(Clearwisdom.net) I live close to Beijing, and I go there often. Sometimes I go for business, other times, I go to validate Dafa. In talking to fellow practitioners in the Beijing area, I find that they all have a certain degree of attachment to fear. Some even have a lot. For example, in one area, practitioners are concerned about contacting other practitioners even in the same neighborhood. They look around and worry about whether they are being followed whenever they go out. In validating Dafa, they are fearful before they even begin. They still cannot form a one-body even after such a long time. In another area, the persecution of practitioners was particularly severe before the Olympics. In a local practitioner's words, "It is just impossible now" to tell people the facts about Dafa face-to-face. The evil has arrested the practitioners in the truth-clarification materials production centers. Other practitioners are scared even at home, and they are under a lot of stress. They cannot conduct their operations actively, let alone form a one-body. Of course there are some practitioners who are doing better, quietly executing the three things well. Here I would like to share my understandings with practitioners in these areas around Beijing. Please point out my deficiencies if you see any.

Judging from the practitioners that I have contacted, their main problem is "fear". They described how rampant the evil party has been. Fellow practitioners, we all know that living near the evil's base, it is very difficult for you to validate Dafa and save sentient beings. But the more difficult it is, the better an opportunity it is to cultivate and the better it shows the greatness of practitioners. Since we live here, it is our responsibility and mission to save local sentient beings. By no means can we let our great and benevolent Teacher down. Furthermore, we cannot let the evil party, which is perishing, scare us or stop us. Should Dafa disciples be scared off by something that is dying? Everything that occurs in this world is a result of Dafa disciples' hearts. Therefore we should unconditionally look inward to see if we still have attachments that we have not let go of, which have kept the evil alive. As a matter of fact, it doesn't matter what area it is, practitioners need to all calm down and unconditionally look inward. They should examine why the cultivation environment in Beijing, such a small area, is so bad. I think it is not just because the evil is concentrated there. To a large degree it is because the local practitioners have not done enough or have not done well in saving sentient beings or coordinating with one another as a whole.

I personally find that I also have many deficiencies. I have had much contact with Beijing practitioners, but we did not effectively discuss things together face-to-face and improve together as a whole. If the practitioners in nearby areas can all eliminate the divisions among one another and do well, then the environment in Beijing might be different. On a larger scale, it is proven that when the overseas practitioners do better, the pressure on Chinese practitioners is lessened. Then if all Chinese practitioners can do well, doesn't it also reduce the pressure on practitioners at the center of the evil forces? We need to study the Fa more, cooperate with each other, focus our righteous thoughts, and form an indestructible one-body. This way we can effectively eliminate all evil factors. A practitioner once said, "A single chopstick can easily be broken, but a bunch of chopsticks together is very hard to break." I feel that this makes a lot of sense.

I enlightened that "fear" is an evil substance clinging to the attachments of life, death, fame, and self-interest. If we can trust Teacher under any circumstance, and believe in Dafa steadfastly, then we can then let go of the thoughts of life or death and let go of the attachments to fame and self-interest, and "fear" will no longer exist. Otherwise, one will be afraid of everything and will be scared to death. When we go out to save sentient beings, we must have righteous thoughts and actions. We turn ourselves completely over to Teacher and there is only one simple thought in our mind: "I am going out to save sentient beings." No other thoughts or selfish notions exist. I think this simple thought is sufficient to scare all the evil away. With our pure heart, the arrangements of the old forces will have no effect. Our single righteous thought is beyond this dimension.

Once, I shared experiences for a while with several Beijing practitioners who have done pretty well in their cultivation. They also were concerned about not being able to form a one-body, but felt a bit helpless. Through the Clearwisdom website, we want to share this with everyone so that practitioners in areas near Beijing can cooperate with one another and form a one-body. We can improve together and work together to completely eliminate the evil, root it out of its base, and accomplish our shared mission.