(Clearwisdom.net) The Fourth Division of Shandong No. 1 Women's Forced Labor Camp now detains around thirty practitioners. Ms. Zhang Chenglan is under block-out supervision there.

Two drug criminals supervise her, and force Ms. Zhang stay awake until midnight and restrict her freedom of movement. We often see Ms. Zhang's face and mouth bleeding and swollen, even unable to eat. One night, the block-out room added an additional person. With six beds full, Ms. Zhang couldn't sleep at midnight. When Ms. Zhang asked how she could sleep, the criminals beat her. Since Ms. Zhang was illegally detained at the Fourth Division, her family went to visit her. No matter who went to see and send clothes and money to her, the prison guards said they had never persecuted or beat her. However, they refused to allow Ms. Zhang to meet with her family members, and they didn't tell her who came to visit her. Even when Ms. Zhang's husband and son went to see and send clothes to her, the guards not only refused to let them see her, but also retained their letter to her. The guards and other prisoners block all news from the outside.

With this kind of block-out persecution, the guards utilize drug addicts to persecute and beat practitioners, while pulling strings and feigning innocence with smiles themselves. Two criminals savagely persecute a practitioner, forbid her from speaking, and beat her if she talks. Practitioners are coerced into sitting on a stool facing the wall until the middle of the night. Practitioners can't do anything and are restricted in all freedoms of movement, eating, and drinking. Using the washroom and buying necessities are also restricted, and even physiological needs are inhumanly controlled. Such savage torture is hard to bear, makes living seem worse than death, causes hopelessness, and compromises the person against their will when things seem unbearable. The guards and their assistants all use such rogue means, acting like hooligans. The Chinese language character for "jail" vividly exhibits the evil persecution of practitioners in the CCP jails and labor camps. It consists of two dogs watching over a person, not allowing the person to speak! Where is the law here?

Shandong No. 1 Women's Forced Labor Camp sign

Guards office building

Meeting place the guards arrange for the family visits (relative service center)

Labor camp gate

Shandong No. 1 Women's Forced Labor Camp view from above

Guard's dormitory (left is labor camp, right is dormitory)

"Education Center" building

Shandong No. 1 Women's Forced Labor Camp (also called "Jiangshuiquan Women's Forced Labor Camp of Jinan City)
Address: Jiangshuiquan Road 20, Jinan, Shandong. Postal code 250014
Labor camp phone: 86-531-8855-5040 Ext.080170 and 86-531-8855-2194
Exam room phone: 86-531-8851-9942
Hao Daofang (chief), Hou Xiuyun, Liu Yulan and Wang Qinghe (deputy chiefs), Yang Ping and Niu Xuelian (guards)
Tian Wei, He Xufang, administration section: 86-531-8551704
Political directors: Yang Qing, Diao Chunfeng
Deputy political director: Pan Zhisheng
Principle director: Lu Weidong
Education director: Liu Ruiqin
Political director: Yang Enwei
Propaganda director: Wang Xingcai
Political work office director: Xu Liju
Production director: Feng (first name unknown)