(Clearwisdom.net) Sun Jinbo and Wang Fucai, directors of the 610 Office, have given orders to ransack and arrest Falun Gong practitioners. Their slogan was, "Arrest 300 practitioners, detain 30 in a forced labor camp, and extort 2,000 yuan from each one." Simultaneously, they told the public by TV propaganda to report practitioners to the police, and they could receive 200 to 1,000 yuan for reporting each practitioner. During the Olympic Games, nearly 100 practitioners were arrested, 13 were put in forced labor camps, and over 30 were detained in a brainwashing center.

Wang Fucai personally led a group of people to ransack houses and arrest practitioners. Before they ransacked their houses and arrested the practitioners, none of the police officers showed a search warrant or provided a list of confiscated items. They stole cash and collected fines without giving any receipts, and detained practitioners without producing a warrant for detention. They put them into forced labor camps without any evidence or due process.

The police arrested practitioners ruthlessly. Ms. Liu Xiufeng collapsed and fell to the ground when she was arrested. The police ordered a doctor to give her an injection and then carried her to the police car to take her to the detention center. She received additional injections in the detention center for more than two months.

The police fined Wei Youtong, a practitioner from Songgezhuang Village, nearly 8000 yuan. Chu Wenhua, director of the Yi'an Township Police Station, took 900 yuan in cash while arresting practitioner Ms. Li Xiuling. Ms. Li was later sent to a forced labor camp. When the police arrested practitioner Mr. Liu Hanyu, they took 1500 yuan in cash. They later returned 1000 yuan at the request of Mr. Liu's family. Before and after the Olympics, a total of twenty practitioners were fined.

Officers from the township police stations took pictures of practitioners against their will in order to complete their detention center admissions. Those who refused to have their picture taken were threatened and beaten. Officers from the Dongwenshan Township Police Station went to the detention center to take pictures of Ms. Cheng Yulan in order to put her in the forced labor camp, but Ms. Cheng refused to cooperate. Officers from both the police station and the detention center beat her. Two police officers pushed her up against a wall to forcibly take her photograph. When they did not succeed, they held her down on the floor and beat her. They scraped the skin off her elbows during the beating.

Liu Xiufeng and the other four practitioners wanted to sue Sun Jinbo, the secretary of the county, and Wang Fucai, director of the 610 Office. These two were afraid that more people would rise up and sue them, so they took all the practitioners who were being held in detention to the shooting range. Wang Fucai ordered the "law enforcement unit," to hold male and female practitioners in the same room, let them sleep on the wet cement floor, eat cold steamed bread and boiled cabbage, drink contaminated tap water, and take cold showers.

The so-called "law enforcement unit" was composed of personnel from the 610 Office, the public security bureau, the township government, the education bureau, the water company, and so on. They took turns monitoring the practitioners day and night. Practitioners were pulled out and brutally beaten if they were found reciting the Fa, doing the Falun Gong exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, clarifying the truth, or trying to persuade others to denounce the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Ms. Li Shuhong was dragged out and beaten three times, and ordered not to tell anyone else about the beating.

Liu Liang from the Public Security Bureau walked back and forth and said, "You have to be fined and beaten, if you want to go home." About twenty practitioners were forced to paying fines.