Establishing a Material Production Center

In July 2002, I set up a production center in my home to make truth-clarification materials. When I began printing copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I realized that no matter how many copies I produced, it wasn't enough. To increase efficiency and save more people, more material sites needed to be set up. So I started helping other practitioners do this and gradually became a coordinator.

At first there were many interferences. Helping others set up a materials center was not only demanding work but also a cultivation process. It required a lot of patience to teach people basic computer skills, especially the senior practitioners who thought they were slow learners. I also shared with practitioners on the Fa and encouraged them to continue making informational materials when issues came up or when their attachment of fear surfaced. Some practitioners did not realize that they should look within when they encountered problems with the computer or printer, which was usually a result of their not being diligent enough. Other practitioners wanted to stop everything whenever they heard that the police or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was going to do something. Sometimes I would temporarily take over some practitioners' work when they were not in a good cultivation state. There were also times when practitioners had technical problems that I could not solve, but I would ask Teacher for help. Teacher would then gave me the wisdom and the problem was easily solved.

Some practitioners who set up material sites in their homes had the attachment of relying on me. Whenever there was a problem, they asked me for help. Initially, I didn't have much experience, but I still took on everything. I was busy all the time and became trapped in doing things. Several practitioners pointed out to me that I should let others take care of their own problems. After calmly studying the Fa, I realized that each practitioner needs to walk his or her own path to validate the Fa and accumulate their own mighty virtue.

The more material centers that were set up, the busier the practitioners who provided technical support became. I then enlightened that there should be more practitioners who could do technical support. I recruited practitioners with basic computer skills to our technical support team and invited a technician to train them on how to set up the system. Material production centers now flourish in our area.

Coordinating the Satellite Dish Installation for New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV)

It is more complicated to install satellite dishes in cities than in villages. Before we can install a dish, we need to check the feasibility, how to secure the dish, and where to run the cable. We have to be able to run the cable carefully and not ruin the interior design of the apartment. We also need to do post-installation visits and maintenance. We usually installed dishes in the homes of practitioners or their friends and relatives. Sometimes there was interference from family members after we'd installed the dish. One person might have asked for the installation, but his/her family would object to it. We had spent a lot of time installing the dish but ended up having to take it out later. Interference also occurred when some practitioners lacked strong righteous thoughts and had fear. I would share with these practitioners so that we could move up together as a whole. We should not simply install the dish for the sake of installation.

All neighborhoods in the city are patrolled by residential committee personnel. Doing installation work was not like making truth-clarification materials inside the privacy of our homes. The practitioners doing the installation came in and went out frequently and stayed outside for a long time. Whenever I could, I would go with them to send forth righteous thoughts and help with whatever I could. I was really moved by the unselfish efforts that practitioners took to save sentient beings. For example, last year on Chinese New Year's eve, a practitioner worked very late to install a satellite dish. Afterwards he wanted to take a bath, but all the public baths were closed because people went home to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

During each installation, practitioners usually spend some time adjusting the direction of the dish on the roof. They do this in the baking sun during the summer or in the chilly wind in the winter. In Northeast China, winters are very cold. It gets so cold that sometimes it is difficult just to extend your fingers. Once I climbed up on the roof to see how the practitioner was doing with the installation. It was the coldest day of the year. When I got up on the roof, I started shaking in the cold wind. However, the other practitioner had stayed there for more than two hours and his face had turned purple. He told me it was too cold and asked me to go inside. Tears ran down my cheeks. I remember Teacher saying, "When this page of history is turned, the people who remain will see your magnificence, and the future Gods will forever remember this magnificent time in history." ("Rationality," Essentials for Further Advancement II). Practitioners have given up everything they have to save sentient beings.

Normally we can only install one dish per day in the city. Sometimes we became frustrated by the slow progress. However, the impact was dramatic--people's views changed a lot after watching NTDTV. They became "live broadcasters" after they understood the truth. In addition, the unrighteous thoughts in their minds were removed and they became kinder. No wonder a practitioner once wrote an article saying that satellite dish installation was as powerful as a nuclear bomb. I then realized that satellite dishes should "blossom" everywhere, too. We should promote their installation aggressively. However, the satellite signal from the W5 satellite has been interrupted. Thinking about it calmly, we realized that this was because the whole body of practitioners in China did not have a clear understanding of how to use NTDTV to save sentient beings and the evil took advantage of this gap. During a sharing, we realized that we should not stop using NTDTV to clarify the truth. We could still promote the four-foot dish for the Asia satellite temporarily. Of course it is more difficult, especially in the cities, as the bigger-sized dish can only be put on the roof. On the other hand, we also realized the importance of improving as a whole. To form one body, the best way is through group study--let every practitioner participate in group study so that we can all improve together in cultivation levels.

