I am a resident of Changsha City, Hunan Province. In October 2008, I learned that nurse Ms. He Xianggu of Hunan Province Women and Children's Health Center was detained for practicing Falun Gong and held at the Hunan Province Mental Hospital (now called Hunan Province No. 2 People's Hospital). She was injected with drugs that damage the nervous system and I felt very concerned for her. Isn't it a crime to put a normal person into a mental hospital and inject her with drugs?

Out of sympathy, I decided to do something for this nurse. I decided to make some phone calls. On the afternoon of October 24, I called several relevant departments at the Hunan Province Women and Children's Health Center in hopes that this would help in rescuing this kind nurse.

I made three calls to the Hunan Province Women and Children's Health Center, and was surprised to be treated very unpleasantly.

I first called the clinic office where He Xianggu worked. A middle-aged woman picked up the phone. After I explained my intention, she raised her voice impatiently and said: "We are working! You are interfering with my work. Do you know that?" Before I could reply, she hung up the phone.

My second phone call was to the Health Center office. A man with a calm and gentle voice answered. From his voice, I thought he was an easy-going person. However, a strange thing happened. As soon as I said "hello" (I spoke standard Mandarin), he hung up on me. I dialed again and this time the phone was hung up immediately. I failed to understand it and dialed again. This time the line was busy. I assume he took the phone of the hook. Afterwards I mentioned this to a friend, and then I understood what happened. This person probably received so many calls about this matter from inside and outside of China that he simply stopped listening, and hung up.

I made my last call to the Hunan Province Women and Children Party Committee Office. The lady who answered was unusually alert. Before I told her the reason for my call, she began to question me, "Who are you?" When I said calling about He Xianggu, she immediately hung up.

As I had no prior experience of dealing with staff from the Hunan Province Women and Children's Hospital. I was completely unprepared for the reaction and felt surprised. I could not understand: why was the staff of this hospital so hostile toward an ordinary resident with good intentions? And what made them react with such an unusual response upon hearing the name Ms. He Xianggu?

The ancients said, "All humans have compassion." He Xianggu was forcefully injected with drugs that damaged the nervous system by staff in a mental hospital. The mental patients with light symptoms from Ward 4 also felt indignant, and expressed deep sympathy. So, what caused the staff of Hunan Province Women and Children's Health Center to be so heartless and unmoved, when their own colleague - a publicly recognized good person, He Xianggu, suffered such inhuman persecution? Is the conscience of a normal person worse than that of a mental patient?

I remembered something from the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party which refers to the Communist Party's tactic "substitute and eliminate human nature with Party spirit." Indeed, it is the Party culture brainwashing and propaganda that since the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party eliminated true human nature. People lost their judgment ability and the measurement standards for good and evil and right and wrong. People degenerated into yes-men that regard the likes and dislikes of the Party as their own, do not distinguish good and evil and are numb. This Party that always flaunts itself "great, honorable, and correct" is precisely a devil that is destroying the conscience of millions of Chinese.

The three phone calls that were cut off before I could explain my intention made me think a lot. More importantly, I hope that every Mainland citizen can soon awaken, clearly recognize the Chinese Communist Party's true face, soon withdraw from its political organizations and get rid of the evil spirit possession. Only by doing this can they retrieve their true self, and have a truly glorious future!

Note: Ms. He Xianggu was released on October 28, 2008.