(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share my cultivation experiences of rescuing fellowing practitioners.

In 2006, I became active in rescuing detained practitioners. I learned that shortly after a practitioner was arrested, he or she was taken to a forced labor camp. How could this happen? It was not normal procedure! I then noticed that practitioners had not formed a plan for rescuing arrested practitioners. This gave me the impetus to start developing a rescue plan. In March 2007, one of our practitioners, whom I'll refer to as "A," was arrested. I reviewed past rescues, saw that what had been done lacking, and decided to form a better plan.

Treat the Practitioner's Family with Righteous and Compassionate Thoughts

The arrested and detained practitioner's wife was very angry. A practitioner, whom I will call "B," visited her and asked where her husband was detained. She refused to tell him and even threatened to report him to the authorities. In turn, B got angry and said he would find out for himself. Then I visited her. She treated me very coldly. I didn't reciprocate or give up on her, but treated her with kindness and endured her attitude. I told her the truth about the persecution and did not react to her bad behavior. Finally, she told me where her husband had been detained.

Keeping Rock-solid Determination and Strong Will

We included the information about A's detention location in prepared articles and delivered them to fellow practitioners. Together, we sent righteous thoughts close to the forced labor camp. Some fellow practitioners badmouthed A, but I did not let it affect me. This is persecution and has nothing to do with Teacher's arrangements for practitioners. We have to deny anything of the persecution. Our rescue efforts are to deny the persecution and the old universe's law, this law that allowed for Jesus to be nailed to the cross. That was most degrading and insulting towards a God.

After we had finished what we had set out to do, B no longer took part in the rescue effort. I asked him what he was doing. He replied, "I couldn't possibly quit my job or my social activities just because A was detained." His answer upset me. I decided that even if I was the only one left in this effort, I would not give up as long as A was not released. After holding strong righteous thoughts, I felt calm and sensed that I had passed another test. B also changed his mind and we began our rescue efforts in earnest.

Look Within for Inconsistencies Preventing the Rescue of Practitioners

Even though B and I knew each other well, there were still times we disagreed with each other. But, during the rescue effort, we cooperated. We couldn't allow the evil to use our differences as an excuse to persecute practitioners.

The two of us sought to hire an attorney. We agreed on how to proceed in rescuing A. When practitioner "C" and I visited the attorney, he suddenly changed his mind. At first we didn't know how to react, so we looked within and Teacher showed us what to do next. We met with B, who was looking forward to hearing the good news. When I told B that we had decided not to follow the original plan, B became disturbed and said something rude. In the past, I would have reacted, but this time I just kept quiet and didn't take any offense. I knew that we would not want the old forces to take advantage and use it for further persecution.

B sat down on the floor and sent righteous thoughts. Afterwards he said, "I wasn't behaving well. I should have asked first about what happened." I told him what Teacher had hinted to and what we had discussed. He told us that while sending righteous thoughts, he had in mind, "I won't lose my temper or the old forces will use this as excuse to continue the persecution." We all had held the same thought. We restrained our tempers and maintained Dafa disciples' great conduct during the rescue efforts. We wanted the evil forces to be fearful instead of taking advantage of us.

We coordinated our activities with practitioners from the city and surrounding areas and looked inward after each action. Practitioner A was not released. Therefore, we continued to look inward for any human thoughts and notions that the evil could exploit.

There are often difficulties during rescue efforts. When the rescue effort is unsuccessful, instead of looking within, some practitioners find fault in the arrested practitioner's conduct and blame him or her. I think this is playing into the evil's hands.

Do Not Fear Hard Times or Tiredness--Maintain Rock Solid Determination

I had to put my personal affairs on the back burner. I made posters and printed truth-clarification materials and delivered them to other practitioners. I spoke to families of arrested and detained practitioners and advised them to ask for their release. I coordinated sending forth righteous thoughts. After almost a month, I looked for a new attorney and law information on the Internet.

Doing all that is needed in a rescue effort is not that simple. One day on my way home, I was so very tired. I wondered if I possibly could get up again if I lay down on my bed. I didn't reach home until 4:00 p.m., and practitioners were coming that evening to pick up truth-clarification materials about the incident. I sat on my bed trying to make up my mind whether or not I should take a rest. I finally decided to get up, and when the practitioners came, all of the materials were ready.

As a cultivator, how much effort you put forth is how much you are going to reap in rewards. After I passed my tiredness barrier, I no longer grew tired riding my bicycle. Looking back on the path I had walked, I felt so very lucky and thankful.

Nearly a month passed. Then, the authorities claimed that they were going to take A to a forced labor camp. Once I heard that, I sent out a very strong righteous thought: "No matter where they send him, I'll continue nonstop sending righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evils until they release him." Now, my heart felt like a solid rock. I had no fear of death and felt indomitable and heroic.

Once again, I encouraged A's family to seek his release and coordinated practitioners from the city and surrounding counties to send out righteous thoughts in close proximity to the forced labor camp. B said, "If we are still unable to get A released today, we need to look inward some more." I told him that this time the evil was being disintegrated. The passage of time on earth is different than the passage of time in the other dimension. I believed that, within a few days, A would be released.

In reality, I really didn't know what the result of our efforts would be. I just followed my instinct and felt pretty certain of his release. Four days later, A was released and returned to his family.

Eliminate the Attachment of Fear

I only mention the attachment of fear because it's very crucial when one wishes to achieve positive results. There are a number of reasons why some matters can't be resolved. Practitioners may not know how to do it. When some rescue efforts are unsuccessful, it is often because certain practitioners are against sending righteous thoughts in close proximity to the detention center or labor camp. There are more reasons, but they are all arise from the attachment of fear. This fear is like a mountain that obstructs the rescue effort.

One thing is for certain. Humans can't possibly rescue practitioners. If we let go of our fear and cultivate our Buddha side, the rescue effort will be successful. In this rescue process, I had to let go of fear many times. I felt rock solid and followed the plan, despite all the danger and difficulties. There is nothing that I cannot achieve when it comes to rescuing practitioners.

This successful rescue experience was just the beginning. These past two years, the evil authorities can't seem to do much harm. In some areas, I saw practitioners arrested and no one rescued them because practitioners were frightened.

The more fear we have, the worse the evil will act. If we consider other practitioners' problems are ours, let go of fear, and do our best, only then will the evil no longer exist. We live so close to Beijing. Yet during the Olympic Games, the evildoers were not that active here. Only a few of the practitioners were arrested and some taken to the forced labor camp. However, they eventually escaped with strong righteous thoughts.

These are just some of my cultivation experiences. Please kindly point out any inadequacies.