Harmonizing as a Whole and Advancing in the Fa

I found a common problem among coordinators: we tended to devote ourselves only to coordinating Fa-validation work, but ignored the establishment of Fa-study groups. I had never realized the importance of group study to group advancement until now. I shared my understanding with the practitioners at each material center, and we tried to get every practitioner to participate in a Fa-study group.

The idea was good, but the execution was not a smooth one. One reason was that some practitioners had a big fear of persecution and did not dare to go out to study the Fa. Another challenge was to find good Fa-study sites. One practitioner had been released from prison for a long time, but she still couldn't find a Fa-study group or receive any "Minghui Weekly" fliers. That was because other practitioners were afraid of being persecuted if they got close to her. After I heard this, I delivered the Minghui Weekly to her every week. She was considerate and asked me to deliver it bi-weekly. I still did it every week until other practitioners started contacting her. Some practitioners asked me to focus on the big picture and major activities, but I thought that Teacher did not want to leave any practitioner behind, so we need to harmonize what Teacher wants. When we see something that we do not do well as a whole, we should actively make it up and harmonize it.

A coordinator needs to take care of many things. I became a coordinator because I was diligent in validating the Fa. When practitioners had severe symptoms of illness, I organized practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts and share understandings with them. When practitioners were illegally arrested, I organized their family and other practitioners to go to the police department and demand their release and send forth righteous thoughts nearby. When practitioners were forced to leave home to go into hiding, I helped them to find a place to stay. When practitioners could not keep up with the Fa-rectification process, I shared with them based on the Fa to be more diligent so we could all improve together. I also helped practitioners who enlightened along an evil path to come back to the Fa.

There are many things to do, but there never seems to be enough time. However busy I got, I still managed to study and memorize the Fa every day for several years. I also tried to attend group study when possible. I must walk my path righteously in order to do well the three things as a coordinator. Studying the Fa well is the fundamental guarantee for Fa-validation work. Only when we study the Fa well can we be more productive and be able to eliminate all the evil factors' interference. Once a practitioner said her printer had a problem. When other practitioners went to help, the printer either had a red indicator light (indicating there was an error) or did not move. But when I went to take a look, the printer started working. That was because I was diligent in studying the Fa, so Teacher helped me. It was the power of the Fa. Whether it was to set up the material centers everywhere or install satellite dishes, I often shared with other practitioners that Teacher said, "Even now some people still can't concentrate when it comes to reading the books. Those of you who do work for Dafa, especially, shouldn't use any pretexts to conceal your not reading the books or studying the Fa. Even if you do work for me, your Master, you still need to study the Fa every day with a calm mind and cultivate yourself solidly." ("Towards Consummation," Essentials for Further Advancement II). Other practitioners also had the same understanding--when we study the Fa well, it becomes easier for us to produce truth-clarification materials or install satellite dishes. Then we can achieve success with only half the effort.

Only when we study the Fa well and reach a higher understanding based on the Fa can a cultivator avoid mistakes and keep up with the Fa-rectification progress. Although doing Fa-validation work is not that hard, dealing with xinxing conflicts among practitioners is, especially for a coordinator who is often in contact with other practitioners. Practitioners cultivate at different levels. Sometimes when they cannot resolve a conflict, they dump it on the coordinator. This forced me to improve my xinxing quickly. However difficult it was, I believed that I could handle it. In the beginning, I thought improving my xinxing was for our group as a whole and because it was beneficial for validating the Fa. However, when I looked inwards, I realized there must be something for me to improve and some attachments for me to get rid of. When I set my "self" aside, I can handle the issue well. Afterwards I feel both my body and spirit become light, like "Xinqing Siyu (shin-ching szz-yoo) - The Heart is Clear Like Pure Jade." (From the verse for the "Falun Heavenly Circuit" exercise).

Teacher has exhausted himself to save all sentient beings. As a Fa-rectification Period Dafa disciples, as lives created by the Fa, we should shoulder the historical mission. We should give up every part of ourselves to save sentient beings!

This is my understanding at my level. Please point out anything inappropriate.


November 22, 2008