Greeting, Revered Master! Greeting, my fellow practitioners!

I am a Dafa disciple who obtained the Fa in 1997. Before that, I was narrow-minded, very competitive, and obsessed with beauty. My health was very poor and I had several diseases. I felt that my life was no longer meaningful. After I started to cultivate, I regained my health, looked younger, and became open-minded. I felt light and almost levitated as I walked. All of my relatives and family members witnessed the wonder of Dafa and they all supported Dafa very much.

1. Clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to my relatives out of town

In order to save the people who have predestined relationships with Dafa, I left my hometown several times to visit relatives I had never met before. Every time I visited them, I always brought gifts and let them know in other ways that I cared about them, so that I could find an appropriate way to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to them. My relatives have now all learned the truth about Falun Gong and have quit the CCP and its related organizations. In order to save these family members, I visited them for a second time and even five or six times if they couldn't accept the full truth about Dafa the first time.

After my relatives understood the truth about Dafa, some of them voluntarily sent the booklets and VCDs of the "Nine Commentaries on Communist Party" for me. Since they lived in a rural area, they said that it was convenient and safe for them to send the materials. I really felt happy that they had awakened. I have a cousin whose whole family quit the CCP and its related organizations over the last two years, and his annual income from last year increased more than twice what he earned in previous years. I also have a stubborn brother who renounced the CCP and its related organizations this year. A couple of days ago he called to tell me that his harvest this year was really outstanding. They all benefit from knowing the truth about Falun Gong.

My husband cultivated in Dafa before July 20, 1999. After the persecution of Falun Gong began, he was afraid of being persecuted so he wrote the so-called Guarantee Statement. In 2000, his previous diseases came back and later he passed away. Before he died, he felt very regretful that he lost the chance to cultivate due to his attachment of fear. He said to me, "My relatives in my hometown are waiting for you. You should go there to save them since there is nobody in my family that cultivates Dafa." I promised him that I would.

I found the telephone numbers of his relatives in his hometown from our mutual relatives. My husband had only seen those relatives when he was a young child. I visited many relatives of this type. They were very moved and sighed to me that they were very surprised at my visit. As long as I went to visit them in person, they all listened to my clarifying the truth about Falun Gong, and all of them accepted the truth and agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

2. All of my relatives witnessed the wonderfulness of Dafa when a patient with advanced leukemia recovered

In the autumn of 2003, my nephew's father-in-law was diagnosed with advanced leukemia. The hospital had "sentenced" him to death, and his family had already prepared for his funeral. I hadn't visited them for a very long time when I suddenly thought I'd go see them. After I arrived, his father-in-law begged me to save him. I told him that I didn't have the power to save him but that he could sincerely beg my Master to save him by repeating these words" "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." Immediately, he began to recite these words by heart sincerely. As a result, the bloody blisters on his neck became smaller and he could breathe easily again. More than 40 of his relatives that were present all witnessed the wonder of Dafa and they were all very interested in learning more about the truth of Falun Gong. I told them that Falun Gong teaches people how to be good and that the Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation incident was staged by the CCP regime because it wanted to create an excuse to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. As Dafa disciples, we cherish all lives, including our own, and we would neither kill others nor commit suicide. Master Li teaches us that we should always consider others first and that we should be altruistic and selfless. After I clarified the truth about Dafa to them, they all understood and accepted it.

Just as I described above, my nephew's father-in-law miraculously regained his health. By now, he is more than 70 years old and can work in the fields and even take care of a large fruit orchard all by himself. In 2005, all of his relatives quit the CCP and its related organizations. In order to verify that this actually happened to my nephew's father-in-law, the husband of my child's classmate went to Jinzhou City to personally visit him. After he returned, he said to everyone he met, "If I hadn't seen the hero of this miraculous story in person, I wouldn't have believed it. Seeing is believing." Later on, all of his family members also quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

3. Getting rid of my attachment of fear during the process of rescuing imprisoned fellow practitioners

In 2006, my imprisoned fellow practitioner's wife and I went together to the prison to visit him. Before we left, all of our fellow practitioners at home sent forth righteous thoughts for us. On our way to the prison, we also sent forth righteous thoughts. Fortunately we were allowed to visit him and were able to have conversations with him. His wife remembered that this was the first time she had met with her husband without any guards on site to monitor them.

We enlightened at that event that we should rescue all of our imprisoned fellow practitioners. A local practitioner from our area was illegally detained in the Dalian City Prison. He had gone on a hunger strike for nine months to protest the evil persecution. As a result, he was very weak. When we heard this, we decided to try to persuade his family members to rescue him and said that we would cooperate in the rescue. His parents missed him very much and wanted to rescue him, however, his brothers wouldn't help and had prejudiced opinions. We patiently persuaded them, and later on they all agreed to help rescue him.

Three local practitioners and I went to Dalian City, but the guards at the prison didn't let us visit the imprisoned practitioner. We decided not to give up after we discussed our situation and shared our understandings from the Fa. We went again and the second time we were allowed to see him. We could see the joy on his face as he tightly held my hands for a while and said to us, "I will never fear anything with Master and the Fa! Please be prompt in asking our fellow practitioners to expose the evil here on the Internet."

After that, we went there to visit him five more times and we always clarified the truth about Falun Gong to the guards. After detailed information about the persecution of this practitioner was revealed on the Internet, overseas practitioners actively participated in rescuing this imprisoned practitioner, and the practitioners in Dalian City even hung up truth-clarification materials on the front gates of the prison. Under the care and protection of Master, and through the great efforts of Dafa disciples as a whole body, this practitioner was soon released.

