(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Li Changjun is from Jilin Province, which is located Northeastern China. He watched the eighth Chinese New Year Splendor in New York, with eight other Chinese Democracy Party members. He agreed to be interviewed during intermission. "It shook me deeply, because there was no Party culture, I could feel the piercing influence of the long history of our traditional culture, and I was very much inspired. As a Chinese person, seeing Chinese culture being promoted in other countries gives me great respect for the Divine Performing Arts."

Mr. Li Changjun (right) and Ms. Sun Weixia (left)

Seeing Traditional Culture about Benevolence, Integrity, Propriety, Learning, Trustworthiness and Loyalty Is Wonderful

Mr. Li Changjun said, "When the first program 'Creation' began, I was shocked! It was so real, the scenery and the performers made me feel like I was entering the divine land. The music truly helped me feel like I was in that realm. It was so wonderful! Marvelous!"

He added, "We are all in our 40s, and we have been contaminated by the Party culture for more than 40 years. We do not know what is genuinely our traditional culture. The traditional culture has been extremely damaged in China by the Communist Party. We cannot see such a performance in China. These acts manifested the Chinese values of benevolence, yi (integrity), propriety, learning, trustworthiness, and loyalty vs. filial piety through Yue Fei's story (1).

Every Performance Was Superb

After the show, a journalist met with Mr. Li again and asked which part was his favorite. He answered, "Every program was superb. The last piece, "Drummers of the Tang Court," was so earthshaking it was as if the audience had been taken back to the ancient battle field. The grand and mighty great Tang dynasty's spirit shook peoples' souls. So moving!"

Another Democracy Party member, Ms. Sun Weixia, said she liked every performance, especially the scenery. She was very impressed with the performance about Falun Dafa and "The Risen Lotus Flower." They both told the journalist that they will recommend this show to their friends and families. Mr. Li Changjun hopes that the Chinese New Year Splendor will someday be released on DVD, so that he can purchase a copy and enjoy the show at home.

After seeing this show, they said that, in looking back and thinking about it, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) "Spring Festival Show" is full of Party culture content, not traditional Chinese culture, and very chaotic in comparison.

Ms. Sun Weixia also agreed that one cannot see a show like this one in China now.

Proud to Be Chinese

Mr. Li Changjun said from the bottom of his heart that, for there to be a Renaissance in traditional culture and morally upright civilization, overseas and mainland Chinese must awaken together. He was proud to see so many Western faces in the audience, and said that, even though they were educated in a Western culture, some Westerners are very interested in and respect Chinese culture, and this makes him feel that the ancient Chinese have arisen.

(1) Yue Fei (March 24, 1103 - January 27, 1142) was a Chinese patriot and nationalist military leader who fought for the Southern Song Dynasty against the Jurchen armies of the Jin Dynasty. After his political execution, Yue Fei evolved into the standard model of loyalty in Chinese culture.