(Clearwisdom.net) A disciple told me a story about her two sons. One son used to study the Fa with her, but later stopped and became more disobedient. Recently, she sent her son to work in another city.

She told me that both of her sons had the same mother in heaven (possibly their real mother). Before this disciple started to practice Falun Gong, she had a dream about the mother. The mother asked her over and over to bring her sons back home. After she started practicing Falun Gong, she had a similar dream. The mother begged for her help and acted extremely worried about her sons on earth, such that she (the practitioner) could not calm down until several days after the dream.

Two days ago, this practitioner had a dream about the mother again. With tears in her eyes the mother said, "You have almost destroyed my sons. I beg you, please bring both of them back home."

After she woke up, she could not help but be tearful. She sat up and spoke to Master in her mind, "Master, my sons don't listen to me, what should I do?" At this moment, a voice sounded, "Don't lose your way while in the face of profit...Don't lose your way while in the face of profit."

After several days, she asked her son to come back home. She said to herself, "This time, I must have them learn Dafa."

As the practitioner described it, I totally understood the worries, concerns, and wishes of the mother in heaven, especially the wishes for the Dafa disciple's mission. I felt that I still could not express the mindset well.

Through this story, I could better understand the responsibilities and missions of Dafa disciples. People around us could have bigger and deeper predestined relationships with us. However, because we have not learned the "Fa" well or are not clear about the Fa, we do not keep up with Master's Fa-rectification process. Therefore, the family members of some practitioners still do not understand Dafa, or even interfere with Dafa disciples' validation of the Fa and saving sentient beings. Some of them even stand on the opposite side of Dafa and face great danger.

We should truly consider how to save them, lead them to Master's Fa boat, and bring them back to their homes in heaven. Their families are expecting their return. More precisely, they are expecting us (Dafa disciples) to bring their family members back, because the people close to us could possibly follow us there.

February 6, 2008