During the global effort to rescue this imprisoned practitioner, I got rid of many human attachments. Some practitioners in Dalian City said that they wouldn't cooperate with us to rescue this practitioner, since they hadn't assigned the person in charge of the effort. When I heard this, I felt sorrow deep inside my heart. However, I looked inward and found that I had human attachments of fear, jealousy and selfishness, that I was afraid of losing face and was afraid of being badmouthed. After I studied the Fa, I had solid righteous thoughts that as long as our fellow practitioners were in danger, we should help them unconditionally. I didn't have the attachment of validating myself so I didn't have hatred towards those practitioners who wouldn't cooperate with our rescue efforts. When I corrected my human notions first, the practitioners in Dalian City also corrected their human notions. Later on, they even went into the prison and sent forth righteous thoughts with us in the prison yard. They all said that they should get rid of the human notions of being snobbish and treating different people with different attitudes.

During this event I also got rid of the human attachment of fear. After I was "illegally detained" in a forced labor camp, the inhumane persecution toward Dafa disciples there frightened me very much. Although I had a solid belief in Master and Dafa and could return home with righteous thoughts, the attachment of fear followed me like a shadow. During the whole process of rescuing this imprisoned practitioner, from the first time we went to the prison to the latter times we continued to go there, I felt that my human attachment of fear decreased little by little. I knew that Master took away the impure matter of my fear.

By the way, I would also like to mention something that moved me quite a bit. The first time we went together to Dalian to visit the imprisoned practitioner, his family members paid their own travel costs. The last several times we traveled there our practitioners used their own money to pay for his family members, since they had had argument about the travel costs. Later on, the parents of the imprisoned practitioner were moved to tears by the sincere hearts and selfless contribution of Dafa disciples. His parents sincerely praised us, "Our son couldn't have survived up to today without Master Li. Only Master Li can teach his disciples to be so selfless like you." My fellow practitioners also brought gifts and greetings to the children and the father-in-law of this imprisoned practitioner, and they even helped them to sell their harvested grains.

4. The joy I felt in memorizing the Fa

I had memorized a little of the Fa before but failed to continue. Recently, other practitioners shared their understandings from the Fa and agreed that we should all memorize the Fa, since we can gain different insights from reading the Fa thoroughly and memorizing the Fa. Besides, during the process of memorizing the Fa, we can get rid of many human attachments that are very hard to get rid of. So, I decided that I should persevere in memorizing the Fa. As of now I have memorized more than 20 pages of the Fa.

Before when I met with conflicts, I always looked outward and found the shortcomings of others. As a result, I always felt that my life was hard and bitter, and I had a sense of inferiority. After I became homeless and was in poverty due to the persecution, every year my children paid my living costs. I spent almost all of the money they gave me to clarify the truth about Falun Gong and save the sentient beings. This meant they had to pay for my food and clothes. Sometimes they were in a bad mood and had an unpleasant attitude when they spoke to me. I felt very hurt at the time and would find some excuse to go out for a while: I didn't want to go back until I had calmed down. Next time I was in the same situation, I left my children's home again. Every time this happened, my children had to spend all their extra money on me to travel from their homes. Although I expressed my gratitude to them superficially, in my heart I never really considered their situations, and I never felt that they were dealing with difficult situations and how they also lived under great pressure, both economic and psychological.

After I began reciting the Fa, I looked inward and found that I had been selfish and jealous and easily showed off. When I re-examined myself and my children from an objective perspective, I shed tears. My children had endured all of this persecution for such a long time. Also, the heavy burden of my whole family had been put on their shoulders. My son had to cope with more difficulty than I did. My attitude changed, and as a result, the environment in my family also changed. One day my son said to me, "Look, Mother, you've changed. I would never have been bad tempered with you. Your current "xinxing" level is really like a genuine Dafa disciple's xinxing level." After I upgraded my xinxing level, my hair became black and all the newly grown hair was black. Seeing these miraculous changes that happened to me, my son said, "Mom, you've really changed."

When I previously looked inward and found my own shortcoming, I would start to say, "Son, you did not do well and you have shortcomings." He was upset, but I still said that he had poor xinxing. I often complained to my fellow practitioners about my children. Today I have started to realize that I was not really looking inward and instead I was pointing out the shortcomings of others under the guise of looking inward myself. The thought was well hidden: "Look, I have a very good xinxing and I am searching inward." Long before, fellow practitioners had said that I had a strong attachment of showing off, that I neglected to give others credit, and that I thought I was better than they. At that time I thought that they were jealous of my abilities, but now I have started to realize that Master was letting them point out my shortcomings. However, I always had a fixed notion that I was better than others. I was comparing myself with everyday people whose moral standards are rapidly deteriorating.

I have another great regret. Because the evil took advantage of the loopholes in my xinxing, I became homeless. After July 20, 1999, there were only a few practitioners who truly cultivated in my home town, but the sentient beings there need to be saved. I still have not rectified that situation. Sometimes I wake up in tears thinking about the sentient beings there. I need to study and recite the Fa frequently so that I can break through the obstacle to save more sentient beings in my hometown as well as cultivate myself well in the Fa.

These are my own cultivation experiences. I hereby express my great gratitude for Master's benevolent salvation. If I have said anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out.

Gratitude to Revered Master!

Many thanks to my fellow practitioners!