(Clearwisdom.net) (Reporter Zhou Rong in NY)

Jerry Paygan from Connecticut works in a post office. He is a music lover and often goes to the theater to watch performances with his family. On February 6, 2008, he brought his wife and his mother-in-law to watch the Chinese New Year Splendor at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

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Jerry Paygan: The show is the best ever

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Mr. Paygan said that the last time he came to Radio City was to see a rock-and-roll concert. This time, he was pleased to come across such a unique performance about traditional Chinese culture. He highly praised the colorful costumes, the elegant music and the excellent dances. However, his most memorable favorites were "Drummers of the Tang Court" and the "Victory Drums".

His wife Jessica said, "The whole show was incredible... just fabulous." And her mom said her favorite was the first performance, "Creation." "It was truly fantastic."

Mr. Paygan said, "My wife's younger brother was going to come see the show as well, but he could not make it as he had to be away on business, so he called and told us not to miss it." Jerry said he also bought a ticket for his wife's younger sister, but she could not make it at the last minute. He said she would definitely regret it. His wife added that her younger sister loves eastern culture, and she would surely not miss this show the next time.