(Clearwisdom.net) I had a very clear dream last night, and I thought that it was Master enlightening me to take good care of my little practitioner. In the dream, I forgot to pick up my daughter when returning home. It was very dark outside, with a heavy rain. A long time had passed before I realized that my child was still waiting for me to pick her up, and that I must go and get her. At the moment when I began worrying about my daughter, and wondered if she was still there waiting for me, she appeared in front of me with her face covered in raindrops. Such a little girl got home in the rain by herself. Then I woke up from the dream.

I thought about what had happened last night before the dream. I was quite annoyed and my daughter was chattering about some trivial matters so I glared at her and ignored her. She changed her topic and said, "Mom, It seems you have glared at me a couple of times just now without telling me what I am doing wrong. Do you know that it's not appropriate to do that? Is that how you cultivate?" After this, she urged me to shut the door and gave me the book Zhuan Falun. However, I was somewhat fussy and thought that it would be better to read by myself. She said, "Let's read together." I reluctantly agreed. She said to me again, "Sit closer to me. Otherwise how can you tell if I make a mistake or not." At this time, her dad shouted at us when he found that we had not turned off the light, and urged her to go to sleep. So we turned off the light and turned on the flashlight to study the Fa. I started to calm down while I was studying the Fa. We fell asleep after we sent forth righteous thoughts. Later on I had that dream, and I felt ashamed after I woke up. This is to enlighten me that my child wants to follow me to go back to our true home but I do not take it seriously enough. She so urgently wants to return home that she travels in the rain and in the darkness by herself.

Since childhood, my husband read the Maxims, and was the head of the Red Guards. He always held the blood-red [Chinese Communist Party] flag for any so-called important events. He is the middle-high level leader for a big company. He is deeply poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party and never reads or listens to any truth-clarifying materials. He is especially strict with our child and does not let her listen or read any materials related to Dafa. He sets up lots of rules for her including what she does in her spare time. He basically does not leave his daughter alone except when he is at work and she is at school. He is afraid that I will share Dafa with our daughter. However, this child transmigrated to my house to obtain the Fa because I am a Dafa practitioner, and the opportunity is always there. I sleep in the same room with my daughter, and before she goes to sleep, I always tell her about the beauty of Dafa and let her listen to Master's recorded lectures. My daughter has obtained the Fa. Her stories have been published on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website a couple of times.

All human beings have come for the Fa, not to mention the children in Dafa practitioners' homes. Master has passed on this little practitioner to us, and she is also our responsibility. We have the responsibility for taking good care of our little practitioners. I hope that all practitioners not only do the three things well but also take care of their little practitioners well, bearing full responsibility, and live up to Master's mercy and salvation.