Greeting Teacher!

Greeting fellow practitioners!

When I saw the "Call for Papers for the Fifth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China" from the Minghui website, I was greatly touched by the words, "Dafa practitioners are very fortunate to be in this world to validate the Fa and save the world's people. This time is extremely precious. We hope many Mainland Dafa practitioners will actively participate in this opportunity, and, with a cultivator's inner peace, write more articles in line with 'Gone are the flowery expressions meant for affective show: the papers are full of substance, and they are accurate, clean, and free of human sentiments' ("Mature"), leaving a more positive historical record for this time period of Fa-Rectification." For the last few Internet Experience Sharing Conferences, I never finished writing an article. All kinds of human notions such as I did not do well, there was nothing to write about, or I did not know how to write, laziness and selfishness interfered with my using the opportunity to validate the Fa. I will not miss the opportunity again this time. Below are a few examples of my validation of the Fa led by Teacher.

My Fa-rectification cultivation started nine years ago. Everything I went through is precious. In front of the choice of life or death, human or gods, during my ups and downs, compassionate Teacher protected me all the time and guided me to grow and become mature within the Fa.

I can still recall the difficult time after July 20, 1999. The evil came in swarming hordes, deceived the sentient beings with lies and made many sentient beings commit crimes against Dafa. Dafa disciples were under all kinds of pressure from society, work, family members, relatives and friends. Dafa disciples lost their normal environment for cultivation, but they were not scared by the evil. The duty of creating history rests on Dafa disciples. They stepped forward and used all kind of ways to validate the Fa and save sentient beings.

Teacher said,

"Dafa disciples are now right in the midst of the Fa-rectification period, and the old forces' performance has formed the most fundamental and most severe test of Dafa disciples. Whether the test can be passed is an actualization of Dafa and of whether every Dafa disciple can be responsible to himself. And whether a person can, while breaking and eliminating the evil, step forward to validate Dafa becomes a testament about [letting go of] life and death, becomes confirmation of whether a Fa-rectification disciple can achieve Consummation, and also becomes what differentiates a God from a human. For a Dafa disciple, safeguarding and upholding the Fa is only natural".

"The path a Dafa disciple takes is a glorious history, and this history has to be created by his own enlightening." ("Path" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I started cultivating in the spring of 1997. Before that, I had many kinds of illness, such as coronary disease, bursitis in my shoulder, cervical vertebra proliferation, urethritis, dizziness, insomnia and neurasthenia. I was afraid to even go out shopping without a family member, since I sometimes fainted when I went out. After I started practicing Falun Gong, I was very focused on studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. Teacher purified my body and mind, and I felt like a completely new person. Many of my illnesses disappeared. After I started practicing Falun Gong, I did not cost my employer a penny for medical expenses. I used myself as a good example of purifying the mind and improving the body after cultivating Falun Dafa to clarify the truth.

Every time my office organized some group activities, although I was not young, I always actively participated and used it as a good opportunity to express Dafa's magnificence. Every time our group traveled somewhere, I actively helped my younger colleagues carry luggage and mind the children. Once we went to a park. There was a 30 meter wide river in the park. Over the river there were two ropes going across, one above the other. People made a game of grabbing the higher rope and walking across on the lower one. It was very difficult and exciting. A colleague really wanted me to give it a try. I said I was afraid. Then a few young colleagues went up and tried. Some fell off. Some swung back and forth and could not remain steady. Some walked a few steps and then drew back. These colleagues looked at me and really wanted me to try. I realized that this was an opportunity that Teacher arranged for me to validate the Fa. So I had a thought, "I want to express Dafa's magnificence. Teacher, please strengthen me." My mind was very calm. I grabbed the top rope, stepped on the lower rope and steadily walked to the other side of the river. When I smoothly arrived at the other side, all my colleagues applauded warmly. It was clear in my mind that this was not something I could do myself. Teacher helped me and gave me this chance. My action greatly surprised and impressed my colleagues. Some colleagues said to me, "That was amazing!" Some said, "You do not need to mention Falun Gong. Your actions already validated Falun Gong."

