(Clearwisdom.net) Wangling Prison in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, has a reputation for being an "economically efficient" and "civilized" jail within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). However, starting in 2008, Brigade # 6 in Wangling Prison has escalated the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. The following report lists only a few of the facts we have learned about how practitioners in the prison are treated.

In March 2008, prison guards used contrived reasons such as "failure to answer roll call" or "refusing to wear a prisoner's uniform" to brutally mistreat practitioners Yuan Rong, Li Ziran, Ouyang Zhenran and others. Zhou Weihe, the brigade's political instructor; officer Liu Cheng, a squadron guard; and others handcuffed practitioners, slapped their faces, and fiercely attacked them. Liu Cheng was the most vicious.

In September 2008, the prison guards were on their morning patrol when practitioner Yuan Rong refused orders to squat. The brigade political instructor, Zhou Weihe, shackled his hands to a tall iron rack, leaving him in this position from morning until 10 p.m.

On November 12, 2008, the squadron guard ordered others to grab practitioner Mr. Chen Kaimin, force him into a prisoner's uniform, tightly shackle his hands, and carry him to the brigade. Zhou Weihe and three armed guards grabbed Mr. Chen, shocked his head and neck with an electric baton, and even removed his shoes and socks to shock the soles of his feet.

A person who knows the circumstances reported to the Administrative Bureau of Hunan Prisons: "The tightly supervised group has to submit to 17 hours of so-called 'physical training' everyday. At this training, prisoners are beaten until they suffer internal injuries and become disabled. During those sessions, the guards do things such as kick prisoners in the head and other body parts, torture them with with electric batons, and whip them with sturdy wooden or bamboo sticks. In previous sessions, more than ten of the sticks were broken. Nobody walks away from these sessions on their own, they all have to be carried." "Prisoners who do not finish their work quota are physically 'punished,' including having to run in their bare feet, being slapped in the face, and getting kicked and tortured with electric batons, in every prison district."

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Liu Deming, Wangling Prison warden
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