(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings to our respected Master! Greetings to fellow practitioners! After reading the notice for the Internet Experience Sharing Conference to submit articles, I decided to cherish this opportunity. I did not know where to start, but then had two dreams about writing articles. Today I understood this to mean: Writing experience sharing articles validates the greatness of Dafa and the compassion that Master has bestowed upon all sentient beings.

I will use short stories to relate my cultivation state to our respected Master and fellow practitioners.

Story 1. Walking On Flour

Before Fa-rectification, one night I had to go to a village that was a dozen miles away to attend a meeting for coordinators of various practice sites and it was extremely cold. At that time, it was snowing and the destination was very far away. A voice suddenly told me, "Take it as though you are walking on flour," and then I told myself, "Yes, if I am walking on flour why would I slip and fall?" It was strange. The meeting ended at 10:00 pm and the snow on the ground was already very thick. As I pedaled home on my bicycle, I only felt that the bicycle tires were heavy but I did not slip or fall.

Story 2. A Miracle In Ten Minutes

During the winter holidays in the year 1995, we took turns watching videos of Master's lectures. A dozen practice sites shared one single set of VCDs, as they were in short supply. When the district practice site's coordinator handed me the VCDs, it was already very late and dark. She wanted me to deliver it to a practice site that was ten miles away.

My husband had gone out for night classes and it was only me and my son at home. My son was running a fever, so I comforted him and said, "Mommy will be back in about an hour or so. You wait here for me."

When I left the house, I looked at my watch and noted that the time was 5:10 p.m. Upon returning from delivering the VCDs, my son asked me, "Mommy how come you came back so quickly?" I looked at my watch and saw that it was only twenty minutes past five. What happened? At first I thought that my watch had stopped, but after carefully examining it I found nothing wrong with my watch. I couldn't believe it.

Story 3. Battle Between Humans And Divine Beings

The period shortly before July 20, 1999 when the persecution of Falun Gong in China started, we were already feeling the pressure. Practitioners were meeting less frequently to exchange experiences. Once I went to the house of a fellow practitioner, she talked about the situation during the cultural revolution in a worried manner. I told her with a steadfast mindset, "During the cultural revolution, it was humans battling with humans. Now the situation is different, it is humans battling with divine beings." She quickly calmed down upon hearing this.

Story 4. I Must Be Responsible To My Fellow Practitioners

From the time I started to practice Falun Gong in the year 1995, I have been in charge of a practice site. One day, a fellow practitioner living near me was arrested. I felt very frightened and I was not in a calm state of mind. I wanted to expose the situation on the website, but I was afraid that the police would find out that I was the one who posted it. If I didn't report the situation I would miss the chance of saving the practitioner. I suddenly thought "I must be responsible to my fellow practitioner." I calmed down and went to another practitioner's home to immediately write this down into a short article and then sent it to the Minghui website. In less than an hour, the police received phone calls from overseas practitioners warning them about doing bad deeds and this greatly frightened them.

Story 5. We Come Together, So We Leave Together

The third time we went to Beijing, on the way I met a few practitioners I was familiar with. We posted some of the appeal letters and the rest we personally delivered to the appeal office. Two practitioners managed to get past the plainclothes police and reached the appeal office. Two police cars were dispatched to take the rest of us back to our hometowns. I asked myself, "If we leave, what will the other two practitioners do?" I quickly announced, "We came together, we will leave together." We practitioners locked arms and stood as solid as a rock. We clarified the truth while waiting for the two other practitioners to return. The police cars waited. When the two practitioners came out safely, we demanded to be allowed to return home on our own. Thus we arrived home safely.

Story 6. Money As a Fa Implement

A good way to clarify the truth is to print truth clarification messages on paper currency, since the authorities can do very little to stop it. I started to do this in 2005. I wrote "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa", "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." Then I spent the money and got it back into circulation.

Story 7. Righteous Thoughts To Move People

I am very supportive of a fellow practitioner's view which states, "Even though a fellow practitioner has omissions, we should not allow the evil to persecute him or her." This is because I understand that when a practitioner is being persecuted, the side which has successfully completed cultivation and the side that has not completed cultivation has been separated. This is the reason why practitioners do not have strong righteous thoughts during the persecution. Furthermore, persecution is not the arrangement of Master and it is not what Master wants for us.

One practitioner was persecuted and many practitioners talked about her shortcomings behind her back. Of course the purpose was to find out the root cause so as to help her but we could not avoid having resentment. When I shared experiences with her, her words shocked me, "All of you spoke behind my back, I felt like a huge mountain was weighing on me." When I helped her to send forth righteous thoughts I suddenly had the thought that even though this practitioner had omissions, we should not allow the evil to persecute her. At once I immediately felt that I became very big and my energy level was very powerful. Later I shared this experience with her. She was very moved and said, "That night, I felt very light and comfortable."

At one time when observing the people on the streets rushing to work, I realized that people were living in suffering but were unaware of it. In my heart I had this thought, "From today onwards, I want to live for the sake of all sentient beings." My eyes started tearing and I was very moved. Now on the way to and from work, I frequently send forth righteous thoughts, "Everywhere that Falun Gong practitioners go, the evil will be eliminated. All the evil elements and the communist spirit that is behind the sentient beings preventing them from being saved must be eliminated. I hope that all sentient beings will be saved as soon as possible."

December 6, 2008