(Clearwidom.net) A few days ago, after finishing Fa study, our Fa study group talked about the best way to take part in sending forth righteous thoughts as a group. Each of us had a chance to talk about his or her understanding on the subject.

One practitioner said that there was an organized city-wide sending forth righteous thoughts and that a lot of practitioners were participating, but the result was not very successful. She said that having a greater number of practitioners participating is not as important as having the coordinators make sure that the practitioners involved understand the Fa principles related to sending forth righteous thoughts.

Another practitioner told about how she goes about sending righteous thoughts. In addition to participating in group sending righteous thoughts, she does it whenever possible, including while on public transportation, passing out Dafa fliers, when coming across police and while taking care of miscellaneous things. Each time, she recites the formula to disintegrate the evil and to bring the goodness of Dafa and benevolent thinking to people's minds. Basically, she has integrated sending forth righteous thoughts into her daily routine.

A third practitioner spoke about how to achieve mighty power while sending forth righteous thoughts. He said it comes from concentrated thoughts and a pure mind. Having distracting thoughts and an unclear mind make sending forth righteous thoughts unsuccessful, even though it may look good. Distracting thoughts come from incomplete elimination of attachments, so we have to look within ourselves and continuously eliminate all attachments, so that we can raise our xinxing, manifesting a Dafa practitioner's righteous power. This practitioner sighed, "In fact, the process of doing well in sending forth righteous thoughts is cultivating ourselves. Paying attention to sending forth righteous thoughts is the process of continually finding and eliminating our attachments."

While listening to fellow practitioners discussing their understandings of the Fa's principles, I was both surprised and impressed. In the past, I felt that I did pay attention to doing the three things as Teacher requires. Although sometimes I wasn't diligent, I could keep up when fellow practitioners reminded me and I could also remind other fellow practitioners about it. I thought this was doing the three things well. However, after thinking about it, I realized that I've been treating the three things as an ordinary thing, thereby forgetting what Teacher said about focusing strongly on the three things in the process of our cultivation in this Fa-rectification period. Due to the fact that I was treating this sacred thing as an ordinary thing, I kept putting it off or doing it off and on, especially when I was busy, without realizing its important nature. And every time I was doing the three things, I felt as if I was fulfilling my duty in a rush. I always felt tired, and the result was unsatisfactory, and yet I failed to look carefully within myself.

I felt inspired and thankful for the mutual sharing among fellow practitioners. It helped me to have a better understanding of the Fa and to improve in doing the three things, even though what we talked about was mainly on the subject of sending forth righteous thoughts. Oh yes, as Teacher says, doing the three things is certainly not an ordinary thing. It fulfills unlimited expectations, our sacred historical mission and responsibility, and sentient beings' entrusted hope for salvation. How could we not do it right? How could we not handle it with a divine state of righteous thoughts? How could we allow our human attachments to interfere? How could we not be diligent? How could we be influenced by ordinary society's appearance? If we could only do Teacher's required three things as mere formality, how could we call ourselves "Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples?"

With a better understanding, now when I think of doing the three things, I remind myself that I am a Dafa disciple. I am a divine being rising with righteous thoughts and doing divine things. I think of studying the Fa well, looking within myself, cultivating away all attachments and assimilating to Dafa. I think of steadfastly sending forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil, safeguarding Dafa. I think of truth clarification, bringing the goodness of Dafa to sentient beings, and enabling them to assimilate to Dafa. I think of becoming selfless to coordinate well with fellow practitioners, going hand in hand to fulfill our prehistoric vows in completing our consummation.

Now that our sharing on the Fa's principles has ended, I hope that all participating fellow practitioners had the chance to raise our xinxing level and better understand the Fa so as to wholeheartedly understand Teacher's arrangements for us so that we can do the three things better on this last leg of the path of Fa-rectification. I suggest that all fellow practitioners in our small Fa study group should write whatever they understood from this special conference. My sharing here is intended to be "casting a brick to attract jade" in the hope that every member in our group will write an article expressing his or her own understanding, raising our level as one body. Please kindly correct anything incorrect in my understanding.