(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhang Guohua is a resident of Yongyang Village, Yongyang Town, Laishui County, Hebei Province. After he started to practice Falun Dafa, his physical and mental health greatly improved. He is seen as a good person by those who know him, but since July 20, 1999, he has been brutally persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party.

On July 8, 2008, a group of people from Yongyang Police Station again broke into Zhang Guohua's home and searched and ransacked the place, following no legal procedures nor showing any ID. Apart from trashing his house, they stole a barrel of methylated spirits and a mobile phone. (Zhang Guohua's family has a dental clinic, and the methylated spirits belong to the clinic.) Mr. Zhang Guohua was carried against his will to the police car and taken to Yongyang Township Police Station. He passed out on the ground as soon as he got out of the police car. He regained consciousness three hours later, but the police still took him to Laishui County Detention Center. After seeing Mr. Zhang in such a critical state, the detention center authorities asked for the certificate from his physical examination. The police had to take him to the hospital. At the hospital, Zhang Guohua's blood pressure registered more than 200, so the police had to send him home. However, just after they arrived at the entrance to his village, they made a detour and drove back to the detention house. The police told him, "Wang Fucai from the 610 Office just gave the order for us not to release you."

On August 17, 2008, two officers from Yongyang Police Station, Huang Mou and Xu Mou, went to Laishui Detention House to take Mr. Zhang to the detention center. Mr. Zhang didn't cooperate. The two police officers from Yongyang brought in two more officers, and one of them placed a centipede on Mr. Zhang's neck to scare him. When the police took him to the hospital to have his health checked, his blood pressure registered 210. The detention center officials refused to admit him, but they still kept him in Laishui Detention House until September 22. Mr. Zhang Guohua was in poor health when he was released.

The Head of the 610 Office Wang Fucai was recently replaced by Li Hongyu.