(Clearwisdom.net) Chinese New Year's eve is a time when families traditionally eat dinner together. On February 6, 2008, two NTDTV Chinese New Year Splendor shows were held at Radio City Music Hall. Eastern and Western audience members joyously celebrated the Chinese New Year together.

Ms. Lena, who is Chinese American, can speak some Cantonese. She took her daughter to see the Chinese New Year Splendor so they could experience Chinese culture for the Chinese New Year holiday. She thought that today's show was important for her daughter.

Ms. Winnie Chen, from Hong Kong, is an amateur singer. She is an organizer for the Cantonese Opera that plays in the Chinatown senior centers in New York. After watching the show today, she was surprised at how good it was. She felt that the meaning and suffering expressed through the dance dramas were soul-shaking. She said it was a real source of pride that Chinese can perform traditional culture at a top Western venue.

Ms. Chen said she learned about the show through TV advertising, but the actual performance was far better than she had imagined. Because she loves music, dance, and singing, about ten years ago she used to go see Chinese performances that came from China or Taiwan. After about a dozen shows, she found them boring and quit going. Seeing today's show after ten years away from the theater, she found the Splendor artistically elegant. She said that the performers all had strong technical training, acted very wholeheartedly, and it seemed they had been trained from very young ages. She said the scenery was very beautiful, and she loved Tenor Hong Ming's voice. From her Cantonese Opera perspective she felt she could learn a great deal.

She added that the show was very much worth seeing, and she will definitely invite her friends to see it.

Mr. Yang Minghui's family attended the ninth Splendor on Chinese New Years Eve

Mr. Yang Minghui came from Fujian Province and is now working at a restaurant in Washington, DC. He took his family to see the Chinese New Year Splendor in celebration of the Chinese New Year. His friend recommended the show to him, and Mr. Yang recommended it to many of his friends and family. His wife said he highly recommended this show. When asked which act was his favorite, Mr. Yang said he liked all of it, that it was all "just indescribable."