(Clearwisdom.net) On November 19, 2008 at 2:30 p.m., practitioner Ms. Wang Xi'ai from Suijiadian Village, Yiwen Township, Yinan County, Shandong Province was holding an experience sharing meeting at her home. Suddenly more than twenty personnel from the State Security Division and the Yiwen Township Police Station burst into the room. When the intruders saw that more than thirty practitioners were gathered there, they quickly exited the front door, locked it from the outside, then parked a car outside the door.

Within a short while, over ten vehicles and nearly one hundred personnel showed up at Ms. Wang's home, forcibly arresting the practitioners and taking them away in a bus. The person who reported the practitioners to the police was Li Xianfeng, a Suijiadian Village innkeeper.

Among the practitioners that were arrested, eleven are from Suijiadian, ten are from Mamuchi, and three are from Dabaofu. Four practitioners from Suijiadian and three from Dabaofu were later released and sent home, including a male in his 80s.

When a female practitioner in her 60s was told by a police officer that she would have to sign a form and agree to being fingerprinted before she would be released, she replied, "If you write down 'Falun Dafa is good,' then I will press my entire hand on it!" After the police did what she asked, she pressed her hand on the paper, then left.

Ms. Zhi Fuqin, Ms. Liu Jianhua, Ms. Wang Xi'ai and her younger brother Mr. Wang Xijie and her brother-in-law Mr. Liu, along with Mr. Wang Xijie's wife Ms. Li Changfang, and a practitioner with the surname Sui, were all imprisoned at the Yiwen Township Police Station. In addition, their homes were all ransacked and many Dafa books and truth clarification materials were confiscated. When the Chinese Communist Party personnel from Linyi City heard of the arrests, they went to the police station to interrogate the practitioners.

At present, families of the arrested practitioners have locked their doors in fear, while the children anxiously await their parents' return. Worried that their family members might be secretly transferred out of the area, some children even waited in the cold, outside the local police station.

Ms. Liu Jianhua (Zu Peiyong's wife), Ms. Wang Xi'ai, Ms. Li Changfang (Mr. Wang Xijie's wife), Ms. Wang Xilan, Mr. Liu Naixun, Ms. Zhi Fuqin, Ms. Wang Deju (Liu Chenggui's wife), Mr. Qi Mouchun (Ms. Wang Deju's uncle), Ms. Wang Ailing, and Mr. Sui Shuchang are currently imprisoned in the Yinan County Detention Center. Nineteen other practitioners were released home.

In addition, the police broke into the home of Ms. Sun Qingxiang from Yishui, while no one was around, and ransacked it from top to bottom. Her husband, Mr. Wang Yongdong, was tortured to death in 2004.

610 Office: 86-539-3775505
Li Xianfeng, innkeeper in Suijiadian Village who reported the practitioners to the police: 86-539-3807777
Li Xiaofeng, chief of the 610 Office in Yinan County
Zhu Xinfeng, deputy chief of the Yinan County 610 Office
Xue Yunbo, assistant commissioner of the Yinan County Police Department and director of the State Security Division under the 610 Office: 86-13605497379 (Cell)
Ma Chenglong, chief of the State Security Division: 86-13573945281 (Cell)
Guo Jin, police inspector of Yiwen Township, Yinan County, Shandong Province: 86-13355097186 (Cell)