(Clearwisdom.net) As time goes by, we have seen that when the Chinese Communist Party reveals its evil nature and attempts to interfere, it produces the opposite of its intended effect every time.

America is a free society and everyone is capable of judging things for themselves. Living in one of the art and fashion capitals of the world, New Yorkers are exposed to a broad range of styles in theater, dance, and musical events, and they have sophisticated tastes in art. In the past two weeks, people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, have warmly embraced the Chinese New Year Splendor presented by the Divine Performing Arts at Radio City Music Hall. Interestingly, many show-goers over the past few days said that an article entitled, "A Glimpse of Chinese Culture That Some Find Hard to Watch" in the New York Times aroused their curiosity and led them to come out to see the show. They were pleasantly surprised to discover that the Splendor was quite different from what was described in the article.

Suzanne English from southern New Jersey took her three children to the show after she read the Times article. She praised the show enthusiastically, saying that Truth-Compassion-Tolerance would benefit everyone. She said she was upset at the Times, thinking it had done a grave injustice to the show.

An executive of a New York transportation company said he came to the show after having read the article. He knew about the persecution of Falun Gong and simply ignored the negative aspects of the report. Excited after seeing the show the afternoon of February 9, he noted that the performance was excellent and well worth the trip.

The day the article was published, a woman arrived at Radio City carrying a copy of the New York Times with her. During the intermission, she said to a Chinese man sitting next to her, "Did you read the New York Times article? They said this show was very 'political', but I didn't care. For me, even if the Times says it's 'political', I have no problem with that. The show is fabulous."

Nevertheless, it's a loss for those who have been brainwashed by the Communist Party's propaganda (especially people from Mainland China), or people who don't know the truth due to various reasons, because these people were misled even more by the New York Times article. They missed a marvelous performance of Chinese traditional culture, which is free of Communist Party culture.

What's done in the dark will come to light. Some are wondering if some relationship exists between the CCP and the New York Times that would lead to such a report. They note that the Times article is eerily similar to what appears in the Communist Party's own propaganda-driven media. In addition to casting the Splendor in a negative light through its biased tone, the author also emphasized and exaggerated a small fraction of the audience's reactions while ignoring the vast majority of the overwhelmingly positive feedback, and presented the few as representing the whole. The article also reveals that, although the author and his editor at the Times know how to cater to the Communist regime, they indeed know very little about the broad and profound traditional Chinese culture; a culture that for 5000 years remained free of the current distortions under the oppressive weight of Communist Party culture. They know nothing about the true history and reality of China, as many Splendor programs such as Yue Fei and Mulan are household names--legends that have been passed down through generations.

Shortly after the Times article came out, the Communist Party mouthpiece Xinhua News Agency reprinted it with a lot of fanfare in an effort to rescue the sinking ship of the CCP; attempting to deceive China's people, who have no access to free information. 

In America, however, the audience sees the Splendor simply for what it is--a world-class performance. The truth is, the success of the Splendor is becoming a global phenomenon, and many Chinese people feel proud of their heritage after watching the show.

A media outlet that seeks respect from its readers must show respect for professional ethics. In this article, the New York Times let down its readers, distorting the facts. Many people who read the report and decided to watch the Splendor anyway have made their own stand; a silent, yet powerful response to the report.

The New York Times and the mostly ethnic Chinese people it interviewed in the article are victims of the Party's lies. The biggest victims are people from Mainland China. Falun Gong practitioners have helped people see through the Communist Party facade over the last few years, as the Party itself rapidly disintegrates amidst the wave of withdrawals from its membership.

In this free society, the article has ended up leading more people to the Chinese New Year Splendor, as demonstrated by the fact that the Splendor enjoyed packed houses in the days following its publication. In this regard, the group that seeks to interfere with what's good and righteous has once again shot itself in the foot.