the time when she couldn't see her mother, she led a very difficult life. Her father and her grandma tried to keep her from practicing Falun Gong, and they disallowed her to have any contact with anyone. One time, because she did the exercises, her father and her grandma tied her up with a rope and beat her, which is a reflection of the terrorist policy that the CCP has adopted, to have normal citizens full of fear, and become afraid to uphold justice. Ma Duo not only had to endure physical pain, but also mental torture.

Ma Duo's family took her to a relative, and had her take care of a bedridden patient. She was so busy with taking care of the patient that she didn't have time to study the Fa or do the exercises. Later they took her to go out of town to travel, but they disallowed her to study the Fa or do the exercises. That period of time was an extremely painful experience for her. But Ma Duo has been steadfast in Dafa, and she has held herself to the standards of a practitioner. She treats every one around her with a heart of compassion, including her father and her grandma who have beaten and sworn at her. She is very obedient to her grandma, she also treats her stepmother very well.

In 2003, Ma Duo's mother was released from the forced labor camp. Every time she went to see her mother, her grandma's family tried very hard to stop her. They locked Ma Duo out of the house to punish her several times. Later, her grandma's family kicked her out so she went to her mother's place.

At about 6:50 pm, on December 13, 2007, three police officers led by the Deputy Head of the Changhong Police Station of Jiamusi Suburban Area Police Sub-Bureau broke into Ma Duo's home, they took away her mother, they also stole a computer, printer, rewritable DVD, VCD player, over 2,000 yuan in cash, a bank deposit book of 30,000, her ID and pay stubs, and all her personal belongings worth over 10,000 yuan in total. At about 10 a.m., Ma Duo was taken away from her workplace. In the afternoon, she was transferred to the detention center.

Around the time of the arrest, Ma Duo had been given permission to take a personal leave from her workplace. After she left, three police officers from Changhong Police Station came looking for her. They told her manager to tell her to come back, so he called her right away and lied to her, saying that they needed her urgently, and she should come back right away. As soon as she did, she was arrested. To this day, she is still illegally detained at Jiamusi City Detention Center. She faces the risk of losing her job.

Jiamusi Detention Center: 86-454-8519599
Associate Director office: 86-454-8517766

Jiamusi City Changhong Police Station:
Director: Xin Hui: 86-13304541199(Cell)
Political Instructor: 86-13845478888(Cell)
Deputy Director: Teng Yan: 86-137345442456(Cell), 86-13136995551(Cell)