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Mrs. Liu Yan and Son Yang Yuxin Die as a Result of Persecution

The late Mrs. Liu Yan and her family of four were from Dayangshu Town, Elunchun Autonomous Prefecture, Inner Mongolia. Over the last three years, three family members have died as a result of the persecution. Her daughter-in-law is the only survivor, yet even she was once tortured to critical condition.

Mother persecuted to death, father passes away not long after

Mrs. Liu Yan was fifty-five years old and employed at the Dayangshu Town Industry and Commerce Bank in Inner Mongolia. She was arrested at her home in November 1999 and held at the Linye Detention Center of Dayangshu Town for three months. After that she was constantly harassed by the local police.

On April 25, 2004, Mrs. Liu was arrested while putting up material exposing the persecution. Director Lu Minjun from the Linye Police Station had her arrested and held in the Linye Detention Center for thirty-six days. There, she was forced to suffer mental and physical abuse and developed a severe illness. Her son Yang Yuxin reported her condition to Lu Wenqi, the director of the Political and Security Committee, but they refused to release her. Mrs. Liu was finally released after the officials extorted five thousand yuan from her family. Mrs. Liu was in critical condition at the time and unable to walk.

On July 19, 2004, Lu Wenqi broke into Mrs. Liu Yan's home and harassed her again. As a result of the long-term persecution, Mrs. Liu never recovered and passed away on October 25, 2004.

After being dealt this enormous emotional blow, her husband passed away six months later.

Mrs. Liu Yan's only son Mr. Yang Yuxin dies as a result of persecution

Mr. Yang Yuxin began to practice Falun Gong with his mother in 1996.

On May 31, 2007, Mr. Yang's home was raided by police officer De Nenshan from the Jiexi Police Station in Dayangshu Town, who led local 610 Office director Zhang Shibin, Liu Fuqing, Ao Liqiang, and Wang Baojuan. They arrested Mr. Yang Yuxin and his wife Zhen Haiyan. The couple had gotten married less than a month prior. Director Zhang Shibin of the 610 Office held a gun to Mr. Yang's head, while four other people carried him to the car and ransacked their house. The newlyweds were held at the Molidawa Prefecture Detention Center.

Nine days later, Mr. Yang was sent to a brainwashing center. When he refused to be "transformed", Zhang Shibin threatened him, "If you do not transform, I will end up cremating you." They then transferred him back to the detention center, where Mr. Yang requested his unconditional release. Instead, the guards instigated inmates to brutally torture him, and Mr. Yang began a hunger strike against the persecution.

In the detention center, the guards tortured Mr. Yang with methods like "passing the water bridge", where cold water was poured on him from head to toe until he passed out. Zhang Shibin also had inmates push toothpicks into Mr. Yang's toenails, causing excruciating pain. After Mr. Yang was brutally beaten until he was cut and bruised all over, Zhang Shibin forced him to wear a long-sleeved shirt to cover up evidence of their crimes.

On August 27, 2007, less than three months after he was arrested, Mr. Yang Yuxin was tortured to death. He was only thirty-one years old.

When Mr. Yang was held in the detention center, his uncle went to visit him twice, but was turned away by the guards both times. After he passed away, the guards wanted his family to come to the detention center. Mr. Yang measured 1.85 meters tall (6 feet 1 inch) and weighed about 90 kilograms (190 lbs.). When he passed away, he only weighed 40 kg (88 lbs.). His mouth was wide open, his arms were held tightly to his chest, and there were dark bruises around his neck.

Sole survivor: daughter-in-law Mrs. Zhen Haiyan in a vegetative state

After she and her husband were arrested, Mrs. Zhen Haiyan had five thousand yuan extorted from her and was later released. After her husband's death, she refused to sign the order to cremate the body, yet the policemen did so without her consent in order to eliminate the evidence of their crimes.

Mrs. Zhen prepared to bring the perpetrators to court. Policeman De Nengshan from the Jiexi Police Station arrested her on September 10, 2007, shouting: "If you want to sue us, we will arrest you!"

They tortured Mrs. Zhen to the point that she had seizures and could not walk. Even so, the policemen carried her on a stretcher to the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp in Zha Prefecture, Xinganmeng. The 610 Office officials attempted to hold her in labor camp for a long period of time in order to keep her quiet, and Mrs. Zhen Haiyan was not released until she was in a vegetative state. Still, the policemen continued to harass her and her family.