Greetings, Master!

Greetings, Fellow Practitioners!

I started to practice Falun Dafa after the persecution began and have participated in operating informational material centers since I started serious cultivation. I could not have made it this far in cultivation without Master's benevolent protection. Especially since I began to help with editing local truth-clarification materials, Master has been giving me hints and opening up my wisdom so that I can improve from not knowing what to do to being able to do things smoothly and freely. Now I would like to write down this part of my experience and enlightenment as my report to Master, and my sharing with fellow practitioners.

I. Learning to edit local truth clarification materials

After reading Master's comments on "Expose the Evil Happening to the Local People", I started to write local truth clarification reports and publish local weekly papers in 2005.

The first few weeks, I only knew that the evil was afraid of being exposed, so I just deleted the news of persecution in other areas from Minghui Weekly general edition, and replaced it with recent persecution news from our local area. Every time I did it, I was not quite satisfied, but I was not sure why. It was as if I was just doing some routine job.

At that time, Master hinted to me on Fa principles:

"When you clarify the truth to people you have to consider their level of acceptance." "Freedom of belief and human rights being trampled on are things people can understand." (Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference.)

These teachings entered my heart and I immediately realized what to do. I understood that editing local materials is the same as when we clarify the truth to people face to face. I used my mouth previously, now I use materials instead. Therefore, we can't use the same the angle and words directly from Minghui, as much of its contents are intended for practitioners.

I reorganized the information from Minghui, and wrote reports based on what I believed local people could easily accept. For example, if there was a handicapped person among those being arrested, I would put him as the emphasis of my report. I would say how his mind was so burdened before he started to practice, with all kinds of pain and frustrations, and how much he had changed mentally after he began to practice. I used the reports as local truth clarification material, and it changed our local weekly newspaper immediately. The material presented was easier for our local people to relate to.

At that time, one of our local truth-materials production sites was destroyed and several fellow practitioner were arrested. The evil wanted to expand effects of the incidence, and published it on the evil party's newspaper and TV. Many local newspapers also reprinted it. After I read it, I immediately thought of what Master has said:

"His stance toward Falun Gong, of course, won't be a problem once he has the truth presented to him."(Teaching the Fa at the Meeting on Writing Music)

I suddenly felt my wisdom, and wrote an article from beginning to end without stopping. In my short commentary, I explained what the propaganda was, what the truth was: one, two, three, four, five, listing them in a row; clear, simple and powerful. In the end, I wrote that the evil party was like that since it took power, so that people could immediately see the evil nature of the CCP. The article was a success, and I felt that my space was clear and bright after I finished writing it. I then quickly made it into a small booklet and transferred it to the Minghui website. At night, practitioner A had a dream in which Master hinted that the material was good; that it frightened the evil forces greatly.

II. Expose evil comprehensively and continuously

Master said in "Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the US Capital":

"...regardless of whether they have correct understandings or not, and regardless of what kinds of thoughts they have, when presented with the facts they will be convinced and they must look at things righteously. "

I searched the Minghui website for all the news about the persecution in our area since 1999, and put it into different categories, such as "good being rewarded with good", "evil receiving retribution", practitioners who were persecuted to death or disabled, practitioners who were persecuted in brainwashing classes, detention centers, labor camps and prisons as well as practitioners who were persecuted at their workplaces. I spent almost a year afterwards organizing this information into different booklets. It was a thorough exposure of the persecution in our area; all the evil deeds were revealed to our local people.

A practitioner who coordinated a local materials center was abducted by the police. They said that he would be further persecuted. In order to save him, I wrote articles from different angles to expose and criticize the incident. I could not be in touch with the persecuted practitioner, and could only obtain information from reports on the Minghui website. However, the more I wrote, the fewer the evil elements there were. In the end, I felt clear and bright and saw the news from the Minghui website that he was released a few days later.

A family of three was constantly persecuted, and was jailed for a long period each time, and always severely persecuted. After I saw reports from the Minghui website, I decided to change the style of previous reports and put emphasis on their child, and wrote several touching articles from the child's perspectives and feelings. The articles were quickly reprinted by Minghui and other foreign media, attracting attention from people outside the country. They were also distributed locally and everyone knew about it. The whole family was soon released.

III. Producing materials disintegrates evil

The process of making materials is also the process of disintegrating the evil, and is the demonstration of strong will.

