(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, compassionate and magnificent Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I obtained the Fa in March 1998. When I first watched Master's Guangzhou Lecture recording, tears streamed down my face. I understood that I had finally found what I had been searching for and waiting for in my past lifetimes.

During the past ten years, with the reverend Master's care and with continuous Fa-study, I have steadily and safely walked the path of self-cultivation, truth-clarification, and saving sentient beings. I have also become more mature by cultivating in the Fa, and my environment has become better and better.

Establishing a Materials Production Site

With the help of a fellow practitioner, I set up a truth-clarification materials production site in 2004 in my home. My daughter was four or five years old back then. I didn't have a job at the time, and one day when I went out to buy materials I thought that it would be great if I had a job and could make some money to pay the expenses of validating the Fa. As soon as I got home, unexpectedly I got a phone call from a school and they wanted me to come to work as a part-time teacher. By doing that, I could take care of my home as well as spend a large amount of time validating the Fa.

With a child at home, there were more little things to take care of, but I squeezed in time to learn all the skills required to run a materials production site, and at the same time did housework and took care of my daughter. I could make many different kinds of materials and became mature in doing that. My daughter was very smart and good. When she was just over one year old, she helped me package disks.

Clarifying the Truth Face to Face

After 1999, I began distributing truth-clarification fliers at work and video CD's to students. At work, I remembered at every moment that I was a cultivator, raised my xinxing, treated people kindly, and never fought with others. If there was anything amiss, I paid attention to correcting it. Therefore, my supervisors trusted me. Each time I went to a new place, because of the different nature of the job, I started from scratch, but I always had the opportunity to attend training classes, which built a good foundation for me to get in touch with predestined people.

In 2007, I lost my job. I let go of my own notions and thought only about harmonizing the path arranged by Master. I went wherever sentient beings needed me. Soon afterward, I found a job that only required two days of work per week. On the other days I went out to clarify the truth face to face.

I initiated conversations with people. Later, an older lady (also a practitioner) and I went out every day to clarify the facts to people. Auntie didn't speak much, but her righteous thoughts were strong. Very often, after she said just a few words, people would agree to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Auntie took time to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts every day, so her righteous thoughts were very strong. Now, when I walk down the street each day, I directly speak words to bless people. For example, I say, "Auntie, may I have a few words with you? I would like to wish you and your family safety and happiness forever." People usually responded happily, "Thank you." Then, I would say, "Auntie, we all wore the red scarf or enrolled in the Young Pioneers, the Communist Youth League, or the Communist Party. You should hold a thought in your heart that you don't want that, and we common people only want to be safe and happy. Knowing the truth brings good fortune. By reciting sincerely in their hearts, 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, Falun Dafa is good,' good people will always be safe during their lifetimes." Many people accepted what I said and showed gratitude. I then asked their family name and helped them quit the CCP. Just like that, we could persuade a few dozen people to withdraw each day.

I carried Divine Performing Art's (DPA) DVDs with me each day and gave them to predestined people. Almost all the families that have children have DVD players, so when I saw people with children, I often gave them a DPA DVD. I sincerely told them, "Good music has energy, and children who watch it often will have good health." Upon hearing that, parents happily accepted the DVD. I then clarified the truth to them and convinced them to do the "three withdrawals." The result was very good. When I saw the elders, I gave them the DPA DVD and told them, "Watch the disk, your body will feel light. It is truly good fortune that you receive this."

I also accompanied auntie to construction sites. I overcame my shy nature and human thoughts, and when encountering male construction workers or a group of people working together, I had the courage to clarify the truth to them in a natural manner. My heart only wanted them to know the truth and be saved. We don't think about the concepts of police car, police station, or sensitive date, and just did the three things well, as required by Master.

I treasured time even more. In the morning, I delivered my daughter to kindergarten and returned home to study the Fa, and send forth righteous thoughts at the global set times. In the afternoon I went out to clarify the truth, after which I came back to take my daughter home, then cook dinner and do the laundry. At night, I made truth-clarifying discs and "three withdrawals" materials, and downloaded articles for the week. Time flew by every day. I often ate a full meal at dinner time, but if there was no time in the morning or noon, I skipped the meal. On Saturday and Sunday, I taught classes. Just like that, I seized time every day, sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight, and getting up at 3:40 a.m. Sometimes, I carried my daughter on my back in the dark, carrying groceries while climbing the stairs, and I felt very tired. I told myself that I must change this notion. Why did I always say to myself that I was tired? "Good or evil comes from that instant thought." (Zhuan Falun, 2000 translation version) I should add righteous thoughts to myself that I was not tired. After doing that, I felt relaxed immediately.

My Husband Returned to Cultivation

My husband obtained the Fa in 1996, but ever since I gave birth, he was very busy at work, and we were separated by the old forces. When he wasn't busy, he was like an everyday person, and often surfed the Internet and played chess with friends. He pursued everyday people's desires. When he came back home from work, he wouldn't do any housework, and sometimes even got angry at me and my daughter. I looked inward to find the cause. I was lazy and not organized, my home was messy, and I didn't speak kindly to him, nor did I pay much attention to him.

