(Clearwisdom.net) At about 3 p.m. on November 19, 2008, authorities from Dayangshu Town dispatched 9 police cars and nearly 30 police officers to carry out a premeditated plan to search the homes of nine practitioners and arrest them. Police officers were heavily armed. The police searched their homes and arrested the practitioners illegally. Elder and disabled family members were upset and frightened by the incident.

Li Benxue, chief of the Criminal Police Team, led a group of police officers from three police stations in Dayangshu Town--the Zhongyang Street Police Station, the Jiexi Police Station and the Qiaodong Police Station. Police officers involved with the arrests included: Li Benxue, Dai Dai and Jin (given name unknown) from Zhongyang Street Police Station; An Yi, Xu Xiaofeng, De Nengshan, Chai (given name unknown), Meng Gumei and Huai Bin from Jiexi Police Station; Wei Jianfu, Zhang Jingwen and Liu (given name unknown) from Qiaodong Police Station.

Dai Dai, Jin and two other police officers broke into one practitioner's home, seized the book Zhuan Falun from his hand, and searched his home.

Li Benxue, Gao Maoyu and two other police officers broke into another practitioner's home and that practitioner was taken to the police department and detained for two hours. He was interrogated and forced to sign a "confession" before he was released. Later, the officers went to another female practitioner's home, handcuffed her and beat her. Then they searched her home, seized a set of Dafa books and took her to the Zhongyang Street Police Station. At about 8 a.m. the next day, she was forced to sign a confession before she was released.

Four police officers from the Jiexi Police Station went to search another practitioner's home, where an 80-year-old woman lived. The home was ransacked as the police looked everywhere for Dafa materials. Calligraphy drawings and paintings hanging on the walls were torn off. The old lady tried to stop them, but she was ignored. Finally, they seized two copies of Zhuan Falun, tapes and CDs.

An Yi, director of the Jiexi Police Station, led by De Nengshan, went to Ms. Zhen Haiyan's home in Xinhua Village. Since Ms. Zhen was not at home, they went to her brother's home looking for her, but did not find her.

Xu Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Jiexi Police Station, along with Chai and Huai Bin went to a male practitioner's home. After being unable to locate him they went to his sister's home. His sister argued with them. Finally, they mentioned something about fire prevention and theft prevention, and fled.

Four police officers from the Qiaodong Police Station, including Wei Jianfu, Zhang Jingwen and Liu, broke into a female practitioner's home at about 4 p.m. and told her to sign a search warrant. After she refused to cooperate with them, Wei Jianfu swore at her. The police searched everywhere, including in her warehouse, and when they did not find anything incriminating, they left.