When I first started to categorize the persecution situation in our local areas, I could feel pressure from other dimensions, I felt pain in my neck and all over my body. After I sat in front of the computer it was not long before I could not stand the pain, and had to lie flat in bed to alleviate it. There were many times when practitioner A sat by my side and sent forth righteous thoughts for me quietly. I also asked for Master's help from my heart. With determination I finished it, and it was like a shell broke open: my body felt a lightness that was beyond words and my space was also clear and bright.

I had a very deep impression once, and I clearly understood that the process of making materials was also the process of disintegrating the evil. Once the evil beings and elements from other dimensions are cleared, there is nothing to be worried about in this human world. A practitioner was persecuted to death by the evil. In order to cover it up, they also arrested his wife, who is also also a practitioner, and illegally sent her to a labor camp. She was not in good health then, and the evil wanted to put her to death. I organized the persecution facts that the couple suffered, the evil deeds of the perpetrators in recent years, and exposed these contents from different angles.

The first time I exposed the head of the local 610 Office, I felt discomfort all over my body. I had planned several times to do it, but lay in bed instead, because of the discomfort. When I was about to fall asleep, I heard a voice tell me: "You will be fine if you don't do it!" My mind suddenly became clear: "Who are you? I am determined to do it to completely disintegrate you!" After my righteous thoughts were firm, I asked for Master's help, and finished it very quickly. Suddenly, all the symptoms were gone. Later, I felt lighter and lighter as I moved on. After I made six or seven pamphlets, the wife of the fellow practitioner who was persecuted to death came out of the labor camp with righteous thoughts.

V. Rectify myself according to the Fa

More and more practitioners have come out, and there are local truth clarification materials being made by other practitioners. It is a good thing. However, at first, my heart was not easy when I saw materials prepared by other practitioners. In the beginning, our material center was not even willing to print materials prepared by others. I knew it was jealousy.

"...if someone is doing well, instead of feeling happy for him or her, people's minds will feel uneasy " (Zhuan Falun).

I asked myself, "Why do I envy the others?"

"Whoever does the work is spreading Dafa. It is not important whether it should be done by you or by others." ("Further Elimination of Attachments" in Essentials for Further Advancement).

I continuously recited Master's teaching about jealousy, and read articles on getting rid of jealousy downloaded from the Minghui website. Then I saw other local materials from Minghui, and before my heart could be moved I grabbed it hard and asked for Master's help. I must get rid of things that are not pure. After several times, this attachment was gone. Previously I always had some opinions about materials prepared by fellow practitioners. Now I can see, through changes on each issue, the heart of the fellow practitioner trying to improve. I also started to print those materials, and when I edit local materials I use a different angle from how the other practitioner exposed the evil, and cooperate with him or her, working together to do a good job making local materials.

Looking back, I had the idea of editing local truth clarification materials after reading Master's comments on "Reveal the Evil to Local Sentient Beings". At that time I just started to practice, although I participated in running local material centers, I was not responsible for Internet communications, and my skills were very limited. After I had the idea, I looked for the few practitioners that I knew who were not in the material center. I asked them to tell about the improvements in their health after they started to practice Dafa, and I would write down and organize what they told me, then I would find other materials that I thought were pretty good, and put them on the computer. I used Pinyin format to type at the time, and it took me a whole day to type a single page of material. However, I still made two editions. I didn't know how to publish them on Minghui at that time, and just printed them out directly and distributed them locally. Later, I gave it up yet still always wanted to do it. Master saw that I had the heart to do it, and let me learn all the techniques little by little, so now I can run a material center independently.

IV. The power of working as a whole body

With the progress of the Fa Rectification, our materials need to be more and more professional. Since the booklets and fliers that we used were all edited by us, sometimes the wording was not right, or sentences didn't sound right. At first I did not think it was a big deal. But Master said:

"You can't consider an immature and imperfect work of art all right because of the effect a God is having. A perfect work of art with the presence of a God is what's most sacred." (Teaching the Fa at the Discussion on Creating Fine Arts)

Therefore, I decided to make them perfect.

At first I could not cooperate well with fellow practitioners. After I gradually improved myself, I could see more and more of other people's merits, and could do better while cooperating with other practitioners. When I edit materials now, after I organize the persecution content, practitioner A will write a comment and ask me to edit it afterwards, then we pass it on to practitioner B to make corrections, and we work on the final proof together. We try to make sure there are no mistakes with spelling or grammar.

Since I have more time, and practitioners A and B usually have other things to work on, I have to wait anxiously for them after I finish my part. Sometimes I want to send it out right away, then I realize that would not be right, it would be making the material just to make materials. What is behind making the materials is most important. That is the powerful field of righteous thoughts in the process of working together as a whole body.