(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Teacher!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

Below is my cultivation experience report to Teacher and to share with fellow practitioners.

1. Establishing an Environment to Study the Fa and Practice the Exercises

During the past nine years since the evil began persecuting Dafa, I have worked as a manual laborer. I have worked at many construction sites and know many people from different areas. The living conditions for the workers are usually not good, but as a practitioner I must study the Fa, so establishing an environment to study and practice the exercises is very important. Every time I have gone out to work, I have taken my Dafa books and MP3 player. Under Teacher's protection, at every work site I have established a good environment to study the Fa and practice the exercises, including Beijing. I once lived in a dormitory with several other workers. I brought along more MP3 players to let them listen to Teacher's Fa lectures. Some people just sat there and listened for hours. I knew a woman who worked at the site preparing food. She suffered greatly from arthritis, and every day she needed to take a lot of medications. I lent the book Zhuan Falun to her to read. After a week, she had finished the book and by then her arthritis had disappeared. There were also some workers who practiced the exercises with me every day. They gained healthy bodies and witnessed the miracle of the Fa.

2. Rectifying Oneself and Saving Sentient Beings

Every day I use Dafa to measure myself, find my shortcomings, and rectify my words and actions, and I usually keep a compassionate and calm mind. Because I work hard and take my responsibilities seriously, the boss and other workers often praise me. They recognize me as one of the very good persons at the work site. Whenever I hear this, I tell them that I practice Falun Gong and my Teacher asks me to be a good person no matter the situation. I also use this opportunity to clarify the truth of Dafa. They are all willing to hear and accept the truth. On one occasion at a different work site the boss slandered me severely in front of all the workers. I maintained my xinxing and didn't argue with him. Instead, I worked hard and always cared about others. Finally the boss apologized to me, saying that he had misunderstood me. After that he supported my cultivation and didn't stop me from talking about the benefits of the practice with my workmates. Sometimes he even urged me to practice the exercises.

I once worked at a site where we were building a road. There were many workers there, and I used this opportunity to clarify the facts about Falun Gong. I talked about the persecution I had suffered. I had been arrested twice since July 20, 1999, and I was illegally detained in detention centers. I was forced to carry a plaque and was paraded through the streets during the so-called "public trial." I was brutally beaten and had money extorted from me. The county commissioner shouted that I was a "stubborn individual" and tied me up so that he could beat me with a belt and electrical wire. All the workers felt the truth behind my words and they also had more respect for me.

When it was time to pay our wages, the boss told me that he had not earned any money for this contract and he would not give me my overtime pay. I didn't argue with him, but instead I gave everyone a few Dafa amulets(1) and told them that they would receive blessings if they remembered what was written on them.

3. Taking the Responsibility to Persuade People to Quit the CCP

Since the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published in 2004, I realized my great responsibility. Many people in China were controlled by the evil spirit of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and had made a blood vow to give their precious lives to it. When I realized this, I started to try to persuade people to quit the CCP. I started with my wife, and from there talked to relatives, friends and neighbors. If I did not succeed the first time, I continued to urge them. My wife sent forth righteous thoughts and I clarified the truth. The effect has been very good. No matter where I to, I urge the local people to quit the CCP. I do not want to miss one single person.

Last spring I again went out to work. This time I worked with several workers from Henan Province, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, and Guangxi Province. Before I had a chance to persuade them to quit the CCP, I was assigned to another work site about 50 kilometers away. Later I rushed back home to take care of some family things. After I got home, I thought, "Since I had the chance to know them, Teacher must have arranged for me to save them. But I have not saved them yet. What should I do?" Just then, the boss from the first work site called me and asked me to come back to his site. After I got the phone call, I really appreciated Teacher arranging the opportunity. I went to the work site and the boss insisted I stay there. I thought he was the perfect person to start with in clarifying the facts. At first he did not believe what I said and told me he wanted to join the CCP. But I continued talking and covered many different areas. I told him about the magnificence of Dafa, the staged "Self Immolation" by the CCP, and the horrible result of being associated with the evil Party. Finally he woke up and understood the truth. He also announced his intention to quit the Youth League and asked about some things he didn't understand. Another life was saved! The next day I helped other workers quit the CCP, too. When I was about to leave, the last worker who had not quit rushed back to the work site. I also helped him to quit the CCP. I was so excited. I want to thank our compassionate Teacher for the people who were saved. I also want to thank Teacher for giving me this precious cultivation opportunity.

Under Teacher's protection, with my firm belief in Teacher and Dafa, I have made it through the last nine years. I have cultivated myself and raised my level. But compared with fellow practitioners and with the Fa's requirements for us, I still have shortcomings. During my cultivation in the future, I will cultivate and rectify myself more diligently, do the three things well, and fulfill my prehistoric sacred vows.

(1) Amulets -- In China, practitioners sometimes "clarify the truth" by giving people something small to wear or cherish, bearing a few words reminding them of the goodness of Dafa.

December 6, 2008