(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings to revered Teacher! Greetings to fellow practitioners! I would like to tell Teacher about my recent cultivation experiences, and also exchange insights with my fellow practitioners.

After a relative of mine, who is also a practitioner, was arrested, her son came to see me after going through a lot of hardship. The time I spent with him unexpectedly became an extremely precious cultivation process for me. Now, when I look back at the path I traveled, I suddenly realize the greater purpose of many things. That was when I realized that as long as we want to cultivate, and have the heart to cultivate, Teacher will arrange our cultivation paths, and do it perfectly. We cannot enlighten to it as long as we are in a maze. We will understand after we get through this course and improve. By now, we all appreciate Teacher's greatness, and feel grateful for Teacher's merciful salvation.

After my relative and fellow practitioner was arrested, my situation also became critical, and I had to deal with many things. After the matter was slightly resolved, I often thought about the practitioner's son, and sent righteous thoughts for him. At the same time, I also frequently thought that it would be so good if a practitioner who cultivates well could come to help me, because I felt I was not cultivating well. In addition, I had not been communicating with other practitioners, other than the relative that had been arrested. As a result, I fell into a difficult phase, became unclear about things in my mind, and could not get Teacher's new articles or truth-clarification materials. One day, the fellow practitioner's son showed up with his luggage, and began living in my home.

The first issue I faced was how I could help him to study the Fa. At that time, because I had strong human notions and fear, I worried that other relatives would try to stop me. As a result, the boy always had problems. One time, he had a fever, and although he is young, he silently chanted Teacher's name. Soon, he was out of danger. I thought Teacher had saved him, so the boy should study the Fa. I started reading Zhuan Falun and Teacher's other lectures and articles with him, and taught him to do the exercises.

There was some interference in the beginning; however, after continuous Fa study, we passed through it all. I found that when I truly wanted to help other people to learn the Fa and improve, a warm current passed through my body, and the energy was very strong. During the time the young man was living in my home, I got rid of many of my attachments. In the beginning, I felt I was looking after him because I am older. Later, I realized that age isn't relevant when cultivating - he and I are fellow practitioners. On the surface I gave him a lot of help and support, and was praised by some relatives for a while; but actually, I also gained a lot from the relationship.

I saw many sacred scenes, and understood some things that I hadn't known before. Once, while sending righteous thoughts, I suddenly saw my relative and son sitting with legs crossed in a layer of heaven above me and not far from me. The boy seemed to want to see what people below us were doing. He leaned down to look and almost fell. I quickly sent righteous thoughts for him. When he came back from school that night, I asked him if he had encountered any troubles that day. He said he clarified the truth to one of his classmates, but began to feel a bit dizzy when his classmate argued with him. He later recovered.

On another occasion, he and I both felt that his parent was sending righteous thoughts for us. I saw that she was giving me so many good things. I thought that I was allowed to see this to let me know that even though this practitioner was in a difficult situation, she was still considering others. I also saw a practitioner happily smiling. It looked like he had just done a Fa-rectification thing, and he was bathed in golden light.

Another time, while sending righteous thoughts in the daytime, I wanted to abandon all attachments and simply guard Dafa. As a result, I felt I was in another dimension; the sky was above my head, clouds fluttered on top of my head while I was surrounded by golden light and was sitting in several dimensions. That kind of broadness and grandness was indescribable. When I send righteous thoughts, sometimes I feel golden lights around me; but sometimes when I have fear or have bad notions, the lights in front of me suddenly become dim or start flashing. I think this is a kind of warning that I should abandon these attachments and bad elements as soon as possible.

Initially, I asked Teacher, with human notions, to send a good fellow practitioner to help guide me in my practice. Now I realize that this child is the best person to practice with me. While I was helping the child with Fa study, I was also rereading the articles. When I taught him the exercises, because I thought of him as a child and I was responsible for him, we watched Teacher's instruction video together, and compared our movements with the illustrations in the book Falun Gong. To my surprise, the child corrected some deviations in my movements. Meanwhile, many of his strong points are actually things that I need to improve. Because of his arrival, I read Teacher's new articles and truth-clarification materials again. Here I thank fellow practitioners' selfless help. This child also helped me in clarifying the truth.

By studying the Fa and practicing the exercises with this child, I enlightened that we should cherish the "predestined relationships" we have with the people around us. They probably indeed have many marvelous connections with us on a deep level, which we know now, or are temporarily not aware of. Some are possibly arranged to study the Fa with us so we can improve together.

Right when I finished writing the draft of this article, I heard firecrackers outside in celebration of the New Year and I felt it was meant to encourage me.