In 2001, Teacher published the article "Also in a Few Words." Whenever I had a chance, I recited the article. The more I recited the article, the purer my mind became and the stronger my righteous thoughts were. I really felt the light of Truth that my body emanated made the unrighteous elements in other dimensions disintegrate. One of my colleagues told me, "I can feel that you have a very strong energy field from your body." The department head approached me, "It looks like Falun Gong is really effective." He also asked me to teach him the Falun Gong exercises. Some colleagues appealed for Falun Gong to the manager, "You can see how he practiced Falun Gong and his health is very good. Why doesn't the state allow people to practice Falun Gong?" Some colleagues talked about Dafa during the CCP party branch meeting, "The Constitution says people have freedom of belief. We should leave the Falun Gong practitioners alone." Another colleague talked to the taxi driver when he took a taxi, "My colleague practiced Falun Gong and his illnesses all disappeared. And he gets along well with other people. If all the people in China practiced Falun Gong, this society would already be a good one." One colleague went back to his hometown. He saw that his family members were all deceived by the CCP's lies and had misunderstandings about Dafa. Then he told his family members my story. These colleagues did not practice Falun Gong yet. When they understood the truth, they continued to tell their relatives and friends about Dafa. During the period when the evil persecuted Dafa most severely, many of my colleagues took the initiative to ask me to teach them the exercises.

Teacher said,

"You are cultivators, whose conduct is [supposed to be] pure and righteous. There are so many people who think you're great just by having seen how you act. If we don't pay attention to our own behavior in our daily lives, everyday people will see our actions and, since they can't get to know you at a deep level such as by studying the Fa, they will just look at how you act. And it's possible that one sentence or one action of yours will make them unsavable or create a bad impression of Dafa. We need to think about these things." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston")

I understand that whether we are at home, at work, in society or in any circumstances, our every word and action should meet Dafa's requirements and we should have righteous thoughts and righteous actions. This eliminates the evil and saves sentient beings.

The truth-clarifying materials play a very important role in exposing the evil, eliminating the evil, ending the persecution and saving sentient beings. So the evil is extremely afraid of them and makes every attempt to destroy the material production sites and block the delivery of the materials. In order to reduce the pressure on the big material sites, the Minghui website suggested establishing small-scale material sites like flowers blossoming everywhere.

Since I was old and I did not have any knowledge about computers, I did not even think of establishing a production site. Later I read an article "From Hoe to Mouse" from the Minghui website that really opened up my viewpoint. I then started to learn to use the computer. I started by turning it on and off. Another practitioner taught me patiently and clearly. I took notes step by step, and then followed the notes to operate the computer. Soon I learned how to visit a website, download files, print documents, and burn CDs. When we printed the colorful truth-clarifying materials by ourselves, I reminded myself not to have the attachment of elation. During the process of establishing the truth-clarifying material site, Teacher carefully arranged every step and protected us. Thank you again, Teacher.

In order to do the work well, we first studied the Fa well and used the Fa to guide our work. We validate the Fa as Dafa disciples. We cooperated well and harmonized with each other. We never had any conflicts or arguments. We also paid attention to the cultivation of speech. We did not let practitioners who were not involved in the material site come there. We also did not reveal the source of our materials, which were mainly from the Minghui website. We did not print material from other websites and we did not spread rumors or gossip.

I am a practitioner in the cultivation process. I still have many human attachments to get rid of through cultivation. For example, I had the attachment of laziness and pursuit of comfort. I still did not break through clarifying the truth face to face to others and lost many opportunities to save people. From now on I will be more strict with myself, study the Fa well and do the three things well. I should advance more and more diligently. I should cherish this precious cultivation opportunity for which we have waited thousands of years. I should cherish Teacher's compassionate salvation.

Thank you Teacher!

From the Fifth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China