(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Yurong from Cuiyan County, Linghai City, Liaoning Province was sentenced to six years in prison by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She is currently being detained at the Shenyang Prison.

Ms. Liu Yurong, a resident of Daiwang Village of Cuiyan County, was a teacher at Cuiyan Junior Middle School. On the afternoon of May 29, Luo Zhongming, head of the Police Station of Cuiyan County, Linghai City, Liaoning Province, together with Jin, a director and another six or seven police officers, broke into Liu Yuqing's house in Jinbaoling Village of Cuiyan County. Jin demanded that Liu Yuqing and her sister Liu Yurong curse the Master of Falun Dafa or else be arrested, but the two sisters refused such a rude and irrational request.

The police arrested Ms. Liu Yuqing and Ms. Liu Yurong and took them to the Cuiyan Police Station. At the same, another group of officers went to Ms. Liu Yurong's house and ransacked her home. They tore apart the bed and the ceiling, confiscated her computer and printer, and all their Dafa books. On May 31, the police again went to Ms. Liu Yurong's house to take pictures and videotape the scene. The constant police harassment caused intense mental anguish to Ms. Liu Yurong's elderly mother.

Ms. Liu Yuqing was later released. Ms. Liu Yurong was transferred to the No. 2 Detention Center of Jinzhou and she showed signs of physical abuse from the persecution. For example, she had the symptoms of a stroke. She was unable to get out of bed. The police ordered her family to give them 800 yuan, but still didn't allow them to visit her. Days earlier, the prison had called her family to visit her, but when her family arrived, the police again changed their minds and turned everyone away, except for Ms. Liu's mother. When Ms. Liu Yurong's mother saw how the persecution had damaged the health of her daughter, who was previously very healthy, the older woman broke down and burst into tears.

Those responsible for persecuting Ms. Liu Yurong include:

Luo Zhongming, head of the Police Station of Cuiyan County: 86-13940689995 (Cell)
Jin Jingwen, director: 86-13604963312 (Cell)
Yang Guoquan, police officer: 86-13700166495 (Cell)