(Clearwisdom.net) When Teacher talked about the degeneration of humans, either in Zhuan Falun or other Fa teachings, he always mentioned the seriousness of the demon of lust and how it creates interference for Dafa practitioners' cultivation. Teacher compared lust with killing human life and setting fire among others in his "Fa-Teaching Given to Australian Practitioners" on DVD. As I recall, Teacher looked very serious at the time.

In recent years, most of the practitioners around me who have been persecuted and some of those who have continued to have problems related to persecution were the ones unable to eliminate the attachment of lust. These included those who "crossed the line" and had sexual relationships with a fellow practitioner or non-practitioner. I have listed some of these examples below:

1. A married, male practitioner was illegally sentenced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). After his release from prison, he utilized his technical expertise to do many things that could help save sentient beings. But later he had an affair with a woman and kept the relationship going. Before long, he was arrested again. While in detention, he went on a hunger strike for a long time to protest and fellow practitioners tried to rescue him, but he still hasn't gained his freedom. This suggests that once you commit the sin of lust, the evil won't let go of you, and it will be difficult for Teacher and righteous gods to do anything to help you.

2. When a male practitioner was sentenced, his wife divorced him while he was in prison. After his release, he was able to quickly rejoin the ranks of Fa-rectification. After a while, he started dating a non-practitioner and at the same time resumed his relationship with his ex-wife. Pretty soon he was arrested again, but was later set free because he cooperated with the CCP. He did what he shouldn't do, even though he made a solemn declaration afterwards. He was arrested again and taken to a brainwashing center, where he again complied with the CCP's demands. Even though his heart was partially with Dafa, due to his attachment of fear of the evil, he is yet to completely return to Dafa cultivation.

3. A male practitioner who was illegally imprisoned by the CCP came right back to cultivation after his release. While working on a project to help save sentient beings, he couldn't control himself and ended up having an affair with his co-worker, a female practitioner. Even though he wrote a solemn declaration for his wrongdoings, he didn't really show any signs of remorse when talking to other practitioners about this matter. His declaration did not truly come from his heart nor did it help to eliminate his fundamental attachment. Eventually, he and three other practitioners were arrested and sent to a forced labor camp.

4. Right after his release from prison, a male practitioner was able to rejoin Fa-rectification and do what practitioners should do. However, his attachment to lust was so severe that fellow practitioners wouldn't dare to let him turn on a computer, just in case he browsed indecent Internet sites. Later on, he and another practitioner were arrested and illegally sent to a forced labor camp.

5. When a male practitioner was released from illegal imprisonment, he managed to rejoin other practitioners to do the three things. However, through a friend's introduction, he began dating, and during that time he did some improper things that he shouldn't have done. Not long after, a fellow practitioner was arrested, and he was involved, so police officers ransacked his home. They confiscated his Dafa books and equipment for making truth clarification materials. Up to now, the CCP still hasn't given up trying to persecute him, so he's afraid of returning home and afraid of going to work. This has hindered his Dafa work for saving people and made his personal life very difficult.

6. Prior to being persecuted and sentenced by the CCP, a male practitioner had a physical relationship with his fiancée, who was herself later persecuted to death. After his release, his attachment to lust was still strong and obvious, and he was always saying provocative and indecent things to females. Consequently, he was always on the run from persecution and never had a steady job.

7. A female practitioner lived with a male practitioner before marriage. Even after they were married, she still had a strong attachment to lust. While she was doing truth clarification on a bus, both she and her husband were arrested. A while back, she was put on trial.

8. I am also a practitioner with a strong attachment to lust. I was once illegally sentenced due to my attachment to lust. Not long ago I used to watch a lot of pornographic movies on the Internet. I knew it wasn't good, but I couldn't control myself, and sometimes I watched all night long. Practitioners told me that my body was smelly. I knew it was because of what I watched.

The reason I wrote this article was to warn fellow practitioners who cannot get rid of the attachment to lust, especially those who have been detained because of this: they must be determined to completely eliminate the attachment of lust. Otherwise it will be impossible to become a true Dafa practitioner. Furthermore, there will be no guarantee for your own safety, let alone doing the three things well. I hope we can soon walk out of this dire pit of lust and become true Dafa disciples.