(Clearwisdom.net) At the Shandong Province No. 2 Men's Forced Labor Camp in Guanzhuang Township of Zhangqiu City, many Falun Gong practitioners are detained and some have been tortured to death. Listed below are some of the torture methods used by agents of the Seventh Division against Falun Gong practitioners both before and after the Olympics.

Physical Torture

Before the Olympics, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officers arrested many practitioners. In attempts to force practitioners to give up their faith, criminal prisoners were recruited by guards from the Seventh Division to torture them. The practitioners who have steadfast faith are forced to stand or sit on a small bench for long periods of time, which causes severe bruising of the hips. While sitting, they are forced to listen to evil propaganda that slanders Dafa. They are also cursed at and beaten. In the Seventh Division, a bathroom is used as a small cell specifically to torture Falun Gong practitioners. Inside the small room, the light is dim and the air is stale. Practitioner Mr. Xue Quanlin was locked in a small cell for nearly two weeks because he did not give up his faith and refused to be "transformed." He was deprived of sleep for six nights. For the following five days, he was only allowed to sleep for two hours. Guard Li Gongming slept during the day and handcuffed Mr. Xue at night, and yelled at him and cursed Dafa. He also pinched and kicked Mr. Xue, attempting to force him to write the three statements.

Practitioner Mr. Li Gang was locked in a small cell for eight days and was deprived of sleep. He was also tortured by prisoners recruited by Li Gongming as well as Li Gongming himself, who beat and cursed Mr. Li Gang. Reportedly, there was a detained Falun Gong practitioner who was an employee of the Xindian Oil Refining Factory. He was deprived of sleep for six nights, a common form of torture for practitioners.

Tortured Spiritually

More and more practitioners made solemn declarations that they would take the path of cultivation. The guards then tortured them more severely and continuously played audiovisual propaganda, forcing practitioners to watch. They organized the prison chorus to sing songs praising the CCP and the Olympics. Many practitioners sang songs written by practitioners instead. On the day of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, everyone was required to watch. Some Falun Gong practitioners sat in the hallway, some turned their backs to the TV, some closed their eyes, and some covered their ears. They tried to protest the persecution using all methods. The guards also held a film week to play the history of the CCP.

Practitioner Mr. Yan Fulu was beaten by Li Gongming and other instructors because he would not watch the film. The next day, Li Gongming recruited some prisoners and brought handcuffs. They dragged and lifted Mr. Yan to the secret cell and tortured him. He was again tortured by being forced to sit on a small bench and face the wall all day. The reason given for this abuse was that Mr. Fulu did not take the training seriously.

Practitioner Mr. Wang Yanming was frequently beaten and cursed at because he did the Falun Gong exercises and clarified the truth in the prison. He was hung up with handcuffs and pinched and kicked, causing severe bruising.

Forced Labor

Falun Dafa practitioners are forced to provide the guards money by working long hours at forced labor. Any practitioner who doesn't work is tortured using a variety of methods. Practitioners who can't finish the work in the time allotted are forced to work through the night and are not allowed to sleep. Practitioner Mr. Li Gang from Zaozhuang City is not able to sit or work for long periods due to abnormalities with his back. The guards did not allow him to rest and forced him to sit on a small bench and face the wall.