(Clearwisdom.net) Several months ago, our regional coordinator was arrested. We were shocked by this news, and his arrest also negatively impacted the efforts to clarify the truth in our area. This incident also shocked many practitioners and stirred up some of their attachments. Many practitioners hesitated to carry out Dafa activities and became fearful. Some Fa-study groups were discontinued, and the distribution of truth-clarification materials became more difficult and slower.

After we saw what was happening, practitioners in our Fa-study group looked inward and compared our behavior to Master's requirements. We realized that no matter what we do, we have to work as one body. We are Dafa particles and must take responsibility for Dafa and for ourselves. No matter how difficult the situation is, we must do things better. In the coordinator's absence, we came up with some ideas to walk the right path.

Master told us,

"... the old forces' performance has formed the most fundamental and most severe test of Dafa disciples. Whether the test can be passed is an actualization of Dafa and of whether every Dafa disciple can be responsible to himself. And whether a person can, while breaking and eliminating the evil, step forward to validate Dafa becomes a testament about [letting go of] life and death, becomes confirmation of whether a Fa-rectification disciple can achieve Consummation, and also becomes what differentiates a God from a human." ("Path") (2001)

We decided that besides doing the three things daily, we would participate in group activities. No matter how busy I was at the time, I insisted on participating in the group's activities such as sending righteous thoughts together, talking to lawyers about Falun Gong and the persecution, writing letters to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials, etc. The first day we resumed group Fa-study, we agreed to send righteous thoughts next to a brainwashing center the following day. The next day it rained heavily. The place was far away and the road was slippery, but this did not prevent us from going. We all knew that this was a part of our responsibilities as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.

Practitioner A used to be responsible for distributing truth-clarifying materials. In order to protect the equipment and because some practitioners decided to leave their homes for safety concerns, she looked everywhere to find a safe place for the practitioners to stay. When there was a shortage of money, she would borrow from other practitioners. After she found a lodging place, she helped them settle in. In her attempt to relocate the center equipment, she discovered that the police had it under surveillance, so it was impossible to do so at the time.

In spite of this difficulty, her firm belief in Master and Dafa was strong. She said that Master would help us and give us wisdom. She sent righteous thoughts together with other practitioners. The equipment was removed little by little, day by day. Everything was eventually transferred to another practitioner's home. The practitioner was under immense pressure the whole time, as the police were looking for her and her family was pressuring her. Nevertheless, she maintained her righteous thoughts and handled things well. She believed in Master and Dafa, and Master gave her the wisdom and protected her. We can do thing well as long as we act according to Master's teachings.

Another practitioner in our Fa-study group did very well in clarifying the facts and asking people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Someone reported her to the police, and she was arrested. She was not afraid and did not cooperate with the police interrogation even as they threatened her. The police would threaten to send her to a detention center, but they knew the detention center would not accept her. Instead, they put her in a police car and drove around, and when they saw that she was not intimidated, they brought her back to the police station and locked her up in a room. The police tried to interrogate her further. She did not offer any information, but practiced the Falun Gong exercises when it was quiet. The police released her at 4:30 a.m.

Following her release, she wanted to avoid being followed home, so she walked around for a long time As people came out to go to work and street cleaners started working, she took this as an opportunity to ask people to withdraw from the CCP. Her head was filled with Dafa and thoughts of offering salvation to more people. She returned home at 7:00 a.m., after she had convinced seven people to withdraw from the CCP.

These are just a couple of the positive stories, as many practitioners in our Fa-study group have acted in accordance with being part of the whole body. For the sake of safety, we studied the Fa at different locations. One practitioner proposed to have Fa-study at her home at different times. Her husband was ill, and she had a lot of chores to do, but she still found time to go out to clarify the facts, help others with their Dafa projects, and participate in Dafa activities. Her daughter, a Dafa practitioner and a working mother with a young baby, also tried to help with Dafa projects. We tried not to ask her for too much help, and she said to us, "Why are you thinking like this? We are all Master's disciples, and we work as one body. Assisting Master in Fa-rectification is our joint responsibility."

A practitioner who began cultivation before the persecution was afraid of stepping forward for Fa- rectification, and she did not practice cultivation on a regular basis. We visited her and shared Master's new articles with her. Soon she started participating in Fa-study, improved quickly and sincerely did the three things. However, she was afraid to talk about Dafa in public. Additional Fa-study and experience sharing helped her to see her fear. Then she went out with other practitioners to clarify the facts about Dafa. She initially did so without bringing any materials with her, but eventually gathered up the courage to bring some. Later on she could distribute Dafa materials with fear or hesitation, and she did so regardless of the weather and without complaint.

Our group as a whole has improved over the years. We understand the Fa better, and everyone does the three things diligently. We consistently make progress and insist on regular three-hour Fa-study sessions. We focus on the Fa and don't discuss ordinary people's issues. We read the Fa word by word and as a group. After we finish one lecture, we will study Master's new articles, articles from the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, or have a discussion on the Fa. If we find that a practitioner has a problem in their cultivation, we kindly point it out immediately and calmly. Our cooperation has been good.

We have read Master's article "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples" and feel grateful to have had a chance to obtain Dafa. Master has given us so much, and he has also endured hardships to speed up our Consummation. We have no reason not to do things the way we are supposed to.