(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhou Jingchen was an employee at a fodder company on Reminnan Road, Ningxiang County, Hunan Province. Because he practiced Falun Dafa, he was persecuted by Liu Zicjiang, Hu Jianxin, Liao Wenjian, Cai Mouliang, Zhou Youliang, Xie Pinghui, Ceng Ninghan, and others. He was illegally detained seven times, and was twice sent to forced labor camps.

Mr. Zhou was tortured by Meijiatian, Yutanzhen, and other Baimaqiao police officers. They tortured him in many ways, including beating him for five days in a row, cuffing his hands behind his back, hanging him upside down, and dousing him with freezing cold water and then directing fans toward him. He was so brutally beaten that his skin turned black and purple and his body was swollen. He was forced into a straight jacket, and locked up in a small cell. His hands were tied with ropes so tightly that they went numb.

The 610 Office of Ningxiang County ordered several plainclothes agents to catch Mr. Zhou in a material market at a train station in January 2006. Later, he was imprisoned in Jinshi, where the guards knocked his teeth out. He was then sent to Youxian Prison. The guards did not allow him to sleep for six days and shocked him with electric batons for over an hour. He was beaten with a plastic tube, his ribs were broken, and cold water was poured on him in the wintertime. He was treated so inhumanly that one of his ears was permanently disfigured. He was handcuffed to a bed for ten days, bound with straps to a bed for three months, and force fed for 500 days. The guards ordered other prisoners to beat and kick him for extended periods of time.

During these eight years of persecution, Mr. Zhou had about 60,000 yuan extorted from him The director of the administrative department in Youxian County whose last name is Wu, illegally took 4,000 yuan from his family. An agent from the 610 Office whose last name is Tang, along with other police officers in Batamg, have continually harassed him and confiscated his property. His mother, who was in her 70s, died due to worrying about all his pain and suffering. Prison officials did not allow Mr. Zhou to attend his mother's funeral.

Mr. Zhou was tortured almost to death until 2007, when he was released from the local 610 Office. Afterwards, the police attempted to arrest him again. He therefore left home to avoid continued persecution. His whereabouts is currently unknown.