(Clearwisdom.net) I started cultivating Falun Gong in 1998. There have been many times that my family members benefited from my cultivation. In particular, my daughter. When she was in the second grade, she knew only a limited number of Chinese characters. She liked Dafa so much that she asked me to teach her to do the exercises. She could not read all the characters in Zhuan Falun, so she asked me to read the book to her. I read her Lunyu once. The next day, she asked me to read Lunyu again. Before I finished reading it the second time, she said she could recite it. And she recited to me without a single mistake! I felt that Teacher probably saw her pure heart and then gave the Fa to her. There are many amazing stories about her.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. I was illegally imprisoned. This caused many losses in my life and a lot of misunderstandings about me on the part of my neighbors. Thus it became difficult for me to "clarify truth." Gradually I developed a notion: "I can't do it." Fellow practitioners kept encouraging me and helping me. Some took me to go out to explain the facts to people. With them, just as Teacher has said, their words and actions at the higher cultivation level cleansed my unrighteous thoughts. Every time there were people or things that moved me.

Some people are very friendly to me and willing to chat with me. But when I brought up the topic of Falun Gong or quitting the CCP, their cold attitude hurt my pride badly, and I often thought, "I can't do it." This notion seriously prevented me from saving people. This notion can be eliminated by the benevolence of saving sentient beings. Teacher said,

"Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring
Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world"

("The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos," Hong Yin Vol. II, Translation Version A)

I developed a pretty good relationship with my colleague, Xiaofang. However, when I gave her a truth-clarification pamphlet, she was very resistant. My notion of "I can't do it" popped up and I started hoping other practitioners could persuade her to quit the CCP. I had a strong attachment of relying on others. When I saw people I knew that had not quit the CCP or its affiliated organizations, I kept telling myself that other practitioners could persuade them in order to reduce my feelings of guilt for not saving sentient beings. Later, another practitioner told me that when she tried to clarify the truth to Xiaofang she faced a cold wall, too. Then I had an unrighteous thought, "Even this practitioner can't persuade her. She probably can't be saved." One day while she was waiting for a bus I rode by her on my bike. I heard someone calling me. I turned back and saw her. She was upset because she had called me several times already and I hadn't answered her. She was very happy to see me. I suddenly felt a shock in my heart, "Why would she call me so many times just to say hi? Is her knowing side asking me to save her?" I talked to her again about quitting the CCP. She smiled without any enthusiasm, "You are bringing this up again. OK." That meant she agreed to quit the CCP! I said, "Now it will be easy for you. You won't be eliminated." She was obviously moved by my words. Her "OK" was just for the sake of not saying "No" to me, as if I was asking her for a favor. But my last sentence really moved her. She realized that I was saving her from being eliminated.

I often thought, "Happiness for everyday people is to have a good life and have their desires fulfilled. What is happiness for a Dafa disciple?" We were lucky to find Teacher and study the Fa before "July 20." I feel that I am the happiest person in the world. Every practitioner has experienced the wonderfulness and benefits of Dafa. After "July 20," we endured a lot of hardship from the evil persecution. We were able to pass each tribulation and each test with Teacher's benevolent help and protection. With Teacher's benevolent teaching, we wiped our tears and set aside our own glory and pride. Instead, we put the saving of sentient beings above other things. Whether it's personal cultivation or truth-clarification and saving sentient beings, whenever we do well, that's when we meet Teacher's expectation. We are doing the three things under Teacher's arrangement, with numerous hints and help.