Greetings, Great Master

Greetings, fellow practitioners

On September 9, 1999, fellow practitioners in our county and I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. On Tiananmen Square I was arrested and sent back to my county, where I was sentenced to three years of forced labor and taken to the city's provincial women's forced labor camp.

On the day of my arrival at the labor camp, my first feeling was not of fear, but of a sense of responsibility, because there were people to be saved, including inmates and prison guards. On the second day, the labor camp was distributing gray shirts that I refused to take. I said, "I am a Dafa disciple, not an inmate. I'm not here for 're-education.' There'll be a day when Dafa is shown to be righteous and it will be very soon." The guard only smiled with embarrassment and never mentioned this again for the ten months I was there. Later she became a Dafa practitioner and said to me, "You were the only one who didn't wear the labor camp shirt." What I realized was that, as long as a Dafa disciple has strong righteous thoughts, the evil will be disintegrated and vicious thoughts will be dissolved.

There was a platoon leader who wanted a Dafa practitioner in her 50s to be more "obedient," so he hit her with an electric baton. The baton quickly flew out of his hand because it had shocked him instead--he could only wonder why the electric baton had malfunctioned. That practitioner later told me what had happened: while she was being hit she became a little scared and thought of "Mighty Virtue" in Hong Yin and kept reciting it. Then the miracle occurred.

Mighty Virtue

Dafa does not leave the body,
The heart harbors Zhen-Shan-Ren;
In the world is a great Arhat,
Spirits and ghosts fear greatly.

January 6, 1996

We practiced the standing exercises every day prior to the sounding of the trumpet in the morning and did the sitting meditation right after the lights were turned off. We studied the Fa and introduced the Fa to others during breaks. Eventually around 60 labor camp people learned about our exercises. Even the prison guards were quietly learning our Falun Gong exercises. After my release I went back to the camp to give them a recorded tape for the exercises.

On the second day after my release, I had to go to the County Public Security Bureau as part of the administrative process. When I was told to report daily to the Political Security Department, I said, "I am neither a bad person nor a person that needs to be controlled. And I am so busy with the business of my factories, how could you require me to report here? You'd better not forget--you were the ones that brought a team to arrest me, making my family almost go broke and my enterprises nearly bankrupt. When the time comes, I'd certainly sue you!" Since then I haven't been to the Public Security Bureau! From that time on, I really have the feeling of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and the existence of Dafa's mighty power!

The importance of coordination in rescuing fellow practitioners

In 2003, a Falun Dafa material production site was ransacked in the county next to ours, and one of the practitioners from our county was arrested. After two months she still had not been released. At that time we had just started sending forth righteous thoughts, but we still did not realize the nature of its importance. We organized a special sending forth righteous thoughts time to help rescue the practitioner in detention: all practitioners throughout the county were asked to send forth righteous thoughts at nine o'clock that evening and at the same time asking Teacher for strength. I was driving a van carrying 13 practitioners to the next county's detention center at 9:00 p.m., where we calmly sent forth righteous thoughts for 20 minutes, demanding the release of the detained practitioner within three days. In the afternoon on the third day, that practitioner called and said, "I am out of the detention center." How excited I was! Immediately I said, "Thank you, Master, for rescuing this practitioner and also for giving us such encouragement."

Inspired by this event, we organized two more coordinated sending forth righteous thoughts times, because two fellow practitioners were arrested while handing out truth clarifying materials and one was arrested from his home. Like the previous time, we sent forth righteous thoughts at the same time, demanding their release within three days. What happened was that one was released the next afternoon and another was released in the morning of the third day, while another was sent to a labor camp for a year. I was wondering what went wrong. One of the released practitioners told me that the reason he wasn't released was that, as soon as he was in there, he said, "I quit practicing. I quit practicing. I got arrested for practicing Falun Gong. If you let me go, I'll write any guarantee statement you want." The released practitioner continued, "While inside, two of us practiced the exercises and clarified the truth, but he was afraid to do anything. That is why he was sent to a forced labor camp." From this incident, we understood the importance of having righteous thoughts. Through sharing we agreed on nine o'clock every evening to send forth righteous thoughts towards the evil in our county. Consequently, for the next several years, Dafa practitioners have not been taken to forced labor camps in our county. Thus, this proves what Teacher said in Hong Yin:

Master-Disciple Grace

Violent evil has raged four years
With a steady helm, bearings are not lost
Fa disciples experience evil's trials
Heavy pressure does not change their will
Master and disciples have no use for sentiment
Buddha's grace transforms heaven and earth
Disciples' righteous thoughts are strong
Master has the power to turn the tide

February 1, 2004

Cultivating just as well in business

There is an old saying in China, "Nine out of ten merchants are crooked." We do not belong to this group. I am just a little over 40 and head of three enterprises. My husband and I are managing three different factories. Although they are not that big, they play an important role in the local community. People cultivating Dafa are everywhere in society. It is not true that if you have more money, it is harder to cultivate. In fact, it depends on what attitude you have towards the money and how you use it. When you have more resources, you can do more things for Dafa.

Based on my belief in Falun Dafa's Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I have overseen our enterprises so that they are very popular, have good reputations, and are known within a thousand-mile radius. Because our customers appreciate our products, they often come and ask me, "Are you still practicing Falun Gong?" I say, "Of course" and follow up with truth clarification. Having heard the truth, they often say, "For the sake of Falun Gong, I trust you, I support you!"

As a Dafa practitioner, I have not done some things very well, and I have not gotten through some tribulations satisfactorily, even the big ones. However, with Teacher's compassionate hints, I have been able to walk out of the difficulties little by little and step by step. I feel I am very fortunate to be a Dafa practitioner. Since Dafa has not forsaken me, I have the responsibility to fulfill my vow and to work a hundred times harder to repay Teacher's grace!

Fellow practitioners, please kindly correct my errors. Heshi!