(Clearwisdom.net) In the process of my Fa-rectification cultivation, including clarifying the facts, exhorting people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations and offering people salvation, I've met many types of people. Some people have known about the "Three Withdrawals," (withdrawing from the CCP and/or its two affiliated organizations) but are not quite clear about it. Some people have no idea what the Three Withdrawals are about, neither have they heard about it. Some people know about the Three Withdrawals, but do not know much about the facts about Falun Gong. Some know about Falun Gong, but their minds have been poisoned by the CCP's propaganda and they have swallowed the CCP's lies. This last type of person does not want to even listen to the facts. There are also people who hate the CCP and curse it, but do not want to listen to the facts about Falun Gong, either.

Some people are receptive; they understand what they are told the first time, learn the facts and easily quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Some people did not quite understand when someone tells them about the facts the first time, but nonetheless, they were introduced to the facts, which can be considered to be laying a foundation for them to accept the truth later. Perhaps, another practitioner may break through the barriers in his mind and he will ultimately be saved.

So in my personal view, saving people is similar to running a relay race and is also a necessary state that requires tacit coordination and cooperation among our Fa-rectification cultivation as a whole.

Whenever I've encountered difficulties in clarifying the facts and exhorting someone to quit the CCP, I felt upset and felt sorry for the person. At the same time, I send out a thought, hoping that the next practitioner who meets him will go forward with the work that I have not done well, and use more wisdom to explain the facts thoroughly.

I understand that cultivation by clarifying the facts is Master's Buddha's grace and mercy to prolong our cultivation time so as to provide an opportunity for practitioners who have not yet done well, and who have not been qualified, to compensate for their deficiencies. Offering salvation to people, overcoming our shortcomings and transforming our karma is Fa-rectification cultivation. If every practitioner does his/her bit, there will be fewer losses incurred among practitioners, and more people will be saved.