Master said,

"'When you're nice to me I'm happy, and when you're no longer nice to me the feeling is gone.' Then how could you count on that thing? Could emotional ties sustain a marriage? With human beings there's not just moral obligation involved, but also, between man and wife, you are indebted to each other." ("Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students")

Recalling the environment my husband gave me, as well as the help he extended, why should I complain? Our predestined relationship is to cultivate together and help each other. Master said,

"As your Master, I can't leave behind a single disciple, and I'll tell you that as a coordinator, you can't leave behind a single one of my disciples." ("Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students")

After studying Master's lecture, I knew that I didn't do well with regard to my husband. As I looked within, I silently sent forth righteous thoughts, and wished that he and all practitioners who obtained the Fa before 1999 would come back to Dafa. Then, one day in August 2008, my husband suddenly changed. He talked a lot to me. He realized that after he quit cultivation, no matter where he sat or lay, he felt pain. He said, "I'm a divine being. I should have great dignity. I have my own world. I must save my sentient beings."

Within one night, my husband came back to Dafa. After several days, he had finished reading Master's overseas lectures published after 1999, and he made up his mind to firmly let go of wicked and bad thoughts. Then, bad elements began to leak out in the form of pus from his legs and hands. When he studied the Fa, the old forces tried to interfere, but his main consciousness was strong, and he used righteous thoughts to eliminate them. Immediately, those elements came out from his head. He could feel his hair standing up.

"Cultivation depends on one's own efforts while the transformation of gong is done by the master." (Zhuan Falun)

My husband's body changed every day. He felt the reverent Master's enormous compassion, and he cried loudly.

Human Sentiment is Derived from Selfishness

One day, my husband admitted to me that during the time he stopped cultivating and when he lived an ordinary person's life, he made a mistake in the area of lust. When I heard it, my human thoughts immediately came up. Although I knew this situation was meant for me to completely let go of human sentiment from the roots, my husband was able to return to Dafa, and he had the bravery to face all of this. He was determined to do well, so I knew I should encourage him. I should be happy. I knew all the principles, but I just couldn't control myself.

The next day, auntie came to my place and found me crying. She said that when she thought about a certain practitioner being persecuted in prison for eight years with no one taking care of him, she could no longer contain herself. Yes, the fellow practitioner has been confined for eight years. But I was crying for human sentiment. I saw my gap. I should no longer be like that. I dried my tears immediately and accompanied auntie the next day to the prison to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the evil.

When I melt in the Fa and do things as Master asked us to do, I find that my human thoughts are nothing. One time they were eliminated immediately. Just like that, my human sentiments were eliminated in two days. At the same time, I realized that human sentiments come from selfishness, because one puts his own feelings first and treats himself too seriously. I realized that when I let go of self, any obstacles could be overcome. As I faced my husband again, my heart was at peace.

Currently, we study the Fa together with our child. After systematically watching Master's Guangzhou lectures, we get up in the morning to do the exercises. We point out each other's shortcomings and strive forward diligently together. I never thought this would be possible. I related the story of my husband coming back to Dafa one night to fellow practitioners, to encourage them, and to validate the wonder of Dafa. This event increasingly made me realize that walking the path arranged by Master is the safest and most fulfilling. I hold a strong belief in Master and the Fa. I also remind myself not to cut back on this aspect, thinking nothing, not even acknowledging old force's existence, but only do the three things required by Master.

My daughter is about five years old now. In the past five years, when she didn't feel well, I would look inward for my shortcomings. If no loopholes existed, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate all interference. On one occasion, she coughed in front of me. The thought came up, "I can't let her eat anything salty anymore." That night, her coughing worsened. I didn't say anything, but was little worried, "Did she eat anything salty?" Then, she suddenly spoke to me loudly, saying, "You are always afraid me of eating this or that! You are also afraid of me coughing!" With that one sentence, I understood. Cultivation is to change your ordinary person's notions from the roots. Worry and fear should be gone. After I understood this, she eventually became well. I now treat her as a young fellow practitioner. We also share experiences together. My family never watches TV. My daughter only watches Divine Performing Arts and listens to Dafa music. So her heart is very pure and clean. At kindergarten, she is obviously different from rest of the kids. Her drawing and dancing are the best in class, and her health is also very good. All this is good fortune brought on by cultivating Dafa.

I have been writing this article for many days, and now it is finally finished. It took so long because I lacked ideas. Although I told myself that I must finish it, I didn't know what to write. Dafa made me a new person from the core. I thought if I write it for the purpose of validating the Fa, I will do it well. Then, I suddenly recalled Master's words, "...preserving the good part and removing the bad part..." (Zhuan Falun) The changes in me from Fa cultivation and improvement of xinxing are all good things. With that idea, my mind became clear, and I was able to continuously write my experiences.

The above are some of my cultivation experiences. If there is anything inappropriate, please point it out.