(Clearwisdom.net) The purpose of Dafa disciples' existence is to save people. All of the interference and persecution we have encountered are not just a result of each individual practitioner's problems. They are problems we face in the process of saving people and should be dealt with from the perspective of saving people.

For example, when a practitioner goes out to distribute truth-clarification materials, we need to examine the practitioner's thoughts when they hand out the materials. If they just think about completing the task of distributing the materials, then finishing handing out the materials becomes their goal, instead. That is, their actions are not based on the goal of saving more people. This is what we call the attachment of doing work. Why did they distribute the materials? What were their original goals? Looking deeply inward, we may see that they distributed the materials for selfish reasons, perhaps to obtain Consummation, perhaps to prove to other practitioners their capabilities, or for some other selfish purposes. All of the selfish messages then get attached to the truth-clarification materials. When people see our flyers or CDs, their knowing side wants to look at them. However, the bad elements in their human side create excuses to prevent them seeing the materials. The bad elements say, "They don't really want to save you. They're doing this for themselves. Don't look at it. Throw it away." In the end, the person will not read our flyers. On the hand, if practitioners think about clarifying the truth and saving others when they hand out materials and CDs, their benevolent thoughts will suppress the bad elements. So the bad elements will not be able to prevent people from reading our flyers or watching our DVDs. Once people read our flyers and see our DVDs, their negative thoughts and notions will be eliminated, and their human side will understand the facts about Dafa. The being will then be awakened and saved.

This means that if practitioners who are in charge of making truth clarification materials will not think only about printing out the flyers; if practitioners who are helping deliver the materials will not think only about completing the delivery; if practitioners who are distributing the materials will not think only about handing out the materials; if every practitioner keeps the ultimate goal of saving people in their mind when they do all of these, there will be no excuses to block people from accepting and reading our materials. Once these people read our materials, they will understand the truth and be saved.

Using myself as an example, if when I wrote this article I merely wanted to write a good article so it could be published on the Minghui website or, to go one step further, if my goal was for the article to be posted on the Minghui website so that other practitioners would read it and think that the article was well written and that I had a deeper understanding of Fa principles, then I would have been doing this for myself. I would be trying to validate myself. On the other hand, if I wrote the article to be in harmony with the Minghui website (a media outlet used to validate Dafa) and to participate in Fa-validation activities, moreover, if when other practitioners read my article, they get some inspiration and my article helps them to better validate the Fa and save people, then what I did was for the Fa and sentient beings. This is from a righteous standpoint and for a righteous goal.

Some practitioners who have done a lot of Dafa work have been persecuted. Some practitioners have not understood why such diligent practitioners have been persecuted. Some then think that the more Dafa work a practitioner does, the more likely it is for them to be persecuted! That is not true at all. Indeed, some of these practitioners did a lot of Dafa work, but we must take into account their goals. Was their goal to validate Dafa? Did they really validate the Fa? If, on the surface, the goal was to validate Dafa, but hidden beneath this goal was still the intention to validate their own capabilities, then their ultimate goal was to validate themselves. Similarly, if they carried out Fa-validation tasks for the purpose of their own consummation, can we still say that they were validating the Fa? On the surface they were performing Fa-validation tasks. But, in actuality, they were doing everything for themselves. Teacher and Law-guardian Gods are with us all the time. If our goal is truly to validate the Fa, and we don't have any hidden selfish thoughts and carry out all of the Fa validation tasks with a pure heart, who will dare to touch us? Practitioners were not persecuted because they carried out Fa validation work. They were persecuted because they did Fa validation work with the main intention of validating themselves, to obtain consummation, or for some other selfish purpose.

The attachment to self was formed a long time ago. It has a deep root and exists at different levels. I had firsthand experience with it. If I slacked off just a little bit on righteous thoughts, the selfish attachment would take advantage. Consequently, all of the Fa validation activities carried my attachment to self. The selfish thoughts are hidden deeply and are cunning. Only after I ran into difficulties did I think about looking inward, and only then did I realize that I was misled by my selfishness. Sometimes I did not realize the existence of these selfish thoughts for over a year. I would like to remind my fellow practitioners here. Looking inward is the key to our xinxing cultivation. Removing our human notions, walking on the righteous path, and preventing the evil factors from interfering and persecuting us all depend on it. Practitioners who were persecuted were not deliberately thinking about validating themselves. Instead, they were subconsciously controlled by their selfish thoughts of validating themselves. As a result, they carried out their activities for the purpose of validating themselves. The evil factors took advantage of this gap and used this as an excuse to persecute them.

When persecution happened, how did we look at it? If we look at it from a personal angle, then the persecution appears to be a personal attack. If we think of ourselves as divine beings who can save people, then the persecution is an interference to the task of saving more people. We are Dafa disciples who were given the responsibility of saving people. The persecution of Dafa disciples is indeed interference of our responsibilities. We should look at the "persecution" from the perspective of saving people. Everything should revolve around the main purpose of saving people. Only then will we do well with what we need to do. When we really let go of ourselves and all we think about is saving others, then the evil factors will not be able to find any gaps or any excuses to persecute us. We will move beyond the old forces' arrangement, and the so-called persecution will not exist any more.

To sum up, as practitioners, we need to handle all problems with a clear, rational mind. We need to keep in our minds that the purpose is not for ourselves. We should do everything for two clear purposes: Dafa and sentient beings. If we have a righteous starting point, we become divine beings that can do anything. If we don't have a righteous stand point, we remain powerless human beings confined by this dimension's limitations. In short, we need to let go of ourselves and save